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collection agencies / surveillance and privacy crimes

1 Irvine, CA, United States

Collection agencies are using Technology for covert surveillance, and privacy crimes
Collection agencies are and have been using a sophisticated illegal and potentially dangerous technology worldwide that uses the electromagnetic spectrum to extract, map at a high resolution and store pretty much all private information (physical physiological speech mental behavioral and online/telecom) which they use to spy stalk manipulate targets towards illegal collection practices
Please see details below and the attached image as an illustration of the EM methods used and its effects on human body
Collection agencies are using specialized mobile devices that may look and act like cell phones but emit and receive a much wider and powerful range of the Electromagnetic spectrum and have insidious apps used to spy stalk people for illegal collection practices. The devices and apps have capabilities to extract information behind and through all enclosed spaces using computational techniques performed on the input and output spectra and a significant distance-range which allows covert remote operation. Besides the mobile there are also fixed versions which are likely installed in the immediate neighborhood and can deliver much stronger power and range of functionalities.
The app/technology has features that emit EM radiation which can act as a physical force field on bodily organs/cavities and interfere with most biological functions or neural signals traveling through the human body to a great precision. (The low freq of its range can (HAS) even be used during flights.)
It can remotely and surreptitiously collect the spectral data over an extended time and compute the neural data to re-structure the cognition and experience of the collection target ... obviously no consent involved. The agencies can in real time monitor remotely the inner voice, visual/auditory cortex (what you are seeing/hearing/imagining/dreaming etc) and can try to bias/re-orient attention. Such capabilities are at or beyond the state of the art in neurosciences ... may include remote EEG and possibly other methods. It is a SELF-LEARNING system which gets better with the data it collects and the collection agents who monitor and re-strategize using that information.
The collection agencies are really one giant global network that collaborates (internationally> share information technology etc) and is composed of capable and technically sophisticated people informed with or beyond the state of the art science and technology ... they are extremely well organized motivated and most likely know more about their collection target's entire history (physical mental and online) than the person him/herself
This is not an individual but a social problem which will need consumers and regulators to be informed of the potential abuses of technology in the 21st century and take the necessary steps towards reforming the legal standards of collection and other covert surveillance practices.
Anything you can do to share this information with consumers/ regulators and/or law enforcement will be appreciated.
Some Web links with information on the possibilities of this technology:

Some other details:
- Might Use infrared and microwave image mapping and spectral reconstruction to invade privacy ... entire living space can be mapped and monitored in great detail
- Monitoring and interference is 24/7 and includes all people things pets insects ... pretty much everything and at several levels(think X rays to infrared images of the human body)
- EM brain monitoring over extended periods and storing brain activity patterns and uses them to selectively manipulate thoughts emotions actions etc - Most likely remote EEG >> has subvocalization recognition capabilities (mind reading)
- Can induce dreams (unpleasant to nightmares) and alter sleep cycles (REM, slow wave, deep etc)
- Use EM radiation to induce unpleasant sensations and pain (see links and attached image for the full list)
- Induce thoughts and emotional states (via physiological/visceral radiation)
- Induce sneezes coughs itches and other unpleasant stimuli
- Jamming Internet and cell phone calls
- Operating during sleep cycles to manipulate memories and use low freq EM waves to continuously re-alter the brain waves spectral power distribution towards lower frequencies They DO NOT want the target to experience any positivity while accentuating all negative emotional experiences.
- Have an expert team which can in real time interfere with internet traffic, electronic devices and communications

collection agencies

Jun 19, 2015

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