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Convergys / Management

1 5600 Brainard Rd unit 3Chattanooga, TN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 423-893-6300

I was employed at the Convergys in Chattanooga, TN (CSR FOR DIRECTV) and that is by far the worst place I have ever worked. It is nasty the management is horrible and they say that they will work with you on school and they don't. I stayed sick there do to how nasty it is and they don't care if there are sick people in there they will not let them go home unless they have a fever. Monday 3/08/2010 I spoke to a supervisor about the stress conditions and that I was looking for some where else to work and told her that I was considering putting in my 2 weeks notice in and would speak to my supervisor when he returned to work. Today 3/10/2010 I decided to put my 2 weeks notice in and work the last 2 weeks, but to my suprise when I got to work my badge did not work. My TL came out and asked to speak to me and I asked him if I was getting fired why didn't anyone contact me so that I wouldn't waste my time due to the fact that I get dropped off at work. He took me to see my OM and he told me that the other TL that I had spoke with told him that I was going to quit so he went ahead and wrote my paperwork up and did not give me an option to resign they fired me. I did not sign any seperation form or recevie anything. I believe that is fair and so many people complain about that place and no one does anything. I just would like for you to know how much a poor job that company is doing so that someone can do something about it.

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  • Fo
      17th of Jul, 2010
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    I have worked for Convergys for just about a year. I have enjoyed working for this company and have had nothing but a great experience. Before working for Convergys, I was a restaurant manager for over 15 years. Generally, when you put in a two week notice and maybe you weren't quite up to par in your job performance, then a company will go ahead and let you go. Nothing illegal or unprofessional about that at all. Direct TV is one of the biggest and busiest project we have. Therefore, we need people to be at work when you are scheduled to work and they can not always work around school schedules. That is the nature of this business. I too go to school full time (on-line) and sense my stats are always above average (I work very hard on these), my TL's had NO problem working around what I needed and took very good care of me. Working in a call center, any call center, is stressful and couple that with a project that is very, very busy, that does add to the stress. If you can't handle that then you are in the wrong position. I would like to address the sick thing. I have come to work, feeling horrible and not wanting to be there, and have had my management send me home. Yes, there is policies for being absent. They give you 12 points (if you miss a day; it is a point). Who gets sick 1 day out of every month?! Let's say you get the flu. You go to the doctors and the doctor tells you to stay home for 3 days. As long as you have that doctors note they will only give you one point. All these complaints are made by folks who were not doing what they should have been doing and got canned for it. Grow up...

  • Wh
      19th of Aug, 2010
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    My husband had several points for which he worked overtime (according to his TL) to make up the point. In the end, NONE of the points were removed! He had doctor's notes for the time he had missed and it was brushed to the side. The Convergys that you work for sounds "great" but the Convergys in Hickory, NC SUCKS!!!

  • Su
      25th of Apr, 2011
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    To The

    Hi, i have got selected for convergy's held at VIJAYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE KHAMMAM ON MARCH 13TH . I have cleared first 3 rounds of interview and waiting for TELEPHONIC round. In the mean the HR Co-Ordinating my interview
    MR. SEBASTIN PRABHU from BANGALORE has ring me and asking for money of 20, 000/- and he will be conducting the telephonic round on April 29th if we pay else he wont.

    The person naming SEBASTIN PRABHU of BANGALORE CONVERGYS is he really working with your company.Is this the process of selecting in convergy's.

    The other friend of mine had already paid 30, 000 for the same person.He is asking me to pay 20, 000 by today or tommorrow.

    He has given me his CITI BANK ACCOUNT NO:5066035818, SEBASTIN PRABHU, JAYA NAGAR BRANCH . And has call from the mobile MOBILE NO : +919008519316.

    If he is fraud please help us by taking necessary actions.

    Please reply immediately.

    His Details we are having near us
    Name : MR.Sebastin Prabhu
    Working Under : Convergy's Bangalore
    CitiBank Account Number : 5066035818
    Branch : JayaNagar Branch
    Mobile Number : +919008519316

    Thanks & Regards

  • Mi
      9th of May, 2011
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    hey thank u for the information...we will surely take an action against him but u should first give us some more details of yours...and sss there is a HR by that name but not in blore...he is is Michigan...we can contact him..but u must know he had clearly told that all u people must have been rejected by the clients and he has asked the money so that he can proscess and he just wanted to give u guys an another chance...cause i know how much he requested for this people of Khammam...because i was the one who gave permission for him..becuase i was the one who gave permission for him to ask if they are ready to pay the amount and then we will go ahead and make the interview...I think so u guys have made a big mistake by putting this on net..cause i know him he has never led his hand for extra money..and moreover he never needs that 20k also.he so much well equipped in life why will he ask u ...????? He just wanted to see some people in convergys cause he liked them and he thougt they are talented...I know about him we are lucky enough to have him as HR..and the nmber u displayed is office mobile u can call back to the same number for any more details...cause after seeing this he has decided to fly back to his native and work there...and after seeing all this he has decide to quit convergys in July...and he has already put his papers down..U guys have made a big mistake by putting this on internet...hope so u will regert later

  • Su
      22nd of May, 2011
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    No, we have not done you any mistake. Are an employee. Is that the way you are supporting this is too bad. Behave yourself. Behave like a proffessional.We pity you. This is too bad having this type of conversation.Shame on yourself.If the students having such a talent you can directly recruit. Please don't pay such cheap politics.Its not good for you.

  • Su
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    Anyone Please let us help us...
    I got selected for convergys held at Vijaya Engineering College, Khammam on march 13, 2011. The Recruitmnet process conducted by a HR name Sebastin Ferandes. He conducted written, GD/JAM, Technical cum Hr...and finally said there is client round dat was a telephonic round from client ...By GODS grace I have sucessfully completed first three rounds and waiting for a telephonic interview from client...But till now I didn't receive any telephonic call from call...And moreover he said this recruitment for IT openings in bangalore...
    By sawing the above message a just wondered, becoz hr didn't ask me any amount...and why client rejecting all of us, without any call...
    but when i call to college, they spoke to me dat we are all definitely getting telephonic calls.
    when i enquired about convergys in bangalore there is no application development centers for convergys in bangalore.I just shoked by knowing dat...

    Is this interviews are geniune...
    are there application development centers for convergys in bangalore...

    please let us help me by clarifying these doubts...

    regards, ,

  • Su
      17th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Is this is the selection process for convergys...He says at the time of interview location, we are the third batch people for this recruitment conducted by him... there are nearly 2000 students are attended for this convergys interview and finally 24 got selected...
    does anyone got client calls in prevous batch students???????

    why our telephonic calls are too late...

  • Su
      17th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    In above message Miachel Dcosta said he is not from Bangalore, he is MICHIGIAN, , , but why sebastin said that he is an Hr in convergys from bangalore at interview location... If he is really michigian then why we cannot get any intimation regarding this recruitment from sebastin still now...

    Or else why this recruitment process should be late????????

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