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Cricket Wireless / accessories that were added without my consent or knowledge

1 1445 W Pleasant Run Rd Lancaster Tx 75146Lancaster, TX, United States
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On December 3rd 2018 I'm visit the Cricket Wireless communication store at 1445 West Pleasant Run Road in Lancaster Texas 75146. I was helped by the manager Mariah D as I had several transactions that I wanted to complete. I first asked how much my balance was because there was a credit on my account from adding my husband's phone to the three lines to make it four lines for $100. I was told that my balance was $46.90 which I paid with invoice number 18022in9538. this left my balance at zero for the for phones I currently had on my account. I inquired about adding a line for my grandson and was told that I could add another line I chose a phone for him that was a Alcatel tetra at 19.99 to add. I was told that there would be a $15 activation fee and a $32 first month service fee I also instructed her to add a case which was on sale for $25 at this time I was told that the total charges would be $92.01 when I inquired why it was so much the manager Mariah stated that I was paying for the phone, the activation fee, the first month service the case and ins that's why the amount was so much. So I paid that on invoice number 18022in 953 9. I also had a replacement phone for my son who was on the account . this was to upgrade my son's phone because it was broken I paid 39.99 for the Moto E5 and there was a account credit of $0.70 that was added I also got him a case for his phone that was valued at $25 there was a bundle coupon that was applied to this account for $25. Right after that I did upgrade my daughter's phone who I had with me she traded her phone which was a Samsung Galaxy amp Prime 2 and received a $20 credit I opted to get her the Moto E V Cruz and was charged a $25 upgrade fee and there was a $0.70 credit apply to the account there was a $25 charge for the glitter case and a $25 credit added to the account to cover the case the total for her transaction was $93.66. again I was told that this was because she was upgrading the phone and received a new case. I also inquired about a six line for my business and was told that I could only put five lines on an account so I opened a new account for the business line that invoice number is 18022in 9541 I paid $109.99 for a Stylo 3 in rose gold I paid $62 for the first month of service and $25 for the case and was also giving a $25 credit for the account bringing my total to $224.3 I enquired about why was so much and was told again that it was due to the phone, the activation fee, and the case. while they were setting up the phones all the receipts were placed into the boxes of the phone so I was not aware of what was actually being put on the receipts because everything was going on at one time. Later that night my daughter decided that she wanted to change her phone to the Stylo 3 that I had for my business I called the store and spoke with Mariah d and was told that it would be around $100 for the trade-in for the phone that I have purchased yesterday before. When I arrived at the store I was given a price of $119. I inquired on why it was so much when the difference between the 109.99 phone and the 39.99 phone was only $60 where what's the additional money coming from. I was told that that was the taxes so I enquired why would I pay $40 taxes on an item that is $60. That is when she told me that the system would not allow her to exchange the case but yet she wanted to keep the case and charged me for a new one for the new Stylo 3 phone. At this point I became concerned so I ask her to to call a manager and inquire about the price she then told me that the manager advised her of how to enter the information to provide me the credit. But once again when the total came out the total came out to be $90.69. she told me I would just have to pay this amount and get a credit from the store at a later date. all the phones that were purchased on December 3rd there was either a 40 or $50 charge for cellhelmet Which is a liquid that goes over the phone for protection. I was never informed that this was being added to each and every phone as I have purchased a brand new case for protection that came with a screen protector. So when I discovered this I called and was told that I would need to go into the store to discuss the issue because customer service could only advise me of the payments that I made online. I went to the store and spoke with Brianna. At this time I was advised that Mariah knew that she was adding all these charges to those phones without giving me the advice. So I inquired as to why would I purchase a $50 protection liquid for a phone that was only $19.95 for my grandson and all the other phones because I purchase new cases for that protection. She called a supervisor and I was told that these were accessories that they would not be refunded. I asked for a refund because these items were not purchased nor discussed by me and Mariah. I was told that all sales are final that there is really nothing that can be done in this case because of the fact that they were accessories. I understand if I had asked for the accessories and then later changed my mind and said I didn't want them I can understand the no return policy. But in this case it's considered theft of my money. Because she added a service to my phones that was not discussed with me nor was I aware of because again all the receipts were placed into the boxes they were never handed to me. And if the cameras were playing that day please review them to see that our receipts were never handed to me they were placed in a box so with this being said I know that she knew that she was stealing from me. I have been taken for around $225. I am requesting a refund of my money for the accessories that I did not order or was aware of. Thank you

Dec 6, 2018

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