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Costco / baaaad customer service!

1 4801 Central AvenueRichmond, CA, United States Review updated:

To improve on their customer service at Richmond, CA #482. Sunday 09/13/09 I purchased a Cinemark Tickets. I waited in line at customer service pick-up, I was the only person in line. This lady name "Jane" (white female, in her late 60's, orange hair) whose was standing right in front me doing something in the counter right next to pick-up area. There was another counter by the pick-up area are couple of staffs doing nothing just standing. Didn't even had the courtesy to ask if I need something or am I being help. My husband went to restroom while me waiting for somebody to help me, after 10minutes of waiting my husband got back from restroom asking me if somebody help me. I said no, I am still waiting. Finally "Jane" overheard me talking to my husband complaining I am still not being help, she looked at me and said do you have a pick-up?, of course I was a bit agitated when I responded to her due to the fact that she already saw me and still pretending she did not see me. She gave me an attitude (inappropriate gesture) with her eyes rolled up and said "Well I am only asking! I was stunned in awe asking myself why is this lady misbehaving! Where is the courtesy and good customer service! I was really hyped up and started yelling at her saying I pay my annual dues. Me and my family comes her every week and spend a lot of money at least $250-300 dollars and this is the crap service that I get! Unbelievable! I am sorry but you are one rude old lady, as much as I respect elder people, I have no respect with people who are rude to me. She was just smiling with smirk. When I saw that reaction, my blood pressure went up and called her stupid lady! The staff reacted to me like you have no right calling her that! This guy Alexander saying that's enough! Salamat po!(sounded like he was mocking my dialect in Filipino). I reacted more due to the fact that she didn't even apologize. Alexander came to and said "I am only going to ask you once to lower down your voice and stop yelling. My husband said you guys didn't even apologized and you reacted to my wife instead of knowing what is the root of this, I wouldn't reacted this bad, if this lady (Jane) was nice to me. If she only let me know that "mam somebody will be with you shortly" or "as soon as I am done with this I will be with you shortly" then, at least I know that I am not ignored, that I will feel valued as a customer" but instead they treated you like a crap, like I'm supposed to be lucky because I go to their store. I have complained so, many times on that store but I don't see any improvements at all with their customer service. Even if you complained to the store manager, you will still feel ignored. The manager won't even listen to you, the gesture like is I have no time for this drama, don't you have better things to do?, I worked so hard for my money and I want to be treated like a valued customer if I go to your store. Why is it that they are the only store who has a very bad customer service? In other locations like San Leandro #118, Santa Clara, even in Monterey CA, or Las Vegas, I am satisfied with their customer service. I wouldn't be surprise if the customers stopped going to their store due to very poor in good customer service. I could have gone to other store, who is less stress because it's more personal and plus I don't have to spend that much money and I know that I will be taken good care off. I can go on and on with all the bad customer service that I experienced or observed in this store. I hope some higher authority of Costco will do something about this. Give your staff an annual training about good customer service, how to handle an irate customer. Once a year remind them how to value their customers, how to handle a situation like that. Customer won't be misbehaving if we are treated nicely!

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  • Jo
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    Hi there, so I hope you will forever beyond this point and on learn that Costco's "GOOD" employement system is build on giving rights to employee to harrass naive and loyal customers. Read up my experience here:

    Hope you'll feel better.

    Best Wishes,


    PS: And if you ever came down to San Jose area, I suggest you NEVER go to the Lawrence + Kifer Costco.

  • Jk
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    Well, I wasn't there so I couldn't see the whole situation. But it sounded like you are over reacting a bit. Yes, they should've approached you and see if you needed help... But at the same time, they probably thought that you were waiting on someone and didn't realize you needed a pickup item. She approached you after overhearing you complaint to your husband. She asked you a simple question. It may be very obvious. But you shouldn't have loose your temper. Your expectation is way too high. I am sorry, but while it is easy to blame on others, sometimes you have to look at yourself first. If you were a little nicer to the lady, everything would've gone much smoother. Or if you waited for a couple minutes, and there are two people standing there doing there, you can ask them for help instead of playing the waiting game and see how long you can hold your temper. You have no idea how diffcult how Costco members can be. In fact, about 80% of them are rude and unreasonable. So not everyday, everyone is at the warehouse is in a good mood. You just have to be the bigger person by being nice and put a smile on your face, I promise you that you will get treated a lot better (even if not on the same day).

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