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I'm in customer service and just received a disturbing email from a customer Gina Wake. She purchased something just a couple of hours ago and she has already starting complaining and asking questions that indicate a potential for fraud. Since online fraud is so high, our company subscribes to a database of customers that frequently commit fraud to online companies. They generally start small, do it weeks/months apart to stay under the radar of their credit card company. We ran her name and address, both her billing and shipping, which is her work, COCA (Center of Creative Arts), and found that she not only commits fraud, she also comes to boards like this to them complain about the companies.

Ironically, she is a full-time employee of COCA (Center of Creative Arts) and works with the donor database and money. All of her activities, including shopping, emails and postings here are 100% during business hours! Every item is documented and certified through this service.

So, donors are giving money to sustain what could be a community enrichment, but employees like Gina Wake, waste away those donations by spending their work day shopping, committing fraud and posting false complaints.

I encourage all donors to demand that the center account for Gina's time on the job and to pay back back the center and those that the donations were intended for, because they certainly where not intended for Gina's fraud.

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      8th of Feb, 2010

    My name is Gina Wake. This complaint was written by the owner of Howlin Moon Bakery. I ordered an item from them (on my own time) which I never received and have never been refunded for. The owner of this company threatened me (and others, their complaints are written on this very board) that he would slander my company name (where I had asked that the item be shipped for convenience sake). The threats were forwarded to the Better Business Bureau, and my bank is now pursuing this company for my refund.

    Slandering my name and my company name is shameful, and all of the above are lies, including doing anything on company time. I am guilty of occasionally shopping online during my lunch hour or breaks. The story of me emailing them with complaints, etc. within hours of the order are also entirely fabricated.

    COCA is unrelated to any of this situation, and the fact that this person would make these statements and threaten the livelihood of a community organization that is in the business of helping children is reprehensible.

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  • Sa
      6th of Jul, 2012

    I am offended and hurt to see these attacks on Gina’s professional and moral character.
    These statements are criminal, vicious, and defame her reputation.

    Gina’s tenure with COCA should be enough to assure any questions or concerns that you have listed above are falsely stated. During that timeframe, her ambition, willingness to offer her assistance, as well as her reliability with the many charities and organizations that she has been involved with more than speaks volumes about her nature and personality.

    I have known Gina for over ten years. I can assure you that Gina is dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, willing to please, and courteous. I can confirm she is a woman of great integrity and is extremely dedicated to her family and work.

    I would be delighted and overjoyed to have Gina as co-worker. However, I am in the brokerage industry, which is on the opposite spectrum of charitable associations.

    In closing, I wish to state that these defamations are unfounded. Please do not attempt to further damage the reputation or image of someone who is very compassionate and unselfish to others.

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