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I wasn't happy with Debi Charland from the beginning!!! This woman would literally take weeks to repsond to an email, she NEVER answered her phone when I called...AND she was always out of town. I am so very thankful that we didn't use her to officiate the wedding, she was only used for decorations and videography. She always made excuses as to why this and that hadn't been done. She would tell me stories of how her mom and dad were sick and how her cancer had come back so I would feel bad for her. At first I fell for it, but when it became an excuse every single time I realized something was wrong. 69 days before our wedding my fiance and I decided to email Debi and ask for a refund if she wasn't going to be able to follow through with her duties...let me just say she declined and had the never to tell me I should be paying her more money. Let me tell you she would tell me over and over again that she was gonna contact 0ur ceremony/reception site to see about discounts for us since she "supposedly" had such a good raport with them...SHE NEVER DID IT!!! I had to inquire about some kind of discounts...which I got without a problem. I will say that the decorations on the wedding day were very nice...I had to give her a little credit for that. Now to the worst part...SHE LOST OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!! She even had yet another excuse as to why too. She told me the guy that does the editing had died, not sure if I believe that though. Then she continued on to tell me about her family and cancer again. She actually had the nerve to tell me she usually doesn't give refunds because it states right in her contract that she isn't responsible for lost videos...can you believe that?????? Needless to say, she emailed me one week ago telling me my refund was in the mail and I still haven't gotten it...and I'm local. I would not recommend this woman to anyone...I will tell anyone and everyone to stay very very very far away from this company.

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  • Ta
      10th of Feb, 2010

    I totally disagree with your comments about Deborah Charland. Her mom did pass away, and her photographer who would have put together your video. And she does have cancer...Also is taking care of her father who is terminally ill beyond all of that she did follow through with our wedding and it was wonderful.
    I know her personally as being a local, and have seen her go through these tough times, and still fulfill her obligations, If you were just using her for decorations, why would you have to call and receive a response after you booked it already. I'm sorry but your comments sound very cold and heartless. She works her business 24 hours a day, and when she is out of town 96 days before your wedding, why doesn't she have the right to do that. She was out of town to spend her mothers last 3 weeks of her life in hospice with her.
    I will pray for you!
    God Bless You!

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  • Th
      12th of Feb, 2010

    Debi did your wedding reciently and we were so very happy with their services! My husband and I love Debi and feel that the person complaining above must be a really COLD person that's unhappy with the world!

    Last year we were in the planning process for my wedding when her mother became very ill and died. Debi confided in me that she's going into her third surgery for reoccuring cancer and will have to once again (for the third time) have radiation. All this while caring for her terminally ill father. I appreciated the fact that she told me everything that was going on so I could understand what she was dealing with. I don't know how she does it all! She's an angel. She made our wedding planning very simple for us and our wedding day was amazing!

    I do know for a fact that Jan Miller, Debi's photographer and videographer and a dear friend of mine died very unexpectantly. We were all heart broken by the sudden loss. Some of his equipment and camera cards were lost, not by Debi but by others who were unauthorized to be going through the equipment. It is very sad that the lady that complained did not get her wedding video but it's not Debi's falt in any way! Debi certainly is not responsible for the actions of others! Read your contract lady.

    Debi may have needed some extra time to get through her second cancer surgery and radiation, and then later to bury her mother while caring for her father. I think that's a little more important than my wedding planning! I could wait a couple weeks to have her help me decide if I wanted pink or white flowers! Really, get your priorities straight!

    If I was the person writing the complaint above, I would feel REALLY, REALLY small! She needs to realize that the world really doesn't revolve around HER!

    I hope that anyone looking for a fun and responsible wedding consultant will read all the comments and realize that some people are never happy. I'd recommend Creative Weddings and Events, Inc. (she didn't even get their name right!) to anyone planning a wedding on Fort Myers Beach. You're the BEST Debi!

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  • Lo
      3rd of Jan, 2011

    I also had huge issues with this lady. Let me start by saying personal and business should be SEPARATE! Never ever should we have known her issues. And if it was too much for her to handle she should have had someone else handling things. I've also posted on another site...

    Little Palm Wedding Chapel, or LPWC as I will refer to it, was the biggest mistake I made when planning our wedding. I am writing this blog in hopes that potential consumers will find this when researching a wedding planner in the Ft. Myers area and think twice about signing that on...

    I had the most awful experience after I hired this service. I was more stressed and disappointed then need be. And it is all due to one awful, scatter-brained, unprofessional woman.

    Debi Charland- Ft. Myers Florida. Owner of Creative Weddings and Events/Little Palm Wedding Chapel. If you come across this site below do not hire her!!

    I get it, I really do. Life happens. Issues, family matters, priorities come up. But if that is the case, take care of your business and let your employees help and handle things. Do NOT go 1200 miles North and abandon all things for months at a time. Especially when your business is WEDDING PLANNING.

    She was impossible to reach, and I don't mean I expected a call back within 24 hours. I mean she would ignore my calls and emails for 2 weeks plus. When I tried contacting the sales coordinator of the "company" to try and get answers I received a nasty email back from "Crazy Debi" (as she came to be known as) stating I am not to contact her employees because "she is handling my wedding". Funny. Because my husband and I had to handle everything ourselves.

    Many, many situations took place that led me actually create a blog (so not like me). However, here I am rambling about this infuriating women. To give you an idea... a list of a few things we had to deal with:

    1) After signing the contract with the woman who handles the sales (Claudia-she was wonderful by the way, which is why we decided to sign) the holidays were right around the corner and there was no immediate situations to address with them. I contacted Debi by email and phone in February for the first time regarding some time sensitive things and did not get a reply for 3 weeks. Great first impression.

    2) She stayed in Massachusetts from June through November handling family matters; (arriving back in Fl. five days before our wedding) the entire time I received two emails from her and one phone call. Never a valid explanation why she was not returning calls other than to say "it's just so crazy around here".

    3) I thoroughly checked out all services I was considering. Read reviews and checked with the BBB. I found a few praising reviews for LPWC (on her site...) and she was registered as a legit business. Six months into the planning, I went back on BBB to see if anyone had filed a complaint against LPWC, due to all the BS she was putting us through there had to be, right? Only to find she was no longer registered with BBB. WTF? This was right after she disappeared to MA. So by the time she replied to me I forgot to bring it up. I admit, my fault. I should have followed through and asked why she was no longer registered as an official business.

    4) Our wedding ceremony was at 4:30 pm. She was to arrive with the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and music no later than 4:00pm. What time do you think she showed up? 4:40 pm. Ten minutes after I was supposed to have walked down the beach/aisle. Again with no valid explanation except "I've never been late, I'm sorry".

    5) Part of the package included our wedding pictures- 60 prints. Then we purchased the disc with all the photos. She was to have these sent out and said the will arrive within ten days. This was on Dec. 1st. Do we have them yet? NO! She sure took the money from my account fast though. These were to be used as Christmas cards and we wanted to have some framed for our parents. Well it's December 20th. A bit too late. I called her and emailed her for a week with no reply...until today...

    Hi ***and ***,
    Please forgive me I had to leave town and go up north with a days notice, and planned on bringing them to ship but left them at home, I am sending them overnight today as soon as the post office is open and you ahould recieve them by noon tomorrow, I promise if it changes I will let you know.

    I know how important it is for your christmas cards, I included a coupon for 20 free christmas cards from the photo dept. at target.
    again I apologize, It couldn't be avoided.

    Coupons??? Really??? For Christmas cards that I can no longer order then send out because Christmas is in 5 days. But don't worry because she signed off with "blessings" so all is good.

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  • De
      3rd of Feb, 2011

    This is Debi from Creative Weddings and Events Inc. and
    I am very sorry that you have so many horrible things to say about me personaly:) I did stay in Mass. because I was the only one to take care of my father who needed 24hour care. For us who live in real life, Sometimes God gives us tests, sometimes these test come all at once. I do conclude my e mails with blessings, because I believe my prayers and blessings for my couples get answered. Most of the planning proccess is in the beginning when I send you a very imformative contract, confirmation, decisions worksheet, and all else that is involved. Your Wedding was the first when I came back and everything was all set. You did not hire me for a package wich would include all the hours of consulting with your variouse venue problems, (usually $100.00 per hour) and You did get incredible pricing, on flowers, photography, and decorations. I met your family, and everyone was very impressed and greatful for your beautiful ceremony. I paid proffetionals, whom I work with often so that It would be sure to be perfect. This has been the most challenging year and a half of my life, losing both my parents, a best friend and photographer, and having cancer...I am truly greatful to god for carrying me through, and out of over 500 weddings there are only 3 ungreatful couples and complaints.

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  • Ch
      14th of Nov, 2011

    Chloe Barnicoat here - newly wed on Fort Myers Beach by the wonderful Debi Charland. I think it is really sad that there are brides to be out there who are so highly strung they miss the point entirely that getting married is supposed to be a HAPPY time. Instead of spending your time stressing about your perfect day and moaning on about being the centre of attention, why not focus on the fact that you're undertaking a life changing and magical event which, lets face it, without Debi you wouldn't be doing. If you require numerous emails of reassurance per day from your wedding planner then you need to get a life. Debi - i trust i wasn't too much of a Bridezilla! You made a special occasion extraoridinary and i will never forget how wonderful you truly are! Thank you x x

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  • Ji
      9th of Mar, 2013

    I used Debi's services in 2008. I would not recommend her. Lets just say that guests remember our ceremony debacle all thanks to Debi:
    We were content with her work up until the rehearsal & the day of the wedding. When it came to the most important roles (organizing and conducting the ceremony), she really became a disappointment. She was VERY unorganized. We did not expect everything to be perfect, however she was so completely unprofessional & unorganized that guests were making comments...It appeared to us that through her actions, she NEVER even read the ceremony before (she mispronounced words, and was very monotone, and she commented to the entire audience after every mistake she had made. Her attire was not professional. We were shocked that she did not have the ceremony on thicker cardstock or notecards KNOWING that it was WINDY (the best man had to take the flailing ceremony papers from her cheap white plastic binder & put them in his pocket b/c she couldn't turn the page w/o it blowing around). She was supposed to have the front rows reserved for certain family members & this did not happen as some actually had to sit in the back rows...
    After she expressed concren that my wedding was the largest wedding she has done (about 100 people total), we found it very selfish of that she accepted another wedding on that same day in which her ONLY assistant had to take care of. She also talked about other clients (as she called it, "Bridezillas") to me!!! As the one person who is supposed to make things run smooth & not stress us out (Debi Charland), she did the exact opposite on both the rehearsal & ceremony. After the ceremony, she must have known she screwed up, b/c she had told the best man that she "was hiding." She called me on the wedding morning telling me that the bridesmaids (who getting ready at the club) did not have anything to drink/eat (which was false, b/c the club manager was upset at her & called me to confirm that all was well & that Debi should not have done that). Debi had also upset me re: the possibility of rain that day when all reports were negative & there was not a cloud in the sky (she wanted me to have it in a different spot if it rained (she had never done it where I wanted (the beach) it & wanted us to move to an area where she had experience with). I think that she bit off more than she could chew & it wasn't fair to us. My husband & I and our families were more than patient during the ceremony. We were upset, but we didn't initially say anything because we didn't want to ruin the day any more. We trusted her to help make our ceremony run smooth & she failed. She is a very nice person with a good personality & I am sure she has good morals. As I e-mailed her my disappointment, she e-mailed back & instead of doing what a professional would do & admit that she may have screwed up, she felt that she did a bang up job...Just ask the 100 people at the wedding; they noticed b/c it was that bad!!!

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  • Cr
      14th of Aug, 2013

    I truly wish that we had seen this before the choice was made to hire Debi Charland for my sister's wedding this summer. This woman is not a professional wedding planner. Buyer be ware! Do not take the chance on your big day. The complaints listed on this page, and on other pages, sound sadly familiar. She claims to have done over 600 weddings, as someone who does coordinate weddings, I very much doubt that this is true. (Might be time for a government audit on the income from those "600 wedddings.") She canceled the rehearsal because she didn't want to make the drive. Showed up late. Did not get the permit for the wedding on the beach and asked everyone to lie about it if authorities came. Argued with my brother-in-law for 30 minutes before the wedding. Was not able to set up the arbor, our family had to do it. She did not bring things that were agreed upon for the set up. Did not perform the ceremony as agreed upon (THANK GOODNESS she didn't. It would have been a travesty to have had her perform the wedding on top of everything else). During the wedding vows, she was talking loudly and had to be told to hush. We have pictures of her during the "sand ceremony" holding her cell phone, a water bottle, and keys! Not detail oriented or professional. Lied to all of us on several occasions. Was very negative. I don't believe her photographer (Laura Spingola, we can't find any info about her on the net or the Professional Photographers Association) is a professional either. The photos are terrible, full of flashes and shadows. Not professionally edited by any means. Make sure to ask for references and get contact info for her contractors if you do decide that all these people are not telling the truth about Debi and Creative Weddings. Debi refused to give their contact info. Totally put a damper on everything, thank goodnes our family was able to work around her and make things come together for my sister. Debi even told my husband, "Thanks for saving my ###!" We didn't have a choice at that point, don't make the same mistake.

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  • Un
      8th of Dec, 2013

    I don't know Debi but I can tell u if she's hired Laura Spingola as her photographer she is certainly not a good business woman and I would't trust her with my wedding. There's a reason you can't find anything about Laura being a professional photographer on the Internet. That's because she's all! I learned that the hard way when I hired her for my wedding. Also found out that she has a criminal past which includes stealing from her own family. She was acting very bizarrely during the wedding to the point I thought she was on drugs. I found out later from a friend of hers she has been on medicine for mental illness for years. My pictures and my video took months to get and when I got them they were horrible! My daughter has taken better pictures and she's in pre-school. Do not waste your precious day by going with this company.

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  • St
      8th of Dec, 2013

    Thank goodness I decided to check up on this company. We were totally prepared to start our wedding preps with a generous gift from Mom and Dad. I am glad we did not waste their money and have found another wonderful outfit right here in Ft. Meyers! Thanks complaint board and to all who posted helpful info.

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  • Da
      8th of Dec, 2013

    This world is full of scams!!! Just as this website, and this person above whom I never talked to or met until the day of. It is totally Slanderous!!! Along with her sister, the bride which whom I planned for months, and she waited until the last week to change everything by text. Also the only one who was late was her, when we came at the time we said we would be there, she was in a T-shirt, with wet hair, and even though she didn't hire the photographer to do anything except an hour on the beach for her ceremony, Laura still arrived at the house hoping to get some pics with her getting ready, and her dress was still hanging on the door. Do your homework, read your contract, and print all e mails along the planning process. Is my best advise to any Bride who does want to have a beautiful beach wedding!! Everything gets planned in the beginning with a very informative contract, confirmation, decisions worksheet, Also, If you are coming from out of state. Please make sure depending on the season, that you ask your wedding professional about weather conditions, backup, traffic, etc. It is a very beautiful place to plan your wedding. This family bartered most services because they didn't want to pay, nor make decisions. It ruins it for other couples, because we always give extra, and negotiate, to make sure that a couple hundred dollars doesn't get in the way of the most important part, that these people seem to forget...Your actual ceremony and Marriage!!! Because if people are allowed to lie, and slander, and exaggerate like this, and not take your planners advise. I won't be able to accept some weddings, also be as generous and will not let people like this ruin my career which I love and have been doing for a long time. Ask me for local people, vendors, venues, past couples and families references whom both know me professionally and personally and don't let scams like this ruin your beautiful dream Wedding Day!!
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