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CORA LLC / Despicable behavior towards employees

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The definition of despicable as stated in Wickapedia is "Fit or deserving to be despised; contemptible; mean; vile; worthless." That is the way I would describe the behavior with which CORA treats its employees. Knowing that most (or all, I am not sure) of their employees are disabled gives them a great advantage because in some cases, disabilities can zap a person's strength and keep them from being able to fight for their rights as readily as a more able bodied or physically well person.

Even more despicable is the emotional destruction caused by broad beating, criticizing, belittling and undermining employees for no other purpose than to keep people from complaining, in many cases.

Employees have waited weeks for paychecks which affect their benefits, even if they don't get the money. Employees have worked for weeks with no pay and are told that they should be thankful to be employed when they ask for it. New employees are hired when existing employees remain unpaid. Employees are pulled from department to department, upgraded and downgraded, used and overused according to the whim of one or two out of control people. Do they really believe that it is legal more or less ethical or moral to do this.

Very simply, when a company hires someone and they work for the company, the company pays them. The fact that the employees are disabled does not matter. The fact that they work from home does not matter. The fact that the company is not prospering does not matter. If CORA has to take out a loan, go into to personal funds or cut some of the executive salaries to do this, that is what is right.

I have been with the company for just over a year and have met some wonderful people. The employees are unique, genuinely compassionate people. The management also probably has the best intentions or had them. However, those in control simply don't seem to know how to run a business or made some bad decisions or just came from Mars or whatever. Doesn't matter. An employee deserves three things: (1) respect, (2) clear direction and (3) payment for completed work. CORA, give the people what they deserve.

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  • Ca
      29th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I agree with Nancy. I have been hurt by CORA to an extent that I could never explain. CORA made me think I could take back control of my life, overcome my disabilities, and plan for the future.

    I never expected to be disabled at this point in my life. I was fired from CORA for telling the truth on a message board.

    If anyone can help us (the disabled being taken advantage of), please look into to CORA for the following reasons and more:

    No pay for employees who have worked.

    Paystubs cut without employees being paid.

    The disabled must report income, which is not being received.

    New workers must have someone pay a $3, 500 fee for working at CORA; now the people are not being paid for the training period.

    CORA claims to have "over 400 employees." Please ask CORA's CEO, "How many employees are actually working and receiving pay?"

    How many weeks of back pay does CORA owe employess and how many employees are owed back wages?

    If CORA has over 400 employees and over 1, 200 open positions, why is anyone laid-off and/or not being paid.

    How many previous employees of CORA have been placed in "long-term successful employment."

    Who are the people that wrote the testimonials for the current CORA's new website? When did they actually work for the company? Do they still work for CORA? Can these people be contacted?

    I think the federal government, state governments, V.A., and other agencies need to investigate this matter. Also, no employee whether disabled or not, should be treated in such a manner by a company and beg for wages owed, have power turned off, or have no food to eat because an employer won't distribute paychecks. It made me very sick to see people thank IMS for send a paycheck, so he or she could eat, feed children, and/or pay bills.

    Someone has got to help, please.

    Thank you.

  • Wh
      12th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I too was an employee of CORA. CORA made many promises of training, mentoring, and job placement that NEVER happened. CORA also advised they had 100's, sometimes 1, 000's of jobs for us and that NEVER happened. Training was a joke! You can't switch people from one job to the next on a daily basis and expect them to excel. I moved my way through the ranks; Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, Project Manager, Administrative Assistant, ect. I was privy, first-hand to the disgusting, often abusive treatment that IMS and upper management would subject it's employees to on a daily basis. I became more and more disillusioned as the treatment and expectations grew worse. I expressed my concerns to management, team leaders, and in written form. Then May began and the delay of checks and if you were lucky enough to receive one several weeks would bounce. No apologies have EVER been made to any employees. At first IMS would blame employees saying they filled time cards out incorrectly and that was the reason checks were delayed. Then she blamed it problems with the time card company. Then she stopped direct deposit and said checks would be mailed. I new this meant they could blame it on the mail system (which they did many times, "We cannot control the mail.") Then she blamed it on vendors saying THEY were the ones sending them "bad" checks. Then it was again the employees fault for complaining to their VR counselors about not getting paid and that the states were withholding payments.

    IMS would threaten employees with termination if they went to VR counselors with concerns. HELLO! We followed chain-of-command...expressed concerns in written form on Employee Board, we expressed concerns with team leaders, managers, management...guess what? It is our right to go to our VR counselors at that point! IMS and CORA NEVER addressed our concerns sufficiently. After waiting for NSF reimbursement and several checks, talking with VR counselor, Senator, ect., I gave my notice and was advised that the situation would be investigated.

    You know what is truly sad? I believed in CORA and what they promised. I trusted CORA and IMS to fulfill what she had promised to her employees and their VR counselors. I do know that you can't run a business by threatening, degrading, and humilating your employees. I do know that positive encouragement goes further than negative criticism on a consistent basis. I do know that you must keep new employees in a position longer than a day or week or even month if you expect them to do a good job. I do know that before you get a new client that you should make damn sure you have trained those employees appropriately before throwing them into a position that welcomes failure. You can't train a person in 20minutes to do a good job. Lastly, you must PAY your employees on time as promised! You cannot expect employees not to be upset working for free, while you verbally abuse them and talk badly about others. That's just BAD management. We are now in September and I know for a fact that furloughed employees are owed up to 5 or more weeks of pay and are still waiting. Why do I know this? Because we form bonds with each other and develop friendships outside of work and unlike CORA, we mentor and support each other in a crisis.

    I hope that CORA gets their act together and takes this critism and if they are to survive in the business world assisting disabled individuals, please take some classes on the appropriate to manage and critic your employees without being verbally abusive.

  • Wh
      13th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Again, you are spot on in your analysis Nancy. It's time for people to stand up and be heard. It's time for CORA to do the right thing! Let me reiterate Nancy's fine points:
    "An employee deserves three things: (1) respect, (2) clear direction and (3) payment for completed work. CORA, give the people what they deserve."
    If an employee has those things, they thrive and the business soars! If they don't...well, just look at the sad situation we are in now. Heartbreaking!

  • Wh
      15th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    For those that don't know, my name is Candy M. and I am not ashamed to put my name here. I resigned my position with CORA for the following reasons taken directly off my resignation letter:

    "I am writing this letter to inform you of my decision to resign my position with C.O.R.A.. and hence tendering my resignation.

    After more than 6 months working with this company, things have not been up to my expectations and I feel it is time for me to look for other opportunities.

    I believe that working in any organization involves a mutually beneficial relationship that requires the worker performing at his/her best and the company providing a happy and productive work environment for its employees. Unfortunately, that has not been the case with me. I have had issues with the inefficient, rushed, and disorganized training on a daily basis from the very beginning. I have noted my concerns in written form and through discussions with various members of management. Promises of degreed teachers and mentoring have not happened. Promises of 30-day, 60-day, 90-day reviews have never happened. Promises of permanent, part-time and full-time employment have not happened. Promises of 100's of jobs have not happened.

    Employees were told not to contact their VR counselors with any company problems. My concern would be that if employees followed the rules and chain-of-command with their company concerns and nothing is satisfactorily resolved, they should have the option to speak to their VR counselors without any fear of reprimand or termination.

    Payroll delays, payroll checks being returned for insufficient funds and management going back on their word in regards to reimbursing employees bank charges because of those delays are one of my many reasons for resigning.

    I have performed my job exceptionally, given the chaotic and often little amount of training received. I have never been written up or in any way told I was not performing my job well. When I brought up the payroll issues and advised that I would be unable to work until I received all checks owed to me and that they have cleared the bank, suddenly my "work" quality came into play. If there were any concerns with my "work" quality, they should've been mentioned and addressed well before me bringing up the payroll issues.

    I would like to stress that I did my best to familiarize myself with the work culture in the organization and make myself a good team player. In the end, I conclude that staying longer is not a win-win solution. Because of the issues mentioned above, I feel that I am in a hostile work environment and cannot continue to be a productive employee and am tendering my resignation effective June 23, 2009.

    If some of the words here in any way have caused any inconvenience to you, I regret and apologize, but I tried to write with all honesty."

    The complaints that have been posted here are valid and can be backed-up with documentation.

    Stop playing the blame game IMS/CORA! Pay your employees and stop blaming them for CORA's problems. Accept responsibility and provide the training, mentoring, and job placement (whether directly or indirectly) you promised your employees and their VR/VA counselors.

    I sincerely hope you turn this around and "listen" to the suggestions you've been given. CORA had a real opportunity to make a difference in our lives and we have been let down. Honesty and kindness would've gone a long way in this situation. May God bless all the past/current furloughed employees of CORA.

  • Wh
      1st of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Just wanted to let CORA survivors; past, current, and future know that we have a new website community set-up that will allow you to vent, communicate, share, laugh and cry with others that share common-grounds. Share your stories, share your life, share your future...all are welcome!

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