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This is a scammer company. Owned by former owner of Claims Specialists International (look them up) Glenn Jessen now may go under the name of Jen. They send out their sales man door to door to assist you in the insurance claims for your roof. Do not use them! You do not need them. They will steal your insurance check and you might get a new roof! NEver use a third party like this for your roof.
Glenn Jessen and his former company has stole thousands from other Colorado Home owners. Now he started this new company 2.2009 (look it up online on sec of state of colorado) This is a new roofing company.
They are scammers. PLease save yourself the money and pain of using Colorado Roof Exchange. There are other honest roof companies that have been in business many years. Do not trust a new roof company that started in Feb. If you will ask them they will deny it. Please do not use these scammers. Colorado Roof Exchange

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  • Ga
      Jul 16, 2009

    Colorado Roof Exchange do not use. They are assoicated with scammers. NEVER give your insurance check to anyone until the job is DONE. Do not learn the hard way

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  • Su
      Aug 08, 2009

    Is it OK for anyone to get on this website and spread lies anonymously. The person making these complaints obviously has a personal grudge or is a competitor trying to cause trouble. The truth of the matter is Glenn Jessen used to run Claims Specialists International with four other partners that owned that company. As long as Glenn was with that company roofs were getting done and none of the vendors were more than thirty days out on their billings. Mellisa King, Bob Downey and Mark Baker systematically ran the other partners(including Glenn) out of the company. Mellisa was the ring leader. She was the treasurer, so it was easy to manipulate the situation after Tom Hall (another partner) quit, leaving her to be the only signature on any of the bank accounts. She and her accountant Anna Gibbson (who is on parole) were the only ones allowed in the books or to view any of the accounts. Hundreds of people were left without their roofs being complete, and that is tragic and sad. Let the blame lie with those who are truly guilty. Mellisa King also known as Heather King has been trying to hide from this for months now. She started a new company called K2 construction and recently merged with AVI Roofing. AVI Roofing was one of the main Vendors for CSI. That seems a little suspicious. Bob Downey and Mark Baker are now running a company called Red Rock Roofing. Seems to be unregistered anywhere.But their seen doing business throughout the metro area. Bob still answers the CSI phone number. The truth is Glenn Jessen does good honest business. There are no complaints against any companies he now manages, and he is looking into taking civil and criminal action against the aforementioned culprits.

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  • Ga
      Aug 10, 2009

    Glenn is a fraud. Do not risk your money doing work with any company he is associated with. Glenn ran CSI he is under investigation from the state of Co attorney general. He will continue to lie. Do not deal with Colorado Roof Exchange. If they deal with crooks they should not take your insurance money. Again do not give anyone any money until your roof is completed. If they ask for money upfront move on and run away. DO Not feel bad about telling them no. It is your money and your house. Move on to the next one. Deal only with a company that has been in business many years. Not like COlorado ROof Exchange who just started in FEb 2009!!.
    This is from experience Glenn stole our money and lived high on it! Just trying to warn you so you dont lose your money and get no roof

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  • Gc
      Aug 12, 2009

    I guess it is about time for me to speak out for myself. My name is Glenn Jessen. I was one of the original owners of Claim Specialists International. I have been in this business for many years helping thousands of homeowners replace their roofs. Until last year when my company was stolen from me by my partners at the time, I had a flawless reputation in the industry. When I was running CSI we were producing twenty to forty roofs a week. We had no complaints with the BBB and all the vendors were getting paid on time.
    Let me go on the record right now and say "I have never stolen dime one from anyone." People who trully know me and the type of bussiness I do, know this. The businesses I run now have no complaints with any of the legitamate complaint forums (BBB etc). All of our customers have had their projects completed within a couple weeks of the claim being processed. I am willing to provide references.
    It has been said I have an extensive criminal background... I dont know what they consider extensive but I did get myself in abit of trouble as young man about twenty years ago. I am not ashamed to admit I have made mistakes. I paid the price and learned many good lessons from the experiance.I dont hide this fact.That is probably why I am such an easy target for this type of slander and lies.
    Everyone who has worked for me knows I bend over backwards to make a good work enviroment. Any customer that has dealt with me directly knows I will fight hard to get them a fair shake from their insurance company and replace their roof with little or no money out of their pockets.
    Now it seems to me there is only one person on this sight that is starting all this trouble and one other person that has bought into his lies. If I have personally done you any harm please stop hiding behind this anonimmity and let me know what I can do to fix the problem.

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  • Ml
      Aug 12, 2009
    Colorado Roof Exchange - Correction
    Colorado Roof Exchange
    United States

    Complaint Correction: My previous complaint listed the foreign Nevada Corp. Arrowhead Holcings per the Nevada Secretary of State list it as in default and revoked. I should of said in Default only. My error. In speaking with the management of Colorado Roof Exchange today, this problem is currently being corrected with the Nevada Secretary of State office. Additionally, per the management of Colorado Roof Exchange it is common practice in the roofing business to have a customer sign a contract prior to any insurance adjustor's visit to review the roof damage and make an insurance claim. They then come out while the adjustor is inspecting the roof damage. Dealing with my 80 year old parents and this contract I was surprised at this practice. Since my parents did not suffer any loss I take back my comments regarding a scam and a fraud. ML in Wheat Ridge.

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  • Je
      Aug 14, 2009

    Seems to me like there is only one person (ga1111) that is posting here. With absolutely no valid complaints it seems like he is just trying to anonymously slander his competitor. You can see that Colorado Roof Exchange has no complaints against them through the bbb. Just follow this link and see for your self.

    If the Colorado Roof Exchange was ripping people off don't you think there would be a valid complaint against them on the bbb website? Also why would Glenn Jessen write a comment on this post himself if he was trying to hide behind the name of a new company?

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  • Ro
      Aug 19, 2009

    Glenn Jessen does have an extensive criminal record. There are mulitple felony convictions - theft being a constant theme. He has stolen many dimes from many people. Glenn will look at you and lie to your face. Don't take my word for it - and definately do not take Glenn's. Look it up for yourself as CBI. It costs $6.95 to find out the truth. He was arrested just a couple of years ago for larceny. There was no conviction - but Mr Jessen always seems to be in the middle of questionable activity. He used to own a company called Ultimate Windows. He has a judgement against him for over $140, 000. Again; don't take my word for it - call Leif Nelson. He is the attorney in Lakewood assigned to collect the money owed. Glenn does not have a bank account, because if he does it will be garnished. He has been hiding under a rock and sticking his partners with the bill. These allegations are verifiable with court documents and CBI records. Go to the Colorado Secretary of State and do a business entity search for Colorado Roof Exchange. You will find that It is listed as a foreign entity under the name of Arrowhead Holdings in Nevada. If you go to the Nevada Secretary of State you will find the the corporation has already defaulted. You will also find that Glenn Jessen's name is listed nowhere. He can't have anything in his name because of unpaid judgements against him. Here are the facts: 1) Glenn Jessen has multiple felony convictions from 20 years ago (he says he has never stolen a dime from anyone). 2) He had a prior company called Ultimate Windows and is hiding from the people with judgements against him. 3)His name is in the middle of a controversial roofing scam. 4) He is involved in Colorado Roof Exchange that lost it's registered status just a few months after it started. Jessen says he's been doing this for many years yet he can't figure out how to find a reputable company to work for. These are facts and they are easy to verify.

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  • Pe
      Sep 15, 2009

    Glenn is a fraud and scam. I do not own a roof company and I am not competitor. I lost money to Glenn's companies. He took money upfront on a roof job and never performed.
    His current company he works with Colorado Roof exchange has only been in business since FEB 09. Look it up online under the sec of state. This is a fact. Do not do business with a roofing company new like this.
    Glenn was on Tom Martino's show hiding from him. He has started numerous fradulent companies.
    Trust me dont risk your money. Go somewhere else. There are plenty of honest companies.
    Glenn is fraud

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  • Pa
      Jul 28, 2010

    Great work you guys! We will hopefully see an end to these Fly by nighters.
    Glenn Jessen will get what is coming to him very soon.

    He will spend a lot of time picking up soap... in the presence of very...very large black men, in very ... very tight quarters...

    On August 31, 2009 the Colorado Attorney General filed a Complaint against Claim Specialists International, Inc., in the Denver District Court. The charges filed indicate that the aforementioned business is in violation of Colorado Consumer Protection Act and the Uniform Consumer Credit Code. The Defendants allegedly engaged in an aggressive door-to-door roofing scheme in which they used deceptive trade practices, failed to complete work within a set time-frame, refused to refund consumers and operated without proper licensure. The matter is currently pending.

    The trial is set to begin at 9 a.m. on Monday, September 27, 2010 in Denver County District Court, located at 1437 Bannock Street in downtown Denver.

    -Joseph St. Pierre
    Will see you guys there! :D

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