Consumer Direct Warranty Services / customer service, possible fraud

1 Stone Mountain, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4042936624

I purchased a extended warranty on my 2003 ford explorer back in february 2009 when my dealership warranty expired. The company sold me the warranty over the phone and I was hesitant, but I thought it may be a good investment. I paid a bit of money and paid mepco off. Iasked for a letter verifying final payment and I was told they do not send letters out. I never used the warranty service on the jeep at all because al of the issues I had were not on the list of covered items. I recently wrecked the ford explorer and so I purchased a used car a few months ago. I have called mepco to find out informationon transfering the warranty and was given another companies number thay dealt with home insurance. Ihad to call mepco several times and they gave another number for a warranty company and every time I call the voicemail comes on and 1 time they called me back and advised I never had a warranty with them. I waisted money and so I want it back.

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