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Alpharetta, GA, United States
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Hi All,

Please do not get associated with them, the are a night mare.
First of all, this company is run by a bunch of fresh graduates and immature people who have no idea about IT or Software industry. They use their brand as FORBES listed company, but infact they have no idea about what they are doing.

1. Bunch of fools run this org, and they tell yes to everything you ask them. They fake that they are a big organization and guarantee you a job plus promise they would sponsor H1 (Working Visa) Visa. I really don't know how these companies work and have no clue on what these companies actually do (adroix, codeforce360, tek&co, tekforce360 etc.)
2. They promised to provide me free in class training, free accommodation and weekly stipend. Everything is false, hopeless training (online from India), accommodation (10- people in a 2 bed apartment), and never pay your weekly expenses as they tell that they never saw me in the office.
3. Office situation: Hopeless condition! All the management come to the office at around 11-12 Am and complain that we students dont report on time. The chairs are all broken, tables are broken. It is chaotic as the rest of them play table tennis and cricket in the office or sometimes have beer.
4. After the Hopeless training, they give few resumes and ask us to change the names and template and submit to them for marketing. They lie that market is hot and they need the resumes asap. They will not spend 1 min to explain hoe the entire marketing works.
5. They lie that they have internal positions at Coke and other clients but will never get back to us regarding that.
6. They ask us to submit fake H1b copies to their Vendors and clients. Most of the clients have blacklisted them for this practice.
7. In this entire process, you will only deal with immature management and kids who just graduated. It is fishy, the CEO or any senior management is never into the picture. If you question them, they say you cannot talk to the CEO or senior management as they are very busy. So busy that they will never talk to you and never face you. Later I found out that it was all intentional as you will make them held responsible for all the fake promises and fraud activities.
8. They will always create unnecessary hype and shut our mouths by saying it is a very big brand and we are the ones who are useless.
9. I felt very bad for one of my friend who never got paid for weekly expenses. When questioned they said that he was useless wasting their time and money by not cracking the calls just to get away from not paying.
10. They give freshers contact as proxies and later if you find out they just lie on your face saying that they are better than us or else they say it is our mistake that we cant crack calls. They have answers for everything to escape from the situation.
11. Once you get job from them after faking everything, please don't be relieved as the game has just started. As there will be no point of contact for payroll and their phone number and extension and email signature never WORKS! find out by yourself by trying this.
12. The so called legal team is a nightmare, trust me they have no clue on what they are doing, they have no idea about CPT, OPT, H1B. Dont ever trust them, please take a second opinion. If there is any mistake and they are caught, the answer you get is that even we have equal share in the mistake as it is our duty also to take 2nd and 3rd opinion. Does this sound OK???? Then why the hell are they running the company and charging the consultants for H1b and Green cards??? Bunch of crooks
Finally, my strong recommendation is that please do not get associated with this company. If anyone want to challenge me on this, please find out by yourself if all the above are true or not.

Jul 13, 2016

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