1 34 DOWNHAM GARDEN, Plymouth, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 01752 492460

On Monday 20/06/2011 we were asked to the comet store in purchase a Panasonic fridge freezer model NR-B54X1-WB. We attended the store and purchased the £1, 299.99.fridge freezer. We were promised the delivery date of the 26/06/2011. On Sunday the fridge freezer was delivered by two male's one of the males then threw the trolley down onto the road where it bounced, because the day was hot and I thought both males looked STRESSED. I offered them a cool drink both male declined one male then took the doors off the freezer to take into the property. as they tried to lift the trolley over the first stop they chip away the ornate concrete which was on the step as they took the fridge over the door step the fridge lifted away from the truck the trolley then damaged my front door step, the bottom of the trolley went into the side of the fridge and scrape up the side of the fridge. One of the males then subjected that it would not show as it would be up against the wall, I informed this male if I had wanted second hand goods I would have bought second hand. Both males then left my house I contacted your customer service department, where I spoke to a female called ANNIE. I explain to this female what had just happened, then I witness one of the drivers put the sleeve of the fridge onto my vehicle which is a soft top convertible at this stage I had lost my temper and removed the sleeve from my car and explained to them that they will pay for a re-spray if there was any damaged. I received a phone call from a female called PAM from the store to say that the goods would be delivered on SATURDAY. I also received a phone call from head office at my works who took the details she said: the men would be spoken to: but was not interested in what happened only to state that when the next fridge WILL deliver on SATURDAY. A male will write down the damaged .TODAY SATURDAY 2ND OF JULY WE AGAIN PHONED YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TO BE TOLD THAT WE WERE NOT HAVING A DELIVERY. My husband spoke to a female called SOPHIE. (NO HELP) just kept repeating herself stating that it’s not being delivered. ASK TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER NONE AVAILAIBLE??????? Spoke to a supervisor CALLED PHIL??? Who did nothing but patronised me. he then told me that I had to speak to the store as they had phoned me to say there WOULD BE no delivery I explained that no one had in fact phone. He transferred me to the shop and I spoke to PAM the same person who had informed me of the delivery?????? SO I ASKED HER WHERE MY FRIDGE THAT I HAD PAID FOR WHICH THEY CONNOT SUPPLIE WAS. PAM THEN TOLD ME THAT SHE WOULD PHONE UP THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AS IT WAS DOWN TO THEM?????????? I EXPLAINED THAT THIS PHIL HAD SAID IT WAS DOWN TO YOU????? PAM then said: that PAUL would phone back????? PAM phoned to say that they CANNOT???? Get another fridge and subjected the money refund... THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THAT WE HAVE PURCHASED THINGS FROM COMET AND YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FULFILL THE ORDER. I AM NOW REQUESTING FROM YOURSELFS THAT YOU PUT THE DAMAGE TO MY PROERTY AND MY CAR RIGHT .NOT VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR SERVICE. WE HAVE HAD TO TAKE TWO DAYS OFF WORK FOR YOUR INCOMPUDENT COMPANY.

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