Cracker Barrelservice and food

On 09-21-1018 ordered 2 go plates said it would be about 30 so I waited 45 and went in to get plates paid for the order stood inline another 10 15 minutes waiting and then I asked the hostess how long does it take to get a go plate bought two of them and when they finally brought it got to car looked in to see it it was the right food so drove home sat down to eat would have thought it to be hot after all the wait time or at least warm got country fried steak and gravy meat was tough and cold the gravy came out of bowl since it didn't not have any on it when he came out it was molded to the cup was in a cup that looked just like the bow it came out in a big round clump like it just came out of refrigerater, so it all was cold mashed potatoes were so stuck together that if you wanted to throw it, it would have stayed together, biscuits were hard mac and cheese looked melted please let your people no it was a very bad service and the food was terrible for 24, 00 it should have been a great meal, this looked like one of the frozen TV diners you but in freezer just not warmed up

Sep 22, 2018

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