Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.Abusive Collection Practices

Sc Hinsdale Illinois, IL Review updated:

When I signed paperwork I signed as a co-signer. They say I am the buyer. On one occassion a representative screams in my ear and hangs up on me. On 12/10/08 they called my house 3 times. Left a message that I have until noon the next day to make a payment. Then they call my landlord and tell my landlord that they better get to the house because the police are going to come and kick in my door. State a few other things and hang up on my landlord. They then call my mother and tell her that Division of Family Services has been contacted to come pick up my children cause I am going to jail. Again they hang up on her. They then call a co-worker and tell her that she needs to pick me up for work the next day because they are going to take my truck.

This company breaks the Illinois law in every way. By reading this Complaint Board sounds to me like they have gotten away with thier bad collection practices for too long. I have contacted the Illinois Attorney General Offices as well as the US Attorney Generals office. I am prepared to let my Attorney take over this matter. Please email me at [protected] if you are willing to submit a report against them to assist in my lawsuit. TOGETHER WE CAN SHUT CPS DOWN.

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  • Pa
      Feb 09, 2009

    I have dealt with lots of loan companies. But this is by far the worst. I work at a famous retail store and we have phone operators who answer the phones and page or transfer the calls to us if we have a call.
    The CPS representative accused the phone operator of being me and then went on to say she was lying about me not being at work. I was out to lunch at the time. It is pathetic this day and time when jobs are so scarse that CPS allows such unprofessional people to work for them.

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  • Fl
      Sep 24, 2009

    I think all of us should start a class action against CPS. If anyone is interested please contact me @ [protected]

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  • Pa
      Dec 16, 2009

    I completely understand... my paymnt history has been stellar until Nov 09 I called to make arrangements. i had arranged 2 paymnts thru my Ebill pay at my personal bank. CPS indicated to me I could not do that they would not accept I had to make the arrangements with them. I relunctantly agreed. I called my bank back but they had already processed my bill pay so a stop paymnt was processed and they gave me the chck #'s in order to let CPS know. That way they would not put them thru. Well they put all 3 thru anyway and now they are charging me not only late charges but returned chck fees and demanding the Dec paymnt now with all fees attached today 12/16/09. I advised I could not today but would make paymnt on Friday. I was told not good enough today or... At this point I thanked them for their help but I would rather speak with a supv to see if there was something we could work out, young lady refused said it would do me no good they were not going to do anything else for me! I have never been treated so badly in my life! I pointed out my paymnt history that I have never been late at one point I was ahead and the young lady said that she didn't really care nor the company care!

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  • Ta
      Dec 31, 2009

    I am seeking individuals who are as dedicated to companies following FDCPA laws and regulations. I have talked to my attorney about possibly starting a class action lawsuit against CPS, and I am looking for individuals who would like to seek punitive damages as well.

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