Craigslisthouse for rent scam

Christ homes is claiming to be injured in a accident in mentor ohio recently and is claiming to be selling his home at 9260 Jordan Dr. He said he has a spinal injury and is living with his family and goes by the Name: George Rawlins.
Address: 350 Margrave Dr, Harriman, TN 37748.

He said the payment of $525 needs sent to him by western union.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Mentor, OH

I went to the treasures office today. Chris Homes/ George Rawlins never lived at that address Stated the tax/ treasures office. The house was sold in late October 2018 stated the treasures office but Rawlins said it was never sold it is still up for sale. My fiancé and I went passed the house and there where 2 people inside unpacking boxes.

Could you please look into this scam so no one else gets in a mess like I did


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