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Consumer Portfolio Services / Loan payment problems

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I am having the same problems as everyone else! I have been let go from one job because of these ignorant peoples phone calls and on the verge of being let go from the current one! These people are very inconsiderate and need to be stopped of there foolish acts. Do these people think that others dont run into problems in their lives? I understand what it feels like to be owed money, but I would never be as rude as these people. I am going to let them take my vehicle because I am not going to put up with this anymore. They have called my mother, my father, my sister, and now my work at least 10 times a day! Even when im not there. If anyone has any info they can let me in on please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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  • Je
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    First of all my friend...I totally agree with 100%. I won't go into lengthy details about my experiences with CPS (I could pretty much copy and paste pieces of everyones story..and viola...there's mine). Before I give some useful tips, let me boil it down...CPS believes that just because people have poor credit, must mean that they aren't that bright (which we all know is wrong). Now don't necessarly blame the person you're talking to (they're playing a role....blame the higher ups). The job of the representative you're talking to is to get you rattled enough to find some way/some how to get them the money you owe. The methods they use are illegal...but because they know they most likely dealing with people who would have difficulty aquiring proof and to mount a proper legal defense, they feel they have carte' blanche.

    Here is some simple yet effective tips to deal with these vultures:
    1. Do not do post dated checks ever!!!! It is illegal, and not only that, they have been known to wait an extra day or two to cash it so they can garner late fees.

    2. Do not pay by credit card, direct deposit from your checking account, or check (gives them information to your account). Pay only by Money Order or Wire Transfer (Money Gram is the best one because they charge less than Western Union to process, receive code for CPS is 3155). By doing this you not only have a written record for yourself, but one that if necessary can be accessed from a neutral third party. Also the money is automtically sent to your account, no processing time.

    3. If they do call you at work, hang up. They skirt very close to the edge of breaking the law by doing this. There is no law saying you have to accept there calls or talk to them. Politely inform them that you do not accept calls at work, and that should they wish to discuss this matter, to call you at your home anytime after you get out of work (make sure you do mention what time that would be, but also add in the time it takes to get home).

    4. Make a record of every phone call they make to you (and if possible, to your references). In your record, list the date, time, length of call, name of representative, and what was said during the conversation. You could also record the phone call (now that would put the fear of God into, however if you do, make sure you inform them at the beginning of the call that you will be recording this call for your personal reference (you have to, otherwise the recording is useless according to Federal as well as State laws, depending on your state).

    5. If you want to file a complaint, the best places are the Federal Trade Commission, Your state attorney generals office, and the California Attorney Generals Office (CPS is based in Irvine, CA). You could also try the Better Business Bureau...but in my experience, as well as what I have read of's just a waste of time.

    6. If you or they offer to make any arrangement, then make sure you talk to their supervisor before agreeing (the representative does not the final authority in any deal, if anything else remember that). Also state that before you make any payment, you want the deal sent to you in writing on their letter head, signed by the department head (whom I believe is Chris Terry..and also the one you need to talk to in regards to finalizing any deal made).

  • Te
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    This company is a disgrace. To everyone's point, I bought a car in 07 from a local reputable dealership in my area. I had no idea of the drama this company tries to put you through. They are classless and must hire the lowest forms of humanity to do their customer service. Just recently this company fraudulently withdrew funds from my account without any authorization from me whatsoever. I found out thru my financial institution that they indicated this authorization was made via phone call. I have spoken with no representative from this company to authorize this. CPS tried to give me 3 different dates of when I gave this authorization, all of which are phony. So now I am taking all information, recorded phone calls, correspondences, etc to our state attorney, local media, BBB, state senators and congressman from my area and any other avenue I can to expose this fraud of a company for what it is and what they have tried to do. I have since found another finance company(CitiFinancialAuto) to take over this loan so that I will never ever have to deal with this company again. If any auto dealer in the future tries to give this company as financier to anyone, ask if they really want your business and walk away. This company should be under investigation from all authorities for it's sorry practices that undermine any sense of legality. They have not heard the last of me!

  • So
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    Try paying your agreed to BORROW the also agreed to pay them a specific amount every month. I have had my loan through them for over a year and have recieved no calls or harassment...maybe that is because I pay my bill every month. Nor have they taken any funds fraudulently from my account. In fact, I was able to delay my payment 2 weeks one month because I called them and explained that due to an emergency I was tight on money. They quickly and nicely arranged for me to make a payment when I would have the money.

    Any creditor is going to call you to get their money if you fall behind, and yes they will call you at work...why do you think they ask for your work and family phone numbers? If you don't want to get harrassed by creditors: a. dont take out loans and b. pay them back

  • Fr
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    i live in michigan i have been with the company 2005 and it is the worst experience i have ever had my lhusband lost his job, and was behind on payments call them to make arrangments and i was told even if i will make the payments they will still take the car away from me i talked to the rudest person ever he was the higher up

  • Ni
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Its funny how prior to getting the loan APPROVED and BOUGHT... you will give any information needed to get your car NOW, im sure if they asked for blood, you'd give it, just to be able to drive away in a car... apparantly they ask for references for a reason. And like any other business, if you fall behind or owe money you probably will get harrassed, bc its BUSINESS! businesses fall apart in the end most of the time bc of people like your self, who sign contracts, agreeing to pay for an auto that they usually CANT AFFORD (and they know it) but still do it, auto usually ends of defualting in the end... yea doesnt sound all that bad does it??? think of everyone on here thats going through "THAT SITUATION" .. your not alone. You also need to rememeber, just bc your paystub says you can afford it, doesnt mean you can.. your sub-prime for a reason, and CPS is there to try and give you another chance. DONT ABUSE IT!

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