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Ap Sep 10, 2013 New York, NY Review updated:

FirstService Residential formerly known as Cooper Square Realty, is the absolute worst management company. I speak specifically about 85 E. End Ave. @83rd St.

I have been a tenant here for several years and experienced the transition between the old management company and FirstService Residential/ Cooper Square Realty. Watch out if you rent in this building if the management is still this company. You just may be paying that $10500 broker fee for a 2 bedroom the very next year, all because you demanded service or complained.

If you complain about the Super, Dwayne Doucette to the Property Manager Mona Agress, you will be targeted for non-lease renewal the following year. This happened to me, and to several tenants I know of, and I had to hire an attorney for last year's lease renewal. My attorney mentioned to me that my lease would be renewed by Robert Klehammer, the VP of Rentals only IF, I don't complain about the Super. So I remarked, "so does this mean I have to put up AND shut up?!" An answer was not necessary.

This second time around, I would be crazy to live in a place where you pay top dollar to be subject to harassment, racial slurs, intimidation, retaliatory behavior and sexual harassment.

Note: If you try to go higher up the ladder, you get stone walled with your don't bother. The Holy Trinity made up of the Super, Property Manager and VP of Rentals covers for each other, so your only option pretty much is, to put up AND shut up.

There have been tenants in this building that have moved out due to the Super watching females in the gym; cameras zoomed in on tenants breasts, several female tenants who have expressed un-comfortableness being around this staff member; and out a total staff of approximately 14 people, there have been 4-5 union cases against this company and the Super! Can I say this building has some serious problems? The best part is, the management is fully aware of all the issues in this building since several tenants have gone to the top, as well as the building owners Black Rock.See Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NYNothing has been done to date to alleviate this unprofessional behavior from the management company.
By the way, when you alert people to the truth about the problems in the building, you will be getting a love letter from the Property Manager, Mona Agress threatening you into silence by reporting you the Dept. of State's Licensing services and the Real Estate Board of New York, and legal action due to the owner's potential loss of income.
Hmmm...I guess real estate brokers like myself are not allowed freedom of speech and the right to alert the public to abuses and tenant complaints. And-- if she were so concerned about potential loss of income, why do they constantly target good paying tenants for non-lease renewals because they complained or demanded service?
She should just focus on doing the job she's being paid for, instead of constantly sending tenants threatening letters and trying to intimidate them.
If you wish to live a sordid, salacious life with lots of intrigue and abuse to make your life a little more interesting-- and have cash to burn since you will probably not be renewed the year after, then this is the place to call home!
I would like to add a response to their response on behalf of Robert Klehammer that was posted below this: First off, I was targeted as soon as I demanded service and complained. And it was as simple as requesting to turn on the air-conditioning in the lobby on a hot day. I was in this building 3 years before with zero incident until I complained. I even put up with no air in the lobby for an entire year when these guys took over, and waited till the next season where I couldn't go through another hot season like this. So for the readers of this post, you can either look at their overall rating as it stands now, or believe the garbage that they respond to in reference to this review. Lastly, I would never waste my time posting lies.
If you believe this review to be false, I suggest speaking to tenants that live in this building before you decide to rent in it. Or just simply ask the people that work in the surrounding buildings who all know there's trouble in this building. (See for complete review)

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  • Cu
      Oct 15, 2018
    FirstService Residential - Fraud
    United States

    management company for condos a ripoff it has been for years have changed names like the reptiles skin the fraud and theft remains the same they get your money and the maintenance 0 AND DIRT rats and filth

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  • Er
      Apr 07, 2019
    FirstService Residential - General customer service

    Customer service at the Calgary location is atrocious. Turnover of employees is very high. Very unhelpful staff that are clearly bitter. I would never recommend this branch.

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  • Ri
      Sep 28, 2019


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  • Ca
      Oct 10, 2019

    They have a pattern of.mismanagement and threatening response towards people who report. Our community in Florida is a mess. This is a national trend according to muti web sites Yelp and BBB .

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