Colorado Springs Dodge / 2013 ram 1500

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Truck stalled three times, towed three times, after two fuel pumps were installed. Spent $810.32 for first fuel pump, $525 in towing fees. Only received 1/2 of value at trade-in. Truck had only 37000 plus miles. This happened over 12 day span. Would like to plead for reinbursement of expensed occured and average trade-in value of truck. I don't know whether lemon law would apply or not. Just put new Michelin tires on truck. Had to pay and additional $600 to install new rails on new truck for fifth wheel hitch. Also had to pay camping fees as my camper had to placed somewhere as the truck was worked on. Had reservations for camping in Mesa, Az and lost 12 days of the month. Very stressful time for us.

Jan 15, 2018

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