Courts Mammoth MalaysiaRude behavior

i would like to share a very disappointment experience with courts mammoth m'sia.
I bought some electrical devices and sign-on for a 2 years installment plan, this would be my last installment year as of 2017.
I defaulted 4months payment due some financial difficulties and their collection dept keep texting me with a invalid number which no one pickup the call.
And in the end Courts bring this matter to a very rude lawyer [protected] Sulaiman lawyer firm) to threaten me that if i do not pay up the full amount,
me and brother (which i put as a reference only) will be blacklisted and face necessary finance disruption.

I understand you can proceed with neccessdary action with me, but there is nothing to do with my family members as their just a reference and not guarantor.
End-up myself need to get loan from unlicensed money lender to settle the debt in order to save my brother with 4 daughter to feed from getting blacklisted by bank negara/CCRIS.

I will never forget what Courts did to me and especially to my family members which Courts involved them in.

Courts Mammoth Malaysia
Courts Mammoth Malaysia
Courts Mammoth Malaysia

Jan 09, 2017

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