CVS / false accusations

3785 W. Ina Rd, Tucson, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 5207441054

I have been shopping at this store 4 over 10 years. I recently went in at 3:34pm & dropped off a script. I was told it would b ready lat @6-6:30. I then went down the street 2 exchange an eyebrow pencil I had bought 4 my daughter but was too red in color. I exchanged the eyebrow pencil then returned 2 CVS. I checked on the status of my script & it was still not ready. Seeing it was my nephews son's birthday & I told them I would make dinner I felt I should just let them know I was just waiting on my script. & C if they needed anything from the store. If it was something I could get at CVS I would do so while I was waiting if not I could run over 2 Frys across the street.I text my nephew & he needed q-tips &... was then my phone died. My ex-boyfriend was w/me as I just moved back to my house in that area from my 2nd house I own in Madera Canyon. & he helped me move some misc that day... Anyways I told my ex to run to the hs @ the corner & grab my bag of coupons (I am a crazy coupon lady & have been known to be in store for hours cuz I am shopping w/coupons), & my charger as I can use my hs charger in my car so I could charge my phone & see what else it was my nephew wanted.My ex came bk I ran outside & sat in the car & charged my phone. Grabbed my bag of coupons & went bk into the store. Where I was confronted by 1 police officer...Then another & eventually 2 more. They asked why I had 2 purses. I explained 1 was a bag full of coupons (as I have been 2 busy moving 2 organize them in my binder) They then Looked in my purse & bag of coupons & found NOTHING. Oh except of course the eyebrow pencil I exchanged at walgreens. They even went 2 walgreens 2 confirm I exchanged it there a few hrs ago.They treated me like I was a thief. They said the manager was concerned because we had been hanging @ the store 4 quite awhile & going in & out. WTF I was waiting on a script...hence the word "WAITING"!!! The female police officer made me feel like a P.O.S 4 using coupons. & even after They searched thru both my purse & bag & found NOTHING that wasn't mine. They validated my story of exchanging the eyebrow pencil. Oh & I forgot they tried to tell me I was driving a vehicle w/stolen plates. I just received my w tags in the mail 1 week prior to that day & my new personalized plate 4 days prior but had not switched them yet.They then said I was scaring the manager & I was never allowed to step foot in that store again. They were very rude & made me feel so mortified. They had the whole store gathered around being nosy & kept yelling out that I was a nurse & where I worked etc. I will NEVER shop at that store which is there loss as If they looked at my care credit card & looked at the amount of $ I have spent in there store over the years they would kick themselves in the ### for doing what they did. I am also telling my story to everyone I can & hope they stay out of CVS as well!

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