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Complete Nutrition / Horrible treatment to the point of harrasment,

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Contact information:
Complete Nutrition
2124 Cecil Ashburn Drive, Suite 120
Phone: 256-489-4440
On 3/3/09 I went into the Complete Nutrition store and was approached by Shane Chase who claimed to be the owner of the establishment. He showed me a weight loss product that his other customers had lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks. He told me the program I was considering would last me 2 ½ months. I purchased the "Reveal" program that came with 3 packs of Ephedrine and an extra pack of Ephedrine for free. I started the program the next day in the morning and followed his instructions for the next 5 days. I did not lose any weight and I woke up feeling nauseous at night. On 3/10/09 I went back to the store to return the products. At first Mr. Chase told me that they do not accept returns on opened products. I informed him that I had read his return policy and that it stated differently. He then insulted me and claimed that I had not taken then pills as directed and he would count them. He told me that not all the bottles in the system he sold me would not last 2 ½ months even though he told me they would before. He also asked me " Are you REALLY working out?" and then his female employee seemed to feel the need to step in between me and him and try to help me. She tried to discuss why I was having problems with the program and I told her about the nausea. Mr. Chase again stepped in and said that he would honor the return policy and give me an in store credit but that I would have to spend it right then. I didn't have time or know how to spend so much money at that time so I told him that I would be back. On 3/11/09 I spent the day doing research on the products he had given me and found out that the Ephedrine he sold me for weight loss was actually for breathing problems and did not say anything on the package about weight loss. I researched the Code of Alabama and I think that Mr. Chase is in violation of Title 8 Section 8-19-5. My aunt and I went back to the store that evening to speak with Mr. Chase on his practices and to finish the return. Mr. Chase claimed that everyone knows that Ephedrine is for weight loss even though it's not labeled for it. Mr. Chase was pretty upset when my aunt asked him about why he felt the need to insult me the night prior. He claims he never insulted me, but he did say those things that I have claimed. Mr. Chase then had a change of heart and decided to give me a full refund. I thanked him, and his reply was that he can not believe that that I said that he insulted me and that he has never had a return. His store has only been open for 6 weeks. After the refund my aunt and I immediately left. I received a call a short time later from Mr. Chase. He said that he wanted to apologize for how everything went with me, but he thinks my aunt should come back and apologize to him because I did not take 7 days worth of pills, he counted them. I told him that I never said I took 7 days worth, I took 5. I told him I would be contacting the AG regarding his misrepresentation of the item he sold to me and to never call me again.

I feel lied to, insulted and harassed! I cannot believe I actually had to deal with such immaturity!


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D  18th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I had a great experience at this location.

I also dealt with Mr. Chase. I purchased the Reveal at the end of February and since then have lost 12 lbs and I don't know how many inches. All I can say is I'm wearing jeans I haven't been able to wear for two years! I am also taking it with the Ephedrine. The ephedrine is listed as a bronchiodiolator (breathing) on the box and Mr. Chase explained to me how it worked with the Reveal system to produce similar results like the old Ephedra based diet pills. I had to fill out a form for age verification as well before I could purchase the ephedrine. He was also very helpful explaining why I had to do this.
He was very informative in explaining how to take it and what to do if I was a little jittery at first.
One thing I liked the most about my experience at Complete Nutrition versus the other stores in our town is the personable way Mr. Chase approached my wanting to lose weight. He asked me questions, about my goals, my eating habits and even recommended diet changes (he explained diet is 80% of losing weight and the other 20% is exercise/supplementation), and he gave me advice on things to do for workouts. Mr. Chase informed me he was a certified personal trainer and that working out with weights was nothing to be afraid of when wanting to lose weight. My diet would determine how the weight training worked with my body. Another "fun" fact he let me in on was that weight training can elevate your metabolism for 3 days after you are done working out. Something I need as a middle aged mother of 4! I was impressed at his overall knowledge, not just of the supplements I initially came in for but other aspects of the "change" one is needing to make to actually lose the weight!!!
I am a lifetime customer at Complete Nutrition for all my supplements from now on because of these aspects.
D  2nd of Apr, 2009 by 
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Complete nutrition is a total scam, misleading ads and over the top high pressure sales. The place has over priced products and will not accept returns. I totally agree with the first opinion and the second one is obviously someone that owns a Complete nutrition store. I wonder if the ftc or fda would be interested in the marketing of this product? Go to GNC or some other store if you dont want to be ripped off and lied to.
N  2nd of Apr, 2009 by 
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Hello everyone this is Katie & Shane the owners of Complete Nutrition Huntsville. We are sorry to hear all the negative feedback. We would like all of our customers to have the best experience when they walk through the door. Our company does except returns. The policy for Complete Nutrition is that if the item(s) are open then we can give you in store credit at the time of the return with a receipt. If the items are not open then you can bring them back with receipt and we gladly return your money.

We follow all guidelines to the fullest extent. As a owner of Complete Nutrition Huntsville I don't want to do anything wrong government wise and customer wise. Doing things wrong has never been what Katie & I are about. We love talking and chatting with people. We invite you in to come chat about daily things or sports ect...

Your goals are our goals. Thats how we are different than the other companies. We want to help you. If you are not happy then please come see us and we will try to find the right products for you to hit your goals.

The Complete Nutrition name is a well respected name everywhere we go. We are glad to have moved to the Huntsville area. We love it here. We hope you stop in and say hello and check out our beautiful store. Don't ever feel obligated to buy anything you don't want. We are here to help ya and have a great customer experience!


Katie & Shane
Owners Complete Nutrition Huntsville
D  9th of Feb, 2010 by 
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Complete Nutrition has amazing products! The reason people see no results is because they dont want to workout nor eat healthy. These weightloss systems may be a little pricey but they work. GNC, no way. They carry the same products walmart do. Obviously certain people think their are such thingsas a "miracle" pill. I think that its horrible to bash someones company.
N  8th of Jun, 2010 by 
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My opinion, people want to just pop a few pills and watch the weight fall off because there are a hundred commercials with a hundred different celebrities telling us that they dont have to work out. I think the employees at those kind of stores are pushy and just want to force the "newest weight loss" pill at you w/out knowing if they work or not. Most people who are shopping for a Diet Miracle are vulnerable and want to lose weight because they are unhappy and will believe anything the sales clerk says. I too have not had good luck w/Coplete Nuritian sales clerks, they have all been cocky and uneducated in the products. I went to 2 different locations in Lincoln NE and had a negative experince at both. They know very little about the product and just kept trying to get me to buy more and more products. If there was such think as a Miracele DIET PILL then no one would be fat
A  8th of Jun, 2010 by 
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ive had a wonderful experience with the company in eugene oregon they are always nice to my husband and i and always hook us up with great deals. you have to work out and eat healthy if you wanna add a diet pill that pill is to give you a speed in ur weight loss but you need to excercise. thanks complete nutrition!!! you have made us feel like we can have the body we want even after having 2 babies i can see a diffrence!!
N  16th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I wanna take a second to talk about my experience with Complete Nutrition...

For starter's, I have been overweight my whole life...so bad that it put me in a state of deppression. Well for the past year I have been doing some research on natural weight loss "aids". I have found that it is quite difficult to do on my own because there is such a variety of different supplements available in the market place. So one day I heard an ad on the radio about weight loss, and of course it was with Complete Nutrition. Well I went in to check it out, as soon as I walk into the establishment I was greeted by a CN Consultant.
We went over everything from how I need to eat, how frequent, how many days a week I need to exercise, and of course the supplements I need to take to get to my goal. One thing they put alot of emphasis on is how these weight loss "aids" arn't going to do all the work for me but will accel the results of my own efforts. Now that u know exaclty what went down...It has been 6 months since my first of many visits with Complete Nutrition, I have lost 43 pounds and I feel better than I have ever felt (givin I havent quite reached my overall goal yet :)) I am very happy and satisfied so far.

PS - I am truely amazed that people would want to bash a company (on the internet) that is just trying to help. GNC and all the other supplement stores are selling supplements also...my experience with all of them was that they didn't know as much as Complete Nutrition (this is my experience). I went into the store knowing that you need exercise and a good diet to loose weight. Remember YOU went into the store as well as I did. I am positive that if you went in there again they would be happy to help you even though you wrote bad things about there company on the internet. That person above said it best "THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL". Diet and exercise get it done, supplements help boost it along. I am not being negative towards anyone above, I just wish you would think about if your experience, was it really that bad...hope all is well.
N  16th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Ephedrine IS a bronchodilator and is used for breathing problems, but it is also used for weight loss because it is an amphetamine type stimulant. It is illegal to sell it as a weight loss product in some states, so they market it as the afore mentioned "bronchodilator". People still buy it and use it for weight loss or an energy booster. I take a Rx diet pill called adipex, and it has the same effect on my breathing as the ephedrine does. A lot of times people with bad asthma take them when they have an attack. that is their medical use. Just wanted to clear up that confusion.
N  24th of Jul, 2010 by 
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Come on people, you didn't gain the weight overnight and you can't lose it overnight. You should know you have a better chance keeping the weight off if it comes off slowly. Never believe the Lose it Quick Schemes. I have tried many weight lose strategies over the years, many different pills, I've done the serious weight lifting, done the martial arts but...I have been taking Reveal for about two weeks now and it works. I have lost 4 pounds. That is huge because I have been trying so long and had no success. I am very active but my biggest problem is eating too much and I have a lot of stress in my life. Reveal has curbed my appetite and given me energy beyond what I had expected, don't forget drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day is necessary to flush the fat out. I bought my product from Complete Nutrition in Lee's Summit, MO & both the people in there were just Great! to talk to.

ps. If you think you can take a pill & sit & lose weight, YOU ARE WRONG! You must be active, burn those calories. Try the Wii Fit, it is fun! or anything you enjoy. Frisbee is great exercise too (all that running to get the Frisbee that doesn't make it your way, lol.)
D  13th of Sep, 2010 by 
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complete nutrition is the best store around. im 14 i stared working oout last summer weighed 125 yeah.. i know small. and after 3 months of working out i only gained 8 pounds. until 1 week ago i bought goliath from complete nutrition and in 1 week i can see a difference in my arms and my body. i gained 3 pounds and even my freinds and my mom call me bigger.. AND THIS IS MUSCLE, NOT FAT!! so if you want results go to complete nutrition.
N  27th of Sep, 2010 by 
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i purchased the reveal extreme at the champaign illinois location. and it has been amazing. The employee that helped me was amazing. He went over weight loss goals with me and helped me come up with a great diet plan. I felt no pressure to purchase the product at all. Im on day 3 and it has been great so far. No side affects other than my house being cleaned a lot faster lol. I would definately recommend this product to anyone.
A  10th of Oct, 2010 by 
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Karen B, you are clueless. The reason that people are, as you say, slamming Complete Nutrition on here is because they DESERVE it, and what most of these people are saying is true. Most people know that going into a GNC is like being harrassed by sleazy, pushy used car salesman, who are selling over priced junk. Complete Nutrition is just like them except MORE sleazy and MORE overpriced. Those who complain of these guys using very high pressure sales pushing VERY highly over priced products were not lying. WOW. I thought GNC was bad for that (and they are, and that's why THEY lost my business) but these guys blow even THEM out of the water. Even more pressure, even more sleaze (never thought that was possible), and even more outrageously high rip off prices. And the reason I went in there was because it was new here and I'd never heard of it before, and I'll check any place out once. With this place, once was all it took. What a joke. Go to bodybuilding dot com or any similar site if you want equal or BETTER products at one FOURTH the price and don't want to be mistreated or scammed.
N  13th of Oct, 2010 by 
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Bro you need to take a chill pill like Tyler Durden in Fight club. There is a Complete Nutrition in Chattanooga where I live. The people that work in there are knowledgeable, take the time to talk about working out and other stuff, not just sell me stuff. Did I mention I am a competitive body builder? As far as bodybuilding.com goes, yea they have great products, great information and that is where I got all my supplements before Complete opened here, because Complete price matches bodybuilding, so no need to order it and wait.

It's all about asking, talking to the people working there and seeing what kind of deals you can get. I work in medical sales and this is true in almost anything sales. If you walk into a store, look at the price and walkout without talking to someone, well then that's on you.

I'd also like to note, if you went there once, you have never taken any products from there guessing from your post. Therefore you would have no clue if any of their products where "over priced junk"...you should try to gain some knowledge of your own before you bash the knowledge of people trying to help you!
N  13th of Oct, 2010 by 
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Bro everyone on here only has 1 comment or complaint...you google search the company and this board is one thing that pops up, so you read through them and if you feel information is wrong, you sign up and give your .02 (that's two cents). To be honest I had never heard about this board until I did a google search to see where the 2nd store was that just opened in my town.
D  2nd of Nov, 2010 by 
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I went to complete nutrition for protein and vitamins. I have a great work out routine and eat extremely healthy. I went there to try and lose the last 5 pounds and to get more protein in my diet. I purchased the multi vitamin, the product called tone, and the protein powder. I felt a difference immediately. I feel like these are really great products. I took vitamins before but I feel these are geared for someone who is active and needs that extra energy. I would recommend these products to everyone. I hate some stores may have bad customer service but I had a great experience at the store in High point, NC. If you are looking for a diet pill that is FDA approved good luck, I'm not sure those exist.
N  28th of Dec, 2010 by 
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It is unfortunate that people who work in retail have a "bad day" and do not always treat customers the way that they should be treated. I just want to make two quick points: 1. You can not judge an entire company or store on your experience of just one sales person. Retailers are paid to be nice, but unfortunately they are human like the rest of us and screw up at work sometimes just like employees at other companies. 2. Research has shown that a customer will tell at least 10 people (or comment boards) about a "bad" customer service experience, but rarely tell anyone about a good or even great customer service experience. I have only walked through the door once of a "Complete Nutrition" store in Colorado Springs and my personal experience was very, very positive. The employee (possibly the owner) was SOO nice and informative. He answered all of my questions without ever pressuring me to buy anything. I plan on returning to make several purchases next week. (on a side note, I was offered a store manager position for a GNC last year and after extensive research on the products, declined the offer AND no longer shop there. I have now been rearching the products at Complete Nutrition and so far am impressed, I look forward to becoming a longtime customer of the Colorado Springs store.
N  28th of Dec, 2010 by 
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I have lost weight since I joined complete nutrition but Idk if its actually from the pills I took or if its just all the hard work and healthy eating I have been doing. I have tried dieting several times before but either fail or gained back all the weight I lost. I was taking something called the shred stack that is supposed to let me lose fat without losing muscle. I do know that the pills give me more energy before a work out and also allow me to work out longer And harder. But I would like to say they are very expensive and only give a small boost in my weight lost, but I believe that it is defiantly worth it because it gives me confidence to keep going, but when I get close to were I wanna be I will probably just do the rest by my self, without there expensive pills. So all in all I believe its with a shot if you have the money for it and the dedication to work out and eat right to go along with your purchase.

Ps I am kinda neutral because I'm not sure if its helping or not but I am seeing results. And I did like the salesman, he was friendly and actually gave me free samples to try for a week before I even bought a single thing.

I hope this post helps
D  4th of Feb, 2011 by 
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How can you blame a store that sells weight loss SUPPLEMENTS that your not satisfied. They are SUPPLEMENTS a facilitator in losing weight. You need to realize that to lose weight one has to change food intake, exercise habits, and make it a habitual lifestyle. Complete Nutrition is the first company that finds out what your doing to change and what products will facilitate, and why. They took time to talk about my goals, why breakfast is so important, and that I must change habits. They wrote out when to take them and if something was to strong or not strong enough they would swap it out.
N  25th of Feb, 2011 by 
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Wife bought the product but could not take it because the pills are really big. We already paid for it so I started taking it. Had horrible stomach problems (lower back pain, bloating, diverticulitus, gas) for years. Not sure why but my problems are nearly gone. No more pain, no bloating, gas is way reduced. Might have been the pills or the diet adjustment with the pills not sure. I went back to the AL store mentioned here and talked to a really good looking woman who was not pushy at all. Answered all my questions and let me explore the store and read all the lables with out bothering me. Prices are very high but talked to her and got product for less than listed (BOGO and 1/2 off). Minor weight loss after a few weeks but am unable to work out right now (over did the last workout) but expect decent results when I can start running again. I did not meet Shane Chase but the young girl was polite and allowed me to take my time. Not much of a store, Need more brands of like products. Product was expensive and I am looking for like product at lower price.
A  7th of Mar, 2011 by 
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I purchased the Reveal extreme pack with the accelarator, tone, & night time hybrid. Its been 5 days now & i have actually put on 2lbs. I have been eating less & skipping the fast food. I have also been doing a 10 minute ab exercise every night. I dont understand. The money back gaurantee is if its un-opened. How the hell are you to try it if you cant open it. The only way to get your money back is to buy something else that doesnt work thats a scam. Wish i would have read the fine print...never again. I guess im stuck with them for the duration, hopefully something will change.

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