Costco / a dozen dime size bugs in our costco christmas tree.

Sa Dec 12, 2015
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We purchased our fresh Christmas tree at Costco on Saturday the 5th. After we put it up we found bugs in it, on it, and throughout our home. Lots of bugs. They are dime size green bugs and a week later we are still finding them. It is so gross and I have left an email as well as messages with Costco. When I spoke Costco about the issue they did not care and were not willing to resolve my issue. They did not ask if they needed to spray the home, or if w we would like a refund. I am highly unsatisfied. Prior to this we have never had an issue with Costco. My concern is that others may get bugs as well if this issue is overlooked. We will NEVER be buying another Christmas tree from Costco --- we are highly insulted by their indifference to something that could be a serious issue. Below is a photo of a few dead ones we have found - the rest have been either squashed or vacuumed up. Very gross. We love Costco, we are sad to leave any negative feedback.


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