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Website Scam

Complaint Rating:  73 % with 26 votes
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This website places desirable products and services for its members to "bid" for.
On first glance, the prices at which previous winning bids have secured for items seems ridiculously cheap.
Hence you will be tempted to purchase bids from them once your free bids from joining are used up.


There is no notice what the minimum bid price is that they are looking for, or even if there is an existing one.

So when the last few seconds of the bid arrives, and you place what you think is your winning bid, THE TIMER RESTARTS AGAIN!

This is a complete scam, it tricks you into buying more bids!

I've wasted $10 trying to bid for the Apple Ipad. There is no indication when the timing of the bid will end. It was supposed to have closed yesterday evening. It is still going on now! Go to the website and observe the last minute of the item's closing bid.

There is also a function called BidKaki on their site that bids automatically for you if you have to leave your computer.
Again, another scam tool!
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D  11th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Dear I am Sunshine,

i think the glare of the sun shine is blinding you.


It describes clearly as following:

How does the bidding works?

A bid will raise the existing price of the item by S$0.02. It will also extend the closing time of the bid for the item by 15 seconds. This means that the more bids for the items, the longer the closing time for the winning bid to be declared.

Choose the item you want and fancy, click the button bid, and your name will appear as the last bidder.

If there are no more competing bids and the closing time is up for the item, the auction will be paused. The auction will be reviewed within an hour and if you are the last bidder, you are the winner for the item at the listed price.

You can choose to place as many bids at any one time to win the bid.

maybe before you put up a complaint, you should learn to try to understand this game more, the website is not a scam as you said it to be.
D  12th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Hi IamSunshine,
I am also a fellow bidder on CrazyBid and your complaint made me laughed. Don't blame the system but yourself for losing $10 to something which you didn't do research and understand on. My advice: Look before you jump. Don't jump already, then blame the whole world for making you jump.
D  14th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Does this site even works? Or its just a place for people to vent their frustrations? I mean what do were you expecting to happen by posting here? I'm so sorry to hear that you parted with your $10 in hope to win a iPad cheap. But as in any investments, you ought to do your homework before pumping in your capital. I can't be blaming the lottery if I didn't strike right?

As for redress.me, don't place too much hope on it. It seems to be taking upon itself to help many people air their grievances at it's site. For whatever reasons, I'm not sure. It seems to be running a charity online that its' source of income for redressing and rewarding people for speaking up and volunteers for helping out is unknown.
A  25th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Such a SCAM and these ppl here posting are from the company... Pathetic!!! NO one get's an ipad for 5 bucks anyway. Are you nuts?
A  26th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Only 2 winners,

1) the website owner
2) the person that win the bidding

The rest are just suckers...:)
N  26th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I think cheating can be easy for such sites. All the owner need to do is to programme a auto-bidder or sit in front and auto-bid himself to keep bidding up and u will NEVER win until he collected enough $$$.

So I won't want to throw my hardearned money onto this site. The chance of winning is quite low to risk my money and waste my time.
A  15th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Plain Scam at work. SURE WIN business model for web owner at the expense of many bidder whom is going to pay a price for it. They can manipulate the outcome. If a particular auction is going to close with insufficient bidders/interests to even cover the cost of the item, the administrator can use a fictitious/bot/ghost account to win the bids.

No one will ever know the winner except the owner. In the event of a "real" winner, the owner can simply purchase the physical goods and have it delivered to the real winner. Anyway, the owner would have profited several hundreds to thousands of dollars net after deducting the cost from that item. So they are "right" in a sense to advocate the point that they are "GENUINE" business.

They are no regulation and audit. But some simple maths/figures may prove that this business is too good not to be missed. Especially by people with no conscience.

Every bid amount of $0.50 increase the bid value by $0.02.
So every $0.10 increase in bid value will cost $2.50.
And every $1.00 increase in bid value will cost $25.

Now apply this to an ACTUAL ONLINE BID at GLEEBID.COM.SG as we speak now.

(1) 32GB 3g WIFI IPAD at $1499 retail price

Current bid value @$189 and still going as at 1305 hrs on 15AUG2010.
Equates to $4, 725 (189 X $25) already received by the owner.
So less away their own fictitious bidders and cost of IPAD ($1499), I reckon the owner could easily rack in $2k NET PROFIT at the expenses of many genuine bidders whom will not win the bid.

In a nutshell, the more popular an item with numerous bidders, the higher the profit margin for the owners.

I hope I did not analysis right and I truly hope many people out there do not get yourself into this.

This is an un-ethical way to make money. Pls judge for yourself. Good Day.

Btw, I reckon at least 70% of those winners (Tititutu, SadBidder, Jasmine, t3rr132, najib7, etc) are all GHOST BIDDERS created by the owner.
N  15th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Dear All,

2 websites currently active in penny auctions. Some information that anyone out there may want to check it out.

(1) www.gleebid.com.sg
Registered address in Sengkang residental address.

(2) www.crazybids.sg
Registered address in Bt Batok area.

REAL OR SCAM ----- U decide
A  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi All,

I so agree with Nautical, pretty sure Crazybids.sg is a scam bidding site. There are just too many same person winning and they are not sticking to their rules of 6 wins a month.

Besides the mentioned TuTiTiTu, TiTiTuTu, TuTiTuTi, TiTuTiTu, G0DMuzBeCRAZY(alphabet O), GoDMuzBeCRAZY(number 0).. are names that definitely belonged to the same person or a syndicate. The owners could argue that they are different people employing tactics to deter others from joining their bidding, but if you take a closer observation, they never once bid against each other..

They used bots to bring in genuine people to pay their bids to them and end the auction by 'winning' the items back themselves. They never had to even purchase the items in the first place.

It just takes sometime to analyze and watch the site to understand how these scammers run it...

Don't be fooled by greed just because they are 'cheap'! It a gamble of your money anyway.
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
hi everyone,

i know friends who play on the bidding sites in singapore and hk and have actually won stuff on those sites (and have paid less overall for those items) .. so let me summarize the paid-bidding auction scene in singapore..

paid auction site is made popular by swoopo.com in the states about 4 years back and the trend has spawned many similar websites around the world..

people play this for many reasons, most going there just to 'land' a bargain, some for the experience, some to build a reputation and a notoriety, some to pass time in those wee hours of the night where there is nothing else to do, some play it as a game, and as some of these sites have buy it now.. some use it for shopping..

the popular sites for singaporeans is as follows..

gleebid, crazybid, lavishbids, etc are all local sites in singapore
bidhere, sharkybids are international auction sites which seems to be local
jingobid is a popular HK/Singapore site that delivers in both countries

out of all those sites, only the international sites are not recommended as bidder is competing against more people. i only know of people who have won on gleebid, jingobid, lavishbids and jingobids. if you should try you should stick to a local site as there is less competition also more reliable.

most of the auctions on these sites are not as straight forward as you think. the auctions have bids back, buy it now (available at gleebid where you can buy the item with your lost bids), and some have competition to win free bids or a combination. so you have to understand all of these 'promotions' or 'specials' will affect demand.. and consequently the amount of competition you will be facing.

there are many people who is prone to be sceptics but as long as you have not tried it or won anything on it, you won't believe it. my suggestion is to try bidding for some of these less popular (or those really poorly chosen) products that ends in SGD1 - 3 range and see if you can win. if it's something you believe no one else wants and the item ends up to be SGD300! then you have every right to label the site as a scam! Also, if you look carefully, most of the auctions would result in losses for these operators.. at the same time, a few of the auctions would result in most of their profits! lol

just like anything in life, don't get involved if you do not understand the risks/reward and rules of the game. there is nothing more pathetic than a loser moaning his misfortune which is caused by his own actions in the first place! don't moan and blame others when you put in and lose SGD10 for an ipad when you see 5 other bidders pursuing the item! lol

on the whole, i say to those who are not going to get involved, why bother! those who intend to play, read up and analyse the sites! those who are already playing, play smart and share your experiences with others! there is bound to be a few bad eggs in the basket.. but to dismiss all of such sites as a scam is being ignorant to say the least. common sense tells me that any sustainable business cannot be based on a scam. remember some of them have a pte ltd in singapore which also means they are subject to gov't audit. also remember, you can always write in to them or complain to the authorities if you feel you've been wronged in anyway.
N  18th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi NoGravity,

Glad to connect with someone whom share the same thought.

(A) I just realised that little girl (Beanzrule) in Crazybid resembles that girl (angela8039) in Gleebid. (see eye areas)

(B) And that Flashlight in Crazybid resembles that Vincentlaw with a cap in youtube testimonial in Gleebid. (see mouth area)

If the hunch is right, it may be a father, mother and daughter team. Pitied that little girl.

I do believe that several winners are genuine bidders and had won and received the item. But it is at the expense of many victims out there.

I think the business is trying to go legitimate by honoring real bidders with items won and have them took some pictures to showcase testimonials. But the fact remains that these owners had already reap off a good profit from many other victims. In short, its still an un-ethical business model.

Having registered a Pte Ltd does not mean anything. This business may not even tie to their declared business activities. Let alone a company can be formed as a dormant entity throughout its lifespan so long as it declares so. Many questionable doubts. Anyway, these perpetrators would resort to everything to cover their tracks and make it seemingly innocent and truthful to the public.

Well, I would hope some authority or regulations in place to audit the integrity of such nature in Singapore and not let these un-ethical character get away with it.

A  18th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well...this type of gaming/bidding/whatever-you-call-it is akin to Toto/lottery. The 2 sole winners are 1) The website owner 2) The person that win the auction (provided it is a REAL person and not a auto-bidding Bot programmed by the website).

So imho, this kind of website is like gambling and should be regulated, otherwise cheating will definitely happen.
N  18th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I think REGULATIONS must be passed or else cheatings by auto-bots will occur and many suckers will lose their blood-sweat-money.

Anyone know which authorities to go to???
N  20th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Isn't lottery type of business only controlled by SingaporePools? This is like lottery and furthermore, no one knows or verified all the bidding transactions/history, all bidders accounts (whether genuine or fake) etc.. Authorities? I think no one cares here, as no much complaints so far. Either not many people have lose lots of money yet, or they simply lose and forgot (like playing 4D) LOL..

Anyway, I won't believed in these sites, as they all operated "under radar", their websites are not audited and verified by 3rd party. Skeptical or not, unless there are regulated and audited..
N  22nd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes

The above 2 are newer and seems much easier to win items, if there is no Rigging...haa
N  27th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I had scrutinized the following websites in great details


and found that there are numerous Bidders that were always bidding BUT never seem to win anything. It's simple to draw the conclusion that such websites are proned to manupilation and if consumers choose to bid, they will be wasting their precious money as the website owners cannot 'Close' the auctions until they breakeven at the very least.

It's quite sad as cheating are not exposed or audited. Hopefully the relevant authorities can take some actions to protect gullible consumers.
N  27th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Haha...there are only 2 kinds of pple tat bids.

1) losers - thinking that they can win something for nothing!! There
is no free lunch on earth. Websites like this had scripts/bots built-in
to autobid until breakeven price. Google penny auctions autobid script and
u know what I mean.

2) crazy pple - get a life!! U will end up losing ur hardearned money!! The
winners could jolly well be a NON-human - Website autobidder!!

Either way, you are SCREWED!!!
A  28th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hmm...i've also spent some money but realised the winnings are manipulated.
If you guys realised the trends of the winners, its either:

1. The high bidders - refers to wall of fame
2. The 'usual' bidders - check out the winning id (different names, could be the same person behind aka fake accounts)

Do you ever QUESTION this:

1. Why the ppl using the Bidkakis has SO MUCH CREDITS? you can easily spot some...bidding for even 1 whole day
2. What is the reason of bidding if you have so much money? Can't you BUY it elsewhere?
3. Why the bid kakis does not display the remaining number of bids? they probably have 1 million of bid counter to fight with your MISERABLE $500 bids...THINK ABOUT IT :)
4. The history of the bids are always a PORTION, very easy to find out who are the fake bid kakis aka manipulators...lol

To the website owners:

1. Show full history - if we are talking about transparency
2. Get the owners to post pictures with the winning prize - this can be included in your T&C - simple right?
3. Minimize the total number of bids each month since it seems like there's a few PROMINENT PLAYERS/MANIPULATORS

N  31st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
The 'rules' they put down like machiam for show...like maximum 6 wins per household. Look at GodMuzBeCrazy in CrazyBid, win at least 7 or 8 times in CB website!!! No audit, just suck ur $$$$! Beware tis SCAM!!!
A  31st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Yes, there is no transparency here and no 3rd party audit/verification on the website system or server etc. I have lost few hundreds as I wanted to try to "look into" their system and "investigate" and sure enough, I found out something fishy and seriously suspect foul play. There are tons of suspicious bidding transactions when I play, as I play only for "cheap" and "not so popular" stuff and in midnite too. And can you imagine in the middle of midnite (3-5 am) bidding for some lousy and cheap stuff, against only 1 "bidder", after 5 - 6 hrs of marathon bidding (I use bid-kaki). You can see that when you bid, there is always only one "bidder" against you using "bid-kaki", and these so called solo "bidders" will change hands and bid against you. And when I decided to stop and pause and see what happens after I stop my bidding after 6-7 hrs of bidding, and in the middle of the nite 4-5 am, guess what? Within less than 5 mins, the auction stops and 1 winner is decared. LOL.. What a coincidence. I questioned the owner but he/she just say "no refund".. I have write to the NEW PAPER but seems no effect.. :(

I seriously urge the Singapore authority to look in this business model and more regulation needed, just like the real estate industry (see how the government has act and a regulatory board is setup to oversee the industry. Thus I feel that this "auction" industry needs to be regulated too before many people lose their hard earned money.

Anyway, I am not sure how to raise this awareness, maybe more people needed to express their experiences on this site, or maybe not many people play and lose money?? I have started a few threads on forums, and seems that not much discussion too. So, based on what the website says, mentioning that they have over 60k views and 20-30K visitors, I wonder where are all the users? Or are they just pure "fake bidders"? Anyone who knows a little about internet marketing, will knows how and where to buy traffic, and how to get "60k" traffic stats.. I can easily get a site to receive 100k views per month too :)

My threads here, feel free to drop your experiences and thoughts on this. Please also join the facebook group and raise awareness. If the site is genuine, this is "Good Marketing" for them.. LOL..


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