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Culligan / bad business practice

1 207 N. Orange St.Sebring, FL, United States Review updated:

Culligan charged me for service on a house I no longer own for service I discontinued two months ago. Culligan stated that I signed a 6-month contract, however there are two checked boxes. One states that service is provided month to month and one month notice is required for change of service. The other box does state the term as 6 months, so I suppose I legally have no recourse.

When i called to cancel service I was not informed that I would be billed through July - otherwise I would have asked that it be discontinued when my contract ran out. This way they get to collect twice for the same service!

I also had no choice. When I signed up for Culligan I said I was selling the house I needed the service so the water would not be black and sulfur smelling. No one told me a 6-month contract was required. And why should it be? Whats the skin off their nose? They charged me $75 for installation now theyll no doubt be charging the new owners the same.

I think their business practices stink.

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  • Fl
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    the reason they make you sign a contract is because water conditioning equipment is expensive ask the same dealer what his cost to do your instalation was including gas, labor, parts, insurance, workers comp...PLUS on rental units the dealer performs any and all maitnence the equipment requires for the term of your contract and they do require maitnence the culligan dealer i work for will not rent a until without a one year minimum contract unless you work out a deal and pay the first 6 months up really the dealer could have told you to BUY your own equipment and maintain it with your back and wallet

  • Jo
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    your right... these "corporations" stink! the little guy always gets screwed... i bought a no-salt softener ( a Hydroflow system ... )and when I called culligan to remove their system... i got such a "backlashing"! i cant repeat what they said to me. they charged me up the bum with all costs associated with cancellation/removal etc... i will never deal with culligan ever again ... BYE BYE CULLIGAN MAN! oh and im telling my friends about how good a no-salt softener is instead of anything "culligan" ...

  • Th
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    Be warned that Culligan Canada (Kitchener area) is hampering me from buying a home by having me in collections for a $175 bill which I do not owe for stopping payment on a broken unit!!! They are thieves, liars and do not care what havoc they wreak on your life!!! Do not EVER deal with these people as their record keeping and inability to take responsibility for their own equipment is inexcusable!!! They have no compassion or sense of fairplay whatsoever!!! How can a company justify continuing to bill you after you have stopped payment to them and informed them to come pick up their equipment??? Then put you in collections for not paying something you stopped payment on but they were too stupid to stop??

  • An
      21st of Jun, 2010
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    Culligan Canada (Hamilton) took advantage of me. While I was ill I decided it was best that I start renting a water cooler again since the water in the building I was living in wasn't up to par. The sales rep came and convinced me a reverse osmosis unit was my best bet. No heavy bottles and that I could rent it for $26 a month! He had me sign on the papers for a rental unit. Stating that it was a perfect choice for me since on rental units filters are replaced every year free of charge plus if I ever move they move it for free leaving the old one as an option for the landlord and placing a new one at the new residence. I was thrilled. He pulled out a second form stating I had to sign it so that the head office would authorize the rental. I signed without reading it. Two years later when I went to move they told me I wasn't renting, I was rent-to-own and would be paying $26 a month for 7 years. They also added that the cost to move the unit would be over $300. I've moved twice now so I've paid close to $700 for moving costs...which btw it takes a total of 10 minutes to hook up the unit for a bill over $300. Culligan cannot produce a contract.. since I did not sign one... just that one paper... the rent-to-own agreement with the finance company. The one I apparently was signing to allow the local store to obtain the rental unit. In the end I'll be paying nearly $3000 once it's all paid for. That's if it doesn't break down again. Cost to fix a $10 relay = $170. Cost to replace filters = $179.00 and that doesn't include the membrane filter so yeah.. rip off. So thanks Peter (I'll spare you the shame of adding your last name) from the Hamilton, ON store on Rymal. YOU SUCK and Culligan will never have my business again. Keep paying by commission... it really keeps those employees honest. Karma times three - so mote it be.

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