compass / missing monies 60% depoist

1 Morocco

Paid over 60% depoist to moroccco using the detail and solicitor the company provided in morocco. Had notary in spain check all paper work and legalised it in due due to palmaria properties based oin benamadina spain costa del sol having recieved my holding depoist. They advirtised in the loot and gumtree papers in london. Then they told me that there sister compant compasss director a mt robert knight wife debroah knight deal with all the property with in morocco. I had currencis direct forward over the 60% to the bonded ban account then only after that I recieved letter from the notary a mr adil mandri based tetouan that he had not received the moey and I was still to pay the 60% if I wanted to still buy the property. It was a compelete and utter scam from beginning to end they are all in on it. I spoke with the mr paton who was emplyed by compass as the solicitor he faxed over to me letter telling me he had passsed the monies from me i. E the boneded bank account to el mandri the notary. So they all lie to me. I di go once again to nother solicitor this time in morocco. I did confirm with the bank that that they did recive my moeny which was correct. Along with thousends of other peoples money. And that compass had in black and white said that this was ther solicitor mr paton a spainish man resideing in morocco with his nat no ect for residency there that he was not in fact a solicitor but a accountent. So do not buy from thesescompanies nor have dealings with this notary.

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