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United States Review updated:
Contact information: has me listed in business with inaccurate names/people. They include my home address - which invades my personal security - and they have no contact info on the "Who-is." The "Who-is" provides a phone number which is not representative of the company and the person who answers the phone has no information for how to actually contact anyone at corporationwiki. (It's like a paid answering service.)

Something needs to be done.

People please share your stories. The proper authorities need to get involved. When your personal information is put on the web it violates your rights to privacy and security.

And as others have mentioned, it takes nerve for a corporation to reveal to the world peoples personal information but the corporation itself doesn't provide a functioning phone number or email contact nor any customer assistance at all.

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  • Sa
      13th of Mar, 2012 - posted false information about me and a company/
    United States posted false information about me and a company/LLC. I have submitted a change/update request on their website but they still have not removed the information.

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  • Cw
      19th of Mar, 2012

    The phone number works. When I dial (407) 259-2428 a message starts with "You have reached corporation wiki...". You must have dialed incorrectly as the number is not answered by people. The message just directs you to the support feature of the website.

    Corporation Wiki provides insight into the people and entities behind a corporation. The data contained on this site come largely from public record sources and are protected under a variety of laws.

    The records entered into the public domain are the official records for a company. The "Edit profile" functionality is designed to allow you to include additional information on a company that is not normally found in the public record. For example, phone numbers or additional members of the company that are not included in the corporate filings.

    Here are some links that you may find helpful:

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  • Co
      22nd of Mar, 2012

    I know your trying to be a good commenter here. They get more use then SWBELL and would go broke if they had verbal means all the time for customer service. They are a great company when used properly. Its these wieners I see here with false facts posted against them. If you go to your local S . O S they charge a buck a page. I am very happy with them, once I got the facts on how and where things work with them. There info posted does not come from facebook or some chat room like others have said. They use other more Pro sources and its easy to OP OUT but here they just want to be heard and probably dropped as kids:) Its a great company

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  • Tr
      22nd of Mar, 2013

    I don't think is right what this company is doing, we suppose to have a little bit of privacy and not to put my address and my age. That violates my privacy. Tomorrow morning I'm going to call to see what are they going to do about this page, they forgot to put what kind of food I eat, this is total ridiculous and danger.

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  • Hi
      6th of May, 2013

    Hildelisa Ascunce Executive Profile The person named Lisset Serrano Haramboure posted her name fraudulent without our consent because was a worker expulsed of our company

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  • An
      1st of Jun, 2013

    I agree, I have been trying to request for my personal information, residential address, to be removed from this site, but no luck in any responses! I find CorporationWiki to be very irresponsible to their actions. Though they claim that "information obtained are from public sources, " I still don't feel just that they are allowed to publish our personal information publicly for the WHOLE world to see without our CONSENT. Granted, public information would be found if potential stalkers would like to stop by any local County Clerk's office to request the information, but to have our local information published to the world, WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, is just wrong.

    Even more so, these links that @CW provides:

    Here are some links that you may find helpful:

    don't even work! I've received these links after submitting my requests and have tried nearly every possible mean to remove my information from the world wide web in a timely matter and have had no luck at all. Would you care to respond to this comment @CW? How can we "opt-out" from your service as soon as possible?

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  • Jl
      28th of Jul, 2014

    It site has violated my privacy right to public my personal inform, such as, my age and home address … even anyone can get my phone # if they pay for it. Actually I have made " opt-out request of my personal information" many times on Don't even work!!! I strongly agree that the proper authorities need to get involved. When our personal information is put on the web it violates our rights to privacy and security.

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  • Sw
      26th of Aug, 2014

    I need this removed ASAP please. My email is [protected]

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  • To
      5th of Mar, 2015

    They have posted incorrect information. Personal information. They will not allow me to even update with the correct phone number. This place is a joke and needs to be shut down. You cant een get to a person to help you. I find it very hypocritical that a company that is founded on providing information doesn't even provide information for them self.
    They are a joke! I will be emailing my state and national senators along with the BBB.

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  • Pe
      19th of May, 2016

    i know I have been trying to disassociate my name Penny Lee Todd at 2981 Boneventure Palm Harbor fl 34684 . From former partner Richard Minton and the PennyRich Pool Services I removed my self fro the company on July 10 2015 .. He continues to use me my name and address in his business without my permission he laughes and says it is working for him . My personal info is on 20 links over 9 pages I want absolutely no association to this person or business . I dont want his reputation to ruin mine

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  • St
      5th of Jun, 2016

    Corporation wiki has presented false information on their site regarding my company which is an llc. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and my next move is a lawsuit. I am gathering my information for our attorney and interested in others who may want to join in a class action suit with us. Contact me at 832.350.3030 to discuss a class action suit. They stated tha t our business in "inactive" which is inaccurate and I've demanded they correct the false information and they refuse. Our attorney estimates we can get between 19-20mm in punitive damages alone. Again, this lawsuit will win. It has a greater chance of larger punitive damages with class action.

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  • Sa
      26th of Oct, 2017

    they also posted personal and inaccurate information on me and my company and no email or phone to call to correct.. company should be banned.

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