Costco / rude employee at the checkout line

I am a long time Costco customer and never been treated like this at Cost Aloha (#09), Oregon (15901 SW Jenkins Rd). Incident happened today (March 15th, 2016 - around 17:45PST at Terminal 7, Transaction 167 - Operator 221)

I am not sure whether it is a frustrated and over-worked worker or something else triggered it. Nonetheless this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable and such employees should be reminded about basic rules of customer engagement.

I had a full cart and towards the back of the cart was a flat packet (some LED wall fixture). I remember picking it up first thing after entering the store but later decided to put it back. Didn't get a chance to as the cart became fuller. Must admit - I forgot it was there in the cart after some time.
As I was unloading the cart at the checkout counter and realized I had forgotten to put the item back where I picked up from. So, I mentioned that apologetically to the person standing next to Danny (the counter attendant) that I forgot to put it back. She probably did;t even listen to what I was saying but said - "O - don't worry about it we will take care of it".

Yet, the very next thing she did was to help Danny scanning that item right from the cart. I realized she was mistaken and said "Excuse me - I was trying to say I forgot to place it back. I don't it".

This, apparently triggered something that I may never understand. This young lady (not Danny) suddenly became almost theatrical and exclaimed loudly saying - (I am trying to write it the way she enunciate the words...)
"ooOOOooo - you didn't WAAant this?!!! (Pause to turn away with the item in her hand and turned back to face me as she continued) THAaank you to briNG the item baaack to us rather dropping it on the floor". The sarcasm in her voice had stumped me and I was momentarily speechless as she walked off to drop the item in a cart to counters away.

I had to make myself go - pickup the item from that cart and proceeded to place it back in it's aisle location back in the store. As I was picking the item up from the cart, I heard her saying behind my back "ooOOOoo you want it back naaow?!" To which I said calmly said "No - I am going to put it back where I picked it up from".
I think she now realized that I was not happy - and exclaimed - "No no - you don't have to do that..." (no sarcasm this time). To that, I had to tell her "THAT was very rude" as I walked off and placed the item back to it's original location.

I admit this was the first time I was treated with such disrespect at Costco. Yet, I cannot let this go unnoticed and had to report it. I resisted looking for the manager right at the store and complain - to avoid over-reacting.

BTW: As I checked out I heard the young lady telling me "have a nice evening" to which I had replied "You too". I doubt any of us really meant it.

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