Cricket Wirelessphone service, employees, customer service representatives, etc.

In January 2016, I purchased a second phone and line. The phone never worked from activation and was told it was a glitch in the system it will work in 2 hours. 2 days later my phone still not working properly. I took it back and they exchanged Sims and nothing. I til them I wanted to upgrade to a new phone, they took my sims and put it in the same phone I just had instead. It still didn't work. But I was now charged 50$ for restocking of 2 phones that never worked. The second I never even touched. I still didn't get the upgrade plus now they wanted 25$ more if I did. My phone still not working. The employees there didn't know what they were doing and had to make several phone calls for help. I left in tears. Finally a week later my phone starts working correctly. They send me text saying changes are being made such as my phone number being taking off the account. Things being added without permission. They turn my service off when its not suppose to be. If I call customer service they aren't much help. They promise to fix one thing but never do. She my service is turned off even though its not suppose to be they promised a one time 5$ added to my phone because I paid for 30 days but February only has 29 this year. I don't get paid till the 1st. My bill isn't supposed to be due till the first. My phone was shut off around 2am that night after the promise of adding 5$ and not cutting it off. This phone is the only thing I have for the schools to get on touch with me or my disabled parents too. This company lies and is unhanded. They seem to be ripping people off with unseen charges and claim you're supposed to know about things. If u have insurance they can't help you. They tell u a different charge than the damn insurance company quotes you. This company is about the only phone service around besides the big companies that require you to pay contract fees or higher prices. They know this and take advantage of it. Internet service most of time slow or has problems. How can u run a company like this and sleep at night? People deserve a real company that isn't greedy and employees that know what their doing. And a manger at a store who doesn't lie and then hide when u show up at the store to get help and o they are on break or at some business discussion in another state she an hour ago they were there! Come on cricket, really!!!

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