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In the 12 years I have been retired from the Air Force, I have NEVER had to pay any charges for my cleanings/XRays...UNTIL moving into the Ocala area and falling into the clutches of Coast Dental. Ny first visit resulted in close to $500 in non-covered costs. It would seem that they may charge $41.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ocala, FL00 for "anti-bacterial irrigation" which seemed to be nothing more than a squirt of mouthwash. $28.00 for desensitzing meds (wiping my gums with something). My wife was charged similar amounts. An internet search reveals the truth that it is a coroporate driven scheme to get as much as possible from the pockets of people of low and fixed incomes. We're looking for another PRIVATE dentist now!

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  • Ma
      Oct 13, 2009

    Went there today for a check-up and a cleaning and what a mistake. They were deceptive in what they were charging me for - things I didn't want nor need. And then when I questioned it at the check-out, I was accused of trying to scam them and that was what I was there for was to scam them out of payment for services! I went there for a check-up and a cleaning - scamming really isn't something I would think of going to sit in a dentists chair to do! Unreal! Now I'm contacting their corporate office to see what their viewpoint is. I'm guessing this is probably systemic with the entire chain but it was a starting point. My next step will be small claims court and possibly a slander/defamation of character suit. Stay away from Coast Dental and spread the word.

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  • Gl
      Oct 18, 2009

    My friend calling the coorporate office wont do anything.Coorporate is hoe rules all the offices .They are the ones puching all the Doctors and other staff members to add and dignos all this "xtra things" irrigation, desensitizing ...Go stight to small claims court.

    A piece of advise...remember that Coast Denatl is a powerful coorporation and they have a very good group in law representation.You as patient signed all this documents and consent forms prior any treatment that states basicly that is all patients resposability and foult :(

    Good luck and fight them.dont give up.I think this will help this company to learn to respect and cere moore for their patients.

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  • Mr
      Oct 20, 2011

    They charge us fees for $41.00 for "anti-bacterial irrigation" nothing more than a squirt of mouthwash. $28.00 for desensitzing meds (wiping my gums with something). and much more, My husband has been going for his cleaning and they charge over $200 each visit which the cleaning has been broken up into four visits and all of the fees for mouth wash fluorides and stuff they rub on your mouth while cleaning are not covered by insurance costs were $65, $25, $18, $45 and were charged per each 3 teeth resulting in over $800 just for a cleaning

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