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Commercial Investigations / Fraud and scam

1 6311 Van Nuys Blvd.Van Nuys, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-230-1313

Mysery loves company! However if there is enough of us that Commercial Investigations have stung, then let's band together and get them. Mariah of Commercial Investigations would tell me one thing and then another. This caused my suspicion in the beginning. Telling me that one of my past due clients was bragging on himself for getting over on me. I thought that seemed a bit of a stretch. I think they do this to get an emotional call to action out of us. They were successful in getting 3 of my past due receipts paid which I found out later they also attached a fee to. They are not only collection the 25%, but also a fee they charge to the debtor. I also paid them $750.00 to start litigation on three other cases. They string this litigation deal out like a nice carrot. That's when I was more convinced this might be a scam. Any Lawyer working for $750.00 for any case is not believable, but since they had collected quite a bit I felt I was ahead of the game. Again 2nd con here. They have (Maryanne) repeatedly come up with one excuse after another why they have not paid the money to us. Our clients have paid them plus a fee.They have collected or scammed our past due clients for $10, 000 plus. They also took the money from us to produce what they said would be litigation to chase other accounts.

I have also two former past due clients that will testify against them about the harassment and also paying the extra fee. I will be contacting Greg Askay of the Ventura County DA and also the FBI since Commercial Investigations appears to be working outside from state to state. FBI will be very interested in this case.

The worst part about this is, that I did not want to chase down all my clients. We are in difficult times. However having Commercial Investigations calling us repeatedly helped the situation along. They made up lies about rudeness about our clients behavior to them. I was lucky enough to engage some of my clients with their story about them. I was so surprised to find out that they were hit with other fees.

If anyone else has similar stories we can not only file criminal charges of fraud against the company, which will bring about jail time for employees as well as the owners who actively engage in the criminal behavior. That includes you Mariah! and also you Maryanne! The criminal complaint will also list you both since I did deal with you.

Anyone else who has names of employees from Commercial Investigations save them!


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  • Wi
      20th of Jan, 2009
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    Something isn't right about this company. We had a renter who owes us about $2500.00 in a judgment. CII contacted us and told us about their company and how they could help us. They had us add other charges to the debt such as attorney fees, dumping charging (for cleaning out the house), heat/water, etc. CII sent us an email with a contract to type our names into and send it back to them. Within 2 days, CII called me and said that they found the renter and he had plenty of money in his account. In further, CII told me that I would have to send them $1800.00 so the attorney could start the litigation process. That sent up a big red flag for me since I already had a judgment and did not need any more attorneys in the case. They further told me that the renter was rude and made comments to them about how my husband wanted to "kick his ### and had been threatening him." I knew this to be untrue as my husband is not a violent man and we do not have the renter's telephone number to call and harass him. In addition, we know for a fact that this individual has NO MONEY in the bank but CII claims he does. After doing some research on the internet about CII - I told them that I did not want to pursue any collections with the company since I knew CII was nothing but scam and a rip-off. The man from CII told me that I had to pay them 10% of the money owed to us before they would consider the matter closed. In the meantime, if they are harassing the renter, there is nothing I can do about it. I have kept all my paperwork and I contacted the Michigan Attorney General's Office with a complaint. Keep in touch and let me know how you made out with CII. I want nothing to do with them...

  • Ja
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    Well I was on the receiving end of this phone call. I have had several voicemails on my phone from this company. They say to call back regarding a serious legal matter. The number on the called ID is all zeros. So today I actually was around to answer this call. This gentleman said he was Jeff Striker with commercial investigations. He was actually looking for my father, why he had my cell number I have no idea. I drilled him about why he was calling, where he was located, what it was regarding, why all zeros showed up on caller ID etc...his answer for everything was "thats irrelevant". He stuttered everytime I asked a question. I told him I knew he was not legitimate-he then hung up. He kept hounding me to give him by father's phone number, the thing is, he has already called my father several times, seriously harrassing him. Calling names, threatening, etc. My dad asked him to send an itemized invoice on what he was trying to collect on-he said he "didn't play those game", so we have sinced blocked the number. They say they are backed by CIAA, which does not exist. I feel very bad for the people on the receiving end of these phone calls-I gave this guy a piece of my mind and he hung up. I have also read reports that the address they say they are at is actually a UPS office. Too bad people have to stoop to these lows for jobs!

  • Sk
      13th of May, 2009
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    Best thing to do is become aware of FDCPA, and FCRA.
    It is my personal experience that they seem to enjoy violating it.

    Things to do.
    File a BBB Complaint
    File a complaint with the FTC
    Contact your local state attorney General's office and file a complaint there.
    I have a post here that is search able using the terms: Like issues with CII

    As for the UPS store for the address for CII that is true google ups store locations or go to and type in the address and click on street view.

  • Ma
      22nd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    CII is by far the worst collection people to work with. I gave them a check to collect on about two years ago for 950. It wasn't a large amount, but would help cover payroll. I let it go and didn't hear back from a long time. They said the money was on the way and that was last September. At that time I had someone else that owed me about 2, 100 and so I gave them that account. I waited a week for the check from the first person. I called and asked where the check was. Mary Ann told me that the person had written them a bad check and they were waiting on a money order (I know I should stopped it all there, but I was too trusting). I got started on the second person then. My account was given to Matt and hea said that after the initial call that it would take 60-90 days and go through the courts (this was the first of October). They had pulled up his checking account and had money to pay (I've seen this similar story on other posts about CII), but needed 650 to start the legal work. I sent them the 650 and waited for the work to start. I called several times in December to see how it was going and received no return calls. I had the legal dept call me in January for some legal docs to start working on the case. I went balistic at first and said that I was told I would have my money by end of December. They apologized and I filled out the paperwork and faxed it back. I waited until the end fo February to call CII to check the status. I left 4 messages between February and March with no returned calls. I received a call the first of May from Jeff Striker asking for another $750. I told him there was no more money and that I was too pissed to talk with him at that time. I

    If you go to the BBB you'll find that there are thousands of complaints against them. They are a sorry company. Don't give them ANY money. I was lucky and only lost 650. i"ve seen stories of others losing thousands to them.

  • Mo
      5th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I lost thousands!!! Can we pluhleeeeez, start a class suit against them, isn't their enough of us to smash those ugly leeches??? Anyone know how to do that stuff?? I did some searching, they've done this for years and are still in business??!!

  • Br
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They are crooks, they will overcharge you, bounce checks to you and ask for money to sue someone and 1 year later I havent seen paper 1 and they have my $850.00 I am suing them. Brian,

  • To
      4th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    STILL GOING ON ... They shorted me 15% of what they collected for me. Says their quoted rate (18%) is only valid on the date offered, otherwise their rate is 33%. Conveniently, they "didn't receive" our contract and had us re-fax our contract agreement (the next day) and continue to state that we failed to accept the contract on the original date. I'm still trying to get them on fraud, any one still pursuing them?

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