Cordell And Cordell / divorce litigation

1 IL, US

Avoid cordell and cordell at all costs! They state that they specialize in men's rights but what they specialize in is overcharging. I had a simple divorce, my ex and I agreed on everything and the opposing counsel did most of the work; however, cordell and cordell charged me over $14, 000. The divorce process only lasted about 5 months, but I found out that they would charge me about $250 every time I asked a question regardless if the answer took less than 5 minutes to research. The divorce is final, we are in the process of getting all of the paperwork finalized and they are focused on using every penny of my retainer! I lost pretty much everything... All of my ira, my 401k, 47% of my military pension, $2500 a month in maintenance for 5 years. I could have hired a law graduate who just passed the bar and have better results!

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