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Core Elements dubai / JOB OFFER & INTERVIEW

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

They call me on moble phone, and tld me a interview tomarrrow ( thursday ) for the position os supervisor, I applied thru gulf news.
mobile no. 00971 [protected], interviewer Ms. Amy, Place : Grosvenor commercial office tower, noor islamic bank complex bldg, sheikh zayed road. office # 2309, 23rd floor

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  • Du
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    i was also a victim of this [censored]in consultancy agency. they took 100 dhs from upon interview not knowing their real business. as soon as i get home i checked their business name in Google and this is what i found out. someone already called me 2 days ago that i already have a client for interview which will give me 6500 dhs basic salary w/ accomodation and travel. all i need is to pay 400 dhs and everything will be set. i just said yes because im already planning to go to my country's embassy to report this absurd, unacceptable businnes. they fool job seekers looking for a respectable jobs. we are here to work for ourselves not for themselves. IM IN TO REFUNDING OUR MONEY AND TEACH THEM A LESSON. ALL WE NEED IS COOPERATION. (

  • Ab
      22nd of Dec, 2010
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    They called me for the interview tomorrow as i m on visit and in abu dhabi so its difficult for me to take out money to go there in Dubai but thanks to you guys as i was searching for this company on the internet and got this all ..

    ms malisa call me today from this number : 00971-55-4733775
    with the same address as mention above, and in the message on my mobile which i received mentioned another number : 0503911703 which is switched off ..

    they called me for the position of " snr. script developer ".
    i am still jobless my visa is going to end in feb, .. please let me know if you guys know about any job and which is the best way to apply for the job here in UAE.

    i am software developer with 5 years of experience plus banking plus business development.
    my email id is :

  • Md
      30th of Dec, 2010
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    Thanks everyone I have been warned now by you, as even I have got a call from this company a few hours ag0 telephone number +971-55-5900564 informing that I have an interview tomorrow (which is a friday) at Sh Zayed Road. I was defintely suprised because no professional company interviews on holidays unless it is a walk in! Also they called me on my mobile number which I have used for applying to jobs about two years ago...they have defintely got this number from search engines where I may pasted my CV earlier as I have not used this number from a long time. The police really need to look at this company again!!. They said they will inform me by SMS other details of the interview. I have read a lot of complaints againts them now that I googled them. I am defintely not going for this "so called interview" because they are defintely not serious and they seem to be only wanting to dupe gullible job seekers AGAIN...! Thanks everyone for putting up their complaints on this forum..!!

  • Ha
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    Hey, thank you for warning us like that.
    They just called me and set an interview tomorrow in the same adress mentioned by many of you.
    And I thought I will google the company before I go, since it is a company I did not apply to.
    Thank you for warning us again.

  • Su
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    thanks very much guys for this valuble warning, i have just recieved their contact informations at my mobilephone, about two hours ago, its the same as you mentioned above i really get suspecious about them coz if my c.v mtched with their job at least i will recieve anotice from the site in which i have pasted it, also i google for their site and foundout that there is no way to get any iformation or help from., um really wandering about the legal sitiuation for an agency like this...???!!!

  • Ak
      9th of Jan, 2011
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    Thank you guys for setting up this blog.

    I got a call about 10 minutes from this number : +971-55-5900564 and was asked to meet somewhere on Shiekh Zayed Road tomorrow at noon. The post advertised was relevant but they got my name wrong! Usually I'm very gullible but the too-good-to-be-true tone over the phone and the wrong name incident got me wary so I starting looking for answers and stumbled across this blog.
    I was told that I'd get the address details delivered to my inbox shortly. I have not yet paid anyone neither do I intend to.
    What is certain that I will go and check this out for myself and try to get some details from the contact people. TIme to get to the bottom of this.

    Cheers for posting.

  • Ne
      9th of Jan, 2011
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    I got a call from coreelements and the lady said that an interview has been scheduled for me, when i enquired about the post and the company, s website, just to know the profile of the company, she said she will sms me but she didn, t she only sms me the adress of the place where interview is scheduled. the address is same 2309 grosvenor building, sheikh zayed road, noor islamic bank and the inetrviewer is Ms Sheikh.and the call is from 0554735374

  • Cr
      18th of Jan, 2011
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    thanks guys for this blog, i just recieved a phone call from core elements no:0554733775 its the same no as above ms malisa!... i have been asked that i will recieve a sms in a short while, and that the interview will be at Shiekh Zayed Road Tomorrow... reseached the company and found this web site, stating that its a spam. i just dont understand why nothing has been done about this?

    thanks again for this posting!

  • Ta
      23rd of Jan, 2011
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    Hello Guys,
    even i have recieved call from this company and they asked me to meet them at sheikh zayed road blah blah with same no.
    Anyways Thankyou for ur post
    Cheers :)

  • Fr
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    date Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 8:25 PM
    subject Fraud - Core Elements Recruiting Agency
    hide details 8:25 PM (13 hours ago)
    Dear Sir,
    I want to inform that i have been cheated by Recruitment Agency "Core Elements" located in 23rd Floor, 2309, Grosvenor Commercial Building, Above Noor Islamic Bank, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
    I had Applied for the vacancy Advertised in, they called me yesterday (24.01.11) afternoon (1.00pm) from the mobile no 0554735374 and said that i have been selected for a Vacancy as a Civil Engineer in a large Construction company in Jebel Free Zone & asked me to come and Attend an Interview with Ms Sheikh on Tuesday 25th January 2010 & also sent a text message in the evening (see below).

    From: +971554735374
    Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 5:46 PM
    CORE ELEMENTS on behalf of the client.Office#2309, 23rd Flr. Grosvenor Commercial Office
    Tower, same Tower as Noor Islamic Bank, before Crown Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road,
    Dubai.(near World trade center metro station) Date:25th January
    2011, Tuesday, ContactNo.0503911703/0554735374.Interviewer:Ms Sheikh.Wish you all the

    I travelled all the way from Abudhabi to above mentioned office for interview & saw there are only 3 staff (one male receptionist & 2 female staff), the asked me to sit in the waiting Area. There were another 7-8 guys waiting for their interview. Then they called my name, the lady named "Farzana" conducted the interview. She was asking very simple questions that are usually asked after a person gets selected like, "What do i currently work as?", "Which projects have i worked on?", "Asked my current Salary", "Expected Salary", "After how many notice period can you join" etc. I asked the company name, which she said is "Abstract Contracting". Finally she said that 'Its 90% that i have been selected by the employer representative and now they have to forward my CV to the GM for which i have to fill a form & sign it.
    Since its only a recruitment company, I didnt read before signing. After signing they said that i have to pay 300 Dihrams against CV Building, prioritizing, & forwarding my case to the employer. Thinking it is genuine, i paid 300 Dhs without any second thought & also asked for the receipt which they gave. They promised to send me an email today (the same day) to confirm my modified CV & then forward to the company's GM, but i didn't receive any email from them.
    I tried to Google "Abstract Contracting", & couldn't find any company by that name. Then i googled, "Core Elements" on which i found hundreds of articles & forums saying its a fraud company. I felt so cheated. Never in my life was i been cheated any time. I tried to call them, but their mobile is switched off. They seemed to use the law well to prevent any trouble, which is why i think they are still at large doing this fraud openly.

    I have attached photographs of the documents they gave me, if that would be of any help. I tried to search the advertisement on & found that it has been deleted. All i wanted is to prevent other poor & innocent people falling into their trap.

    If you need any further help, please let me know.


  • Nj
      7th of Feb, 2011
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    Hi All,
    I just got a call from Core Elements and went to the site to know more about it and i find all this complains...Its a high time that the concerned parties do take action. So many people are falling into their trap and collecting money illegally. The nunber is +971555300564 that called me.
    I thank all of you for such positive awareness.

  • Ss
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    I received a call from "CORE ELEMENTS" an hour ago requesting an interview at the same location mentioned by the above. During the call she mentioned I applied for a "marketing executive" position and gave me interview details. I went to check my online applications and didn't find any applications for a marketing executive position at Core Elements. I phoned back asking them how they came about to receive the application and they said "just came across it online" and then after pressing for an answer they said "through Monster". As I was on the phone, I was surfing online simultaneously and came across all your comments. The line went dead all of a sudden as I pressed for more details about the company and when I tried calling back, there was no reply.
    The number that got in touch with me was +971559204943.

    Thank you all for your comments. My interview was scheduled for tomorrow and I live in Abu Dhabi. You saved me a ridiculously unnecessary trip.

  • Kh
      10th of Feb, 2011
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    thanks guyz for saving my hard earn money and time...thanks alot ...

    god Bless all of you


  • Si
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Thanks umpteen guys for alarming us about this fraudulent Recruitment Agency. I happened to receive a call from +971555900564 and the lady who spoke to me seemed to follow a defined script and was very polite. She told me that the interview is scheduled the next day and when I questioned her if they were working the next day(Friday), she said yes and also informed that she would send me an SMS by today evening to confirm the interview and the address. I requested her to send me an email and she said that she cant send me an email as she doesn't have access to send emails. In this E-World how come someone doesn't have access to send emails to the candidates? I always do my homework of collecting information about the company before facing an interview. The moment she hung the call, I googled to find out the name of the company and found out the same sad stories. Had I not read this review I would have certainly fallen a prey to their pathetic gimmick. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time and letting us know the fact.

    Its really disheartening to see people minting money from the job hungry candidates who are desperately in need of jobs.

  • S
      4th of Mar, 2011
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  • Mu
      9th of Mar, 2011
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    I got a call five minutes back. I asked them if they were a recruitment agency or the hiring company itself. The lady who called me from 0559204943 said that core elements was not a recruitment company but a highly diversified company into construction and other areas with offices all over UAE and that they were considering me for position of Procurement Manager!!! I am lucky to have come across your site and find out the truth. But I am surprised that after so many complaints this agency is still in business!!!

  • De
      12th of Mar, 2011
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    Dear XXX,
    Thanks for your update on this board. I got the same call from same number and the same message today having same wordings today. They called me for interview tommorow saying its urgent. I was wondering when I applied for any job. Then I found there is no such company and this Recruitment Agency is a fraud. Thanks you all guys who have updated this.

  • Am
      31st of Mar, 2011
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    I got a call this morning from 0554733774 from a lady who was talking nervously so quick as if she wants to through the words and hang up she told me that I have an interview tomorrow ( in Jebel Ali ) '' I think so'' because I couldn't understand what she said & then I told her it's going to be '' Friday'' she said yes we work on Fridays, I asked her to send me an email for all these details but she said no I'll SMS you with details I suspected her call & tried to call her back but the same mobile was disconnected. So I decided to google the company's name given by her which was ''Core Elements '' trying to find out something about them & thank God I found your comments.
    By the way beware also from '' Monster Gulf '' too I think It's the same as someone called me this morning too from this number +4039824848 asking for $180 to proceed my resume if I want to find a job & when i asked him why didn't you mention these fees on your website or news papers' adds he hanged up the phone.
    Thanks a lot

  • Ja
      9th of Apr, 2011
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    yes i am also but i refused to pay them cause i found something wrong ...i really thank god for this matter they want from me 300 and told me that they are going to search for me job in duty free

  • Sr
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    Hello Guys,

    what should i say after reading this all SCAM**..
    Same happened to me which she said my interview is 2moro and just now searched about that M Afshan who she said gonna take my interview and found this all thread !!!
    This Coreeliment lady, I asked about detailed JOB description but she was not able answer any of my question and gave me the same ### as u guys had earlier...Thanks and keep up the awareness on ...

    Same applies for monstergulf and naukri also ...(all the numbers are from Internet so hard to trace )

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