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Combined Insurance / Fraud and scam

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Combined Insurance is not the way to go if you want to work in the professional insurance business. They tell you they pay for everything as an employee for the company, this is not the case. You pay back the license fee with your first paycheck and monthly you pay for your bond. They will train you to sell policies as long as you can memorize and regurgitate, there is no thought process here.

As for the selling door-to-door, they tell you there is a partial salary and they will give you as much as you need, but if you are not selling this is not the case. This company is mostly door-to-door sales and the bad thing about it is no one is home during the day except people who can't afford their own bills let alone buy insurance.

This is a waste of time and your own personal money, you pay for your gas, food, etc while you are out of town. When you go out of town on business to have what is called an Ardmore, all people from the region gather to sell policies in a specific city; you have to drive there, pay for all your food, nothing is provided but the hotel room and you are there from Sunday to Saturday night. This is not a way to begin a position by spending a lot of money during a training period where you are not selling a lot. Also for those people who have a professional stature about them this is not the company to work for.

There is also not a $500.00 a week pay for the first two weeks of training either, the first week you have not yet received a license and can't work sometimes it takes longer them a week for the state to issue the license and until then you have no income coming in. It is also the division's responsibility to assign areas for agents to go.

In the beginning you will receive all the leftovers and will drive around all day and not find anyone at home, you pay your gas and make no money. The best assignments are given to the people selling, not to those who are training and need to learn. It is very hard to learn when no one is home all day.

The work days begin with a meeting, not in a office so you spend money eating out. They begin between 8:00 and 9:00 and and will last for a couple of hours, then you go to work; people are home in the evenings so you will be working 12 or more hours each day even though they say they don't what you out after dark, it is still required.

If you want to be in the professional insurance business do not work for Combined, the clientel is lower income, and you will have no life outside of work because of the hours you will have to put in to make money, especially Saturday it is sometimes mandatory, but they have you work M-F and give you the option for Saturday. It would be better to get one day off during the week and always work Saturday because people are home.

I hope this has helped someone.

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  • Da
      20th of Oct, 2008

    "Have fun at walmart"
    does EVERY Combined person talk the EXACT SAME?
    They NEVER paid for ANY of my hotel. "It's up to you" they said. HAHAHA.
    "You are up at 6 am to go to 8 am morning meetings to sing songs and chant absolutely ridiculous sayings!! "
    EXACTLY! It's a cult. And NOBODY is happy. NOBODY. And the drunks there are many.
    It's a multi-level marketer, with kind of a cult-like environment. Everyone speaks the same, and everyone who defends the company here speaks the same too. "PMA! Blah blah! You can't handle it can you? its all your fault. blah blah. Have fun at walmart you get what you put in. Mr. Stone says this! Mr. Stone says that! Read self help books! Pep talks! Blah blah. its not a job its a career. People who dont like it / leave are ppl who are lazy who dont like to work. this company has been successful for blah blah"
    Combined Insurance DID NOT invent PMA. nor did mr. stone. in fact, positive thinking has been something people have been discussing for centuries and centuries.
    Do you REALLY want to get older and older, reach your fifties and STILL have your ENTIRE career about that stupid joke, Combined shuffle and "I BELIEVE THIS WILL INTEREST YOU ALSO" and "HOW IS YOUR PMA?"
    It's really haunting and quite frankly, scary how cult-like this is.
    It's all a sham.
    People who have been working there for 10 years all drive beat up cars and can't afford lunch...and they pretend the residuals pay lots of money?
    NO. They use lies to get people in the door. They have UNETHICAL selling practices.
    and everyone is brainwashed. and once u start? they wont let u leave. you see, it's like a pyramid, because managers have lots of pressure to keep you working under them.

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  • Se
      25th of Apr, 2017

    @Dan PMA is a poor substitute for therapy. Lots of shaming and comparing. Sales managers say and do things to their subordinates that would generate a lawsuit in any other corporate division

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  • Sk
      13th of Jun, 2017

    @seenitbefore mine had a woman expose her breasts. I am not even making it up!

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  • Ca
      3rd of Dec, 2008

    As a long time employee of Combined I find it outrageous the complaints that these people make really knowing nothing about a Company that has been around for as long as this one has.

    The people that make these types of comments are the ones that expect everything to be handed to them, rather than working for it. I have seen a lot of failures with the company, sure. But I have also seen a lot of successes from people who are willing to put in the time and do the work.

    It's sad to see that people everywhere are poisoned by individuals who can't face the fact that when it comes down to it---they are lazy and incompetent.

    Let your decisions be your own rather than based on what unsuccessful people have to say.

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  • Lo
      24th of Feb, 2009

    I was king of hesitant when combined call me today. I have an interview scheduled with them tomorrow at some hotel but I think I"m going to cancel. I really don't think I am the right fit for this kind of work anyway. I'm glad I found these comments.

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  • Ka
      24th of Feb, 2009

    Combined Insurance actuall pays you around 10 cents an hour. I know many people who have tried this company. I know agents who work for this company and they have had to declare bankruptcy because they aren't making money. One agent actually spent more money on gasoline and car maintenence because Combined made him drive over 60, 000 miles in one year. His w2 form said he made a whole whopping $17, 000 for the yearm but acvtually when all the job-related costs are figured in, he actually netted about $400 for the entire year. His home is being foreclosed on. He is losing everything because he kept getting suckered into the cult of PMA.
    You have to go to every morning meeting, even if it's a hour out of the way from your assignment. Then you have several evening meetings to have to go to during the week. If you're lucky you will be home by 10 pm, just in time to get yelled at by your spouse, eat a sandwich, study your PMA material, and get to sleep so you can be at the 8 a.m. meeting again and start the whole vicious cycle all over again. You have to work most Saturdays so you can se all your contacts because most of them are at night time. If you're lucky you will only work 80 hours a week so you can earn your $17, 000. That breaks down to about grossing $4.00 per hour, so you will net around $2.70 per hour and maybe $11, 000 a year. You will spend about $100 a week on gasoline. That makes your net about $$5, 800. Car maintenance, including 2-4 sets of tires per year, will be around $2, 000 or more. That leaves you net pay for the year at $3, 800. When you go on the Ardmores, if you don't pressure people into buying policies you won't meet their standards, so you will have to pay for your hotel room, about $600 per Ardmore. They usually want you on about 8 of them per year, so if you don't do what they want on half of them, which is being generous, that's another $2, 400 you have to pay for. That leaves you with a net pay of $1, 400 for the year. All the meetings are held in restaurants, so in order not to get kicked out of the place you are forced to buy something because the establishment "is nice enough to let you use their restaurant". That will be about another $1, 000 or so per year. Now your annual net pay is down to $400, which makes your net pay around 10 cents an hour.

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  • He
      11th of Mar, 2009

    Combined is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a vehicle that if used properly can provide great wealth and has for many individuals over 90 years. I'm 21 years of age and on target to make close to if not over $100k this year. Just yesterday I sat in a meeting where hundreds of thousands of dollars of BONUS were handed out to some of my colleagues and seniors. These were 6 monthly bonuses and ranged from $9k to over $100k.

    Those that have achieved success in the field are more than happy to help. The training they give you on not only sales but management, goal setting, success in life in general is extremely valuable

    Yes Combined isn't for everyone, it's more than a job it's a lifestyle. The closest thing to relate it to is probably professional sports. The team spirit in the company is amazing, you do spend alot of time together especially while working out of town and you become good friends, take interest in each others success.

    If you have a strong desire to be successful and want to be around other successful people, learn from them, use Combined as a tool to make a large income so you can invest that money n get urself into a position where you can focus on others and teach them to be successful then Combined is for you. If you just dont have the desire and are happy working 9-5 for an hourly rate then it's not the opportunity for you and you're wasting your time.

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  • Ma
      31st of May, 2009

    i have worked for combined for nearly 2 years now, they have never missled me and i have made a decent living, i do not pressure people into buying policies, the policies are good enough in their own right. if a salesman is incapable of conveying their benefits properly and closing in an appropriate way, then ask for help (which is freely given) or leave. it is not a career that is for everyone and involves a lot of personal skills. i understand that when people fail they sometimes look for someone or something to blame. if the jobs not for you then fine, if you gave it a go then good for you. if you want a guaranteed salary (wheather you sell/work or not) then go somewhere else, if you wish to guaranteed yourself an income by hard graft, combined will welcome you. martin (uk)

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  • Ta
      26th of Aug, 2009

    Haha ### combined are a**holes IMO they are scammers and fraudsters to there customers as well!

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  • Ev
      28th of Sep, 2009

    I will see for myself. I have an interview for tomorrow at the McDonald's in Coram on Middle Road/Route 25.

    If this is the sort of thing where you are totally dependent on sales and no base salary is paid, I don't think I will take it. However, I will go to the interview, ask questions and find out for myself.

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  • Sa
      8th of Jan, 2010

    All these people who dog combined ...they dont pay for this or i had to pay for that . this is ilfe and if you ever work for yourself these are the costs incured. nothing in life especially making money is easy if you like a cushy 9-5 THEN YOU DO THAT . If you have no drive or determination in life to earn over 20k a year thats fine but dont look for someone to blame, Look at yourself and then in 30years look back at your life and begin to complain about how you could have been something and you havent got everything you wanted out of life. Then its too late to get off your ### and go to work. what im saying is with the right pma and drive combined can make you alot i mean alot of money. but it is not for everyone. look at who you are and where you want to be. failures will always fail.

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  • Mi
      8th of Jan, 2010

    The new Enhanced Sales Model is the worse idea they ever had. While you no longer have to drive 100 miles to pick up a $10 check for a field renewal, you no longer get the commission for getting those checks. The only way you now can get paid is to sell something. It is strictly commission based now.
    You still have to go to an 8 a.m. meeting to sing songs and do PMA games. You are expected to have 15 appointments every day, and to canvass in between appointments. You can canvass for sales, or canvass for new appointments.
    The only way to sell anything is to move fast and be an obnoxious person who talks over and through every prospect. You have to close hard and overcome all their objections. The company teaches you “argument starters” that are meant to overcome their objections to you barging in announced and trying to sell them something they don’t want or need or cannot afford. These usually start an argument with the prospect because you have to close extremely hard and fast and never stop talking.
    You have to work until 10 p.m. every night because during the day you always hear “I have to talk with my spouse” so you have to have appointments until late at night to see both spouses at once. You still must call in your numbers every night by 9 p.m., so if you are with a client you have to excuse yourself, go make a phone call to your manager with your numbers, and then go back to arguing with your client.
    There are hundreds of people who did well in the old system, but they are not fast movers or do not like to start arguments, so they have quit or are about to quit. Some have been fired for underperforming because they are actually nice sales persons and will let someone think about it for a couple days instead of tricking them into buying a product they do not want.
    You still average about $12-14, 000 per year in income. You still drive between 35, 000 and 40, 000 a year in your car. You still go to morning meetings every day to sing songs, dance, and get a PMA boost. You still have to call every night at 9 p.m. no matter where you are. If you call before 9 p.m. then you get yelled at for leaving the field too early and will get yelled at the following morning at the morning after you are done singing songs and dancing.
    Most of the employees have sex with each other after going out for drinks at midnight or on weekends. Most everyone has had sex with each other. If you do not go out for drinks late at night or give in to someone’s sexual advances, life becomes even more miserable.
    Remember Michael David Barrett, the man accused of stalking ESPN reporter Erin Andrews? He kept his yard manicured, played golf and enjoyed cooking on a gas grill on a patio behind his $300, 000 suburban Chicago town house. He was a perverted man. What you rarely hear is that he also worked for Combined Insurance when all this came down. He is your typical perverted Combined agent.
    In short, never be employed with the company. Do not fall for their tricks and lies, and do not join the PMA cult. Their products are excellent, though, so just buy them online or through the mail.

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  • Ci
      4th of Feb, 2010

    I worked for combined for a few months in ireland and was sucked into that pma crap also. i didnt even want to go on the job but they promised me 500 a week basic salary while i was training which i never saw. they get you to drive 100s of mile a week for very little at the end. if u sell nothing you make nothing. all they want is for you to work for nothing. my advise for anyone thinking of working for this company or even buying of there crap product that dont pay out is stay well away.

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  • Ha
      18th of Feb, 2010

    My complaint about combined is just like everyone else, its door to door sales, and most people dont care about a company they have never heard of. My other complaint is that about 6 months ago I watched 3 of the most hard working guys I have ever seen in Combined get fired because there "team" did not hit the numbers. It is almost impossible to control 40+ people and make sure they all are doing the same thing when most of them are anywhere from 1 to 3 hours away. It is completely ridiculous how this company is run from top to bottom. Over worked under paid and only rewarded at the price of your family. The divorce rate in Combined is so high, and I had managers and agents alike skip very important family time or kids events just because their boss wanted them to finish a 100 call or a gold winners score. I made money with combined dont get me wrong, however when I started my family they came first, and combined move to the back burner, and everyone in the company didnt like it.

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  • St
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    Guys for ###s sake stop the crying espically the Irish dude. im from Ireland and have had a lot of accidents in my sport and this company paid out every time and not a penny short. id say 20k at least in the past 4 years and no problims . I recomend this to anyone . o and by the fukin way im lookin for a job with them because I recon I could sell 20 POLICIES A WEEK . NO ###

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  • Va
      28th of Feb, 2010

    I had the same experiences. I worked for Combined for about a year. Guy agents were always trying to get me to sleep with them. all the guys were divorced 3 or 4 times. I had to leave my house 6 days a week at 6 a.m. because even though my assignment was one hour west of my house, I had to drive 1.5 hours to the east every day to go to a meeting. The meetings were always the same crap: PMA, cheers, guys trying to get me to stay the nigh at their house, rah rah zip boom bah crap. It's a cult. Then after the meeting I would have to drive 2.5 hours back to the west to start my assignment. Of course I had to stay out until at least 9 pm so I coul meet with both spouses of a prospective sale, then get home about 10:30 at night. Then out the door the next morning at 6. In one year I drove over 85, 000 miles, and my income was just over $22, 000. I won lots of WCS awards.
    I quit last month and am having to declare bankruptcy.

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  • Ir
      14th of Mar, 2010

    My experience with Combined is both positive and negative, over 30 years with the company this year and looking at the comments made by the majority of people I would disagree with them for the following reasons

    I was promised an opportunity to build a career based on effort and results - the same as any other company - they delivered - so did I.

    My first year’s income was over 60 pounds more than my previous job and the hours were shorter - I previously worked in catering.

    My best year’s income was over 180, 000 pounds

    I am married to the same woman for the last 32 years and have three children and one of my children currently work with the company.

    I would highly recommend the job to anyone who is willing to dedicate their time to continuous improvement and becoming a professional sales agent.

    As far as the product is concerned it is up there with the best and all financial services industries are regulated by the regulator of whatever country the company does business in, which means all legitimate, claims are paid on time all of the time provided the proper information is submitted.

    In 2008 the company paid out more in claims than its nearest rival collected in premiums...figures produced by the financial regulator.

    Yes the successful people do work hard...but so does the professional business person...the people who take the business serious and don’t look for the easy quick buck will do very well, provided they have what it takes to sell successfully...the same applies to the successful business person. In this business people have become independently wealthy...some have fallen...the same applies to business

    I have come across so many knockers over the years...but I also have to say I have come in contact with some very open minded forward thinking people also...There is a saying in life which is very true...if you want to be successful then associate with successful people.

    Mr Stones work has crossed many boundaries over the years and he has effected many lives for the better with his PMA philosophy…to the pessimist this is brainwashing…but is it just the right way to approach live combined with knowledge and skill.

    For those of you who want a safe and secure career…give it a go provided you have the right attitude and interpersonal skills along with salesmanship.

    Combined will give you the best possible start in sales after that it is really up to you….

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  • Os
      1st of Apr, 2010

    You people really crack me up... You have someone saying they were required to work 80 hrs/wk, another saying that the enhanced sales model requires you to run 15 appts/day, another saying they ran 65k miles in a year and only made 17k. And others saying that combined doesnt pay for anything when you go out of town.. All I can say is, nothing could be farther from the truth.
    I have been with Combined Insurance since Oct. 12th, 2009 and I have been in the insurance field since 1999. From Oct 12th, to the end of the year, my net income was over 12k (thats 1, 000/wk). I am currently ranking 20th in the country in sales and regularly post 5k-10k per week in annual premium. You wanna know how hard I work and how many appts I run? I run 7 appts, Mon, Tues, and Wed. Thurs and Friday is spent prospecting businesses. I have never knocked on doors and would never do this as it is a waste of time. I am usually home by 5 or 6pm, sometimes I may have a late appt, but its not every day like someone alluded to. Or are these people poor that Im
    Another thing, when I went to Chicago for training, my flight and hotel was paid for, PLUS, I was given $275 for the 10 days that I was their. When I got in the field, I was given $500/wk for 2 wks, then from weeks 3-13, I was paid $250/wk. Weekly bonus was paid to you as well during these 13 wks, which works like this; $1500 in annualized prem. =$150 for that week; $2000 = $200 for that week; $2500 = $250 for week. But it doesnt stop there as you get a monthly bonus as well (which you continue to get every month there after PLUS qtrly bonus as well). The monthy bonus works like this; 8k in annualized prem. for the month = $150/mo; 10k = $300; 12k =$400; 16k = $500; 20k = $600. If you do your job and write quality business, these bonuses double.
    Another thing that I would like to point out is Combined is one of the oldest, most respected supplemental insurance company's in the business. We have A ratings in every financial rating companines...LOOK IT UP! You dont get this rating by being a fraudulant company.
    Insurance sales is not for everyone, you have to have self-discipline and motivation. It is not just a job, it is a career that you build and cultivate. If you're happy working for someone else, making them money, go ahead. If you want to make your OWN fortune, it takes a little more work.
    People on here bashing a company is usually the result of there on failures. Why would a company pay you for not doing anything? answer, the wouldnt.

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  • Rm
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    I have been a client with this company for over 30 years. I am not lower class and have just purchased some new policies. I have never found the agents to be pushy, if anything, they have always been very helpful. I would recomend this company to anyone looking for accident, sickness, cancer or any other product they sell. As for all you people who worked for them and condemn them, you are from a mind set that once a company hires you thet owe you whether you perform or not. More than likely none of you are successful in anything.

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  • Si
      5th of May, 2010

    I have been a policy holder with Combined for YEARS now...heck..I can't even remember. The ONLY problem I have ever had with them is sometimes an agent will call and make an appointment and then not show up..usually one of those annual 'check up' type visits. Combined has always paid my claims and actually I wind up getting my premium back and then some. Not too shabby huh? I am thinking these bozo's laying all this crap down on Combined here online are disgruntled ex employees who (obviously) do not have the intelligence or command of the English language skills or even the ability to spell properly. They appear to me that they want to cast blame for their own failures. It might be true...but I don't really think so. My experience was selling for FilterQueen vacuum systems. Excellent product but you had to WORK for your money. Work ethic for some people is severely lacking or just plain missing alltogether. Nuff said

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  • Th
      9th of Aug, 2010

    I have been a client also for 30 years. Have put in very few claims until now at which time I fell at work with witnesses and broke my back in several places and other bones to boot. After a weeks stay in hospital and some time later I went on line and got the claim forms. With employer signing and Dr. at time signing papers and sending in I finally received 260 check. Now remember I have sickness hospital indemnity, accident disability income amendment, accident hospital indemnity policy. Should help right...first they would only pay me for the first 30 days of off work... It is 3 months and I have filed more papers and I have to drive another 125 miles to get the Dr.s signature again. I just called and I was told once again they don't have the papers. I kept copies the next will be registered mail...and we will see the excuse this time. By the way the nice salesman was by before I sent my first claim in and helped me to make sure it was all correct. He even figured my check should be over $600. Yes my insurance will be dropped easy to fill out and fast to receive my foot.

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  • Nu
      21st of Aug, 2010

    I dont no what anybody here is talking about you guys obviosly did not listen to well at the buisness course everthing that you all said is indeed told to you at the buisness course i was once an employee of combined and must say they are a great company to work for. maybe you should just open your ears before opening your mouth.

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