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The work done by Dr. Ordehi (Coast Dental) was begun in February of 2010, and six months later was still not finished. There were problems from the beginning. Dr. Ordehi’s attempt at numbing my mouth before starting, was the most painful experience I have ever had with a dentist. Whether it was technique or what, I will not speculate. Suffice it to say that it was the worst pain I have ever experienced at the hands of any dentist.

Some of the temporary crowns and bridges that Dr. Ordehi put in my mouth, did not seat correctly and caused me a great deal of pain. Several crowns fell off in my mouth, and two actually broke. At one time, while I was gone for meetings, one crown broke and another fell off, leaving me to suffer with it for several days before I would return home.

Dr. Ordehi seems to prefer debating her patients rather than listening. When I told her that one half of an upper tooth was exposed when the crown broke, she said that the tooth was still covered, which the top was, but which the side was not.

One temporary crown which had fallen off, and which had not seated well, was replaced by Ordehi’s assistant. From the time this temp was put in place by Dr. Ordehi, I had considerable discomfort. After the assistant replaced it properly, I had no more problems with that tooth, until the permanent crowns were in place.

I complained of pain in a tooth on the upper right, upon which she had placed a permanent crown. When I told Dr. Ordehi about this, she said the tooth might need a root canal. I told her that this pain was not abscess type pain; that it was different. She insisted that I go see Dr. Crawford in Lakeland. Dr. Crawford did the root canal which I am convinced I did not need, at a cost to me of $650.00. The pain remained after the root canal, because it was a soreness caused by an improper bite. This was confirmed by Dr. Stevens in his evaluation, and confirmed further when he adjusted the bite and the pain in uppers on both sides left.

Dr. Crawford told me and Dr. Ordehi, that the bridge on my upper right was “mobile”. Her response was to send me somewhere else to “see why I think the bridge is loose”, a comment which I did not appreciate. As I told her, I am 72, but I do not have dementia. The bridge is loose, something else confirmed by Dr. Stevens.

I also told her that the bridge had shifted forward, which was confirmed by Coast's Dr. Jochin, and by Dr. Stevens. Common sense would tell you that a bridge which was not loose, would not shift.

I also complained about gum pain. Dr. Ordehi tried to send me to a periodontist to see if the problem, which I never had before she began working on me, might be periodontal disease. When Dr. Stevens did his evaluation, he discovered that Dr. Ordehi had left cement under my gums and that this was where the pain was coming from.

In the last six months, I have consumed more pain medication that I have in the last ten years. Had Dr. Ordehi listened to me, and not tried to put the blame somewhere other than on her work, and had examined her work, we would likely not be in this situation today.

There were always long periods of time between visits, and on one occasion, my appointment was cancelled because Dr. Ordehi had to go to the hospital. I was told that I would be called when she returned to work. Several weeks later, I called to see what was going on and was told, “I guess we forgot to call you.”

I have had this work done because I do a lot of public speaking, and felt that dentures would hinder that somewhat. I have had to deliver several major speeches since this began and all of them were done with a great deal of difficulty from the mess in my mouth. I could not continue as things were.

I have paid Dr. Ordehi $6550.00, Dr. Crawford $650.00 for an unnecessary root canal, Dr. Stevens for his work and evaluation $125.00, and have traveled to Lakeland for work that I believe was not necessary, and for an evaluation by Dr. Jochin, I have suffered a great deal of pain and discomfort because of Dr. Ordehi, and I will accept nothing less than having the entire right upper fixed by Dr. Stevens at Dr. Ordehi’s expense. Dr. Ordehi offered to refund me $2900.00. What I wanted was the cost of correcting her mess which was $4585.00

If this had been done, all of this would have gone away.

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  • Ju
      Feb 20, 2011

    I agree. I used to work with her. She does NOT CARE about her patients. She only cares about making her production goal with the company. She does TERRIBLE work and her bedside manner is horrible. Coast does not care either. Glad I am out of there.

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