Cohen's Fashion optical / worst experience - wrong prescription, worst customer service

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I went to Cohen's Fashion Optical on July 1st to get a new pair of glasses. I had a coupon that I was hoping to use and thought they had good service as they are a well known brand. I gave my glasses to someone to take the prescription of off and they assigned me a salesperson. From the beginning she was pushy and not very helpful. She was trying to deal with me and another customer at the same time and was going back and forth btwn us. After trying on some glasses I narrowed it down but couldn't decide. I tried telling her I would come back. She kept pushing. We negotiated a price for the glasses but I still was unsure. I took my credit card out but had not said yes and she took my card and charged it. Immediately I knew I did not want the glasses and asked her to reverse the charge (I had not signed the cc slip). Instead she kept taking out more and more pairs of glasses and getting everyone in the store to tell me which looked better on me. It was so overwhelming I had a panic attack. I finally signed the slip just to get out of there. I figured I would have glasses any way.

I was called on July 7th to pick up my glasses. I went in on the 8th at 6:30. When I walked in and said I was there to pick them up I was rudely asked if anyone called me. Yes, in fact, they had. I was handed the glasses, not asked if they fit or anything and basically expected to leave. I tried them on and could tell the prescription was off. I asked the woman who helped me originally about it and she said they would be fixed by the 11th. I asked her again if I could just have my money back. She told me that I would need to speak to the owner/manager. He seemingly did not believe that the prescription was wrong so he tookthem himself. When he came back he told me that both lenses were wrong and to sit down as he fixed them (originally I was told only the left lense was wrong). I waited and waited. At 7:20 I asked to speak to him (so I could tell him I would come back). The woman came back and said he'd told me I'd have to wait. When he gave me the glasses back finally I again said they did not seem right. I asked for my money back and said that I had never had anyone pressure and bully me like the people at that store. I told him I'd had a panic attack they were so aggressive. I was told I was "some kind of actress" and that the reason I couldn't see in the glasses must be "all the pills [I] was on." Shocked does not begin to describe how I felt. I took my glasses and walked out.

The next day I took my glasses to my usual place and had them check the prescription. I was told they were so far off it was unbelieveable. He had no idea what they had done to those glasses. I can't believe that this store (Cohen's) could send people out with the wrong prescription- and be so ugly and rude and aggressive on top of it.

I am in the process of reporting this store to corporate, the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company. I have told everyone I know to avoid them and their horrible business practices!

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  • Fu
      May 09, 2012

    Did you get your coupons worth?? I saw one for a transplant surgey- should I send it to you?

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