Continental Airlines / breach of contract, customer service, etc

E*tickets [protected], [protected], [protected], with a confirmation number of A5ZG7T.
The points you need to consider what Continental’s compensation for this travel disaster are:
1. The weather may have been a delay factor on the East coast for a short time on August 2nd. It did not affect the rest of the country. I was in contact with family and friends, multiple other cities including St. Louis had no weather issues per the internet.
2. Lack of planning/scheduling on the part Continental not having pilots and crew are not the passenger’s fault.
3. Abrasive customer service, flight cancellation, & Continental’s complete unprofessionalism caused immeasurable stress. Your company acted in bad faith.
4. After our six hour drive to St. Louis August 3rd from Kansas City we were told by a Continental staff person Jeff, when we picked up our luggage in St. Louis, the delays were due to someone trying to bring bomb making items on board at LaGuardia. So this confirmed that we had been lied to in Newark and proved accommodations should have been provided. He wholeheartedly agreed and told us to write a letter.
5. Your company is responsible discrimination of the elderly. Cost of 2 hotel rooms, cost for fuel of the drive from St. Louis to Kansas City and back. As, well as the loss of my birthday on August 2nd would all be your responsibility.

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