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Coast Dental / Refused to do treatment

1 1500 west Beville rd.Daytona Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 386-253-6634

Went to see Dr. Tim Luong because my son broke his frount tooth and he is a provider on my dental insurance. I made an appoint for an emergency exam & 1 x-ray to determine what treatment needed to be done. After he took 6 x-rays & a pano on my child & did the exam, he then determined he could not do the treatment on his tooth because the insurance did not pay enough for a four surface filling. He said I would have to pay out of pocket for a porclin crown & a build up, that my insurance did not cover it. I asked him to just do what my insurance covered & he said "it was not worth his time that I would have to do the crown or he could just leave his tooth broken". I explained that my insurance would pay to have the tooth fixed with a 4 surface filling, but he said "not by me you will have to go some where else then". He then walked away from me with out even saying good bye. He has a legal contract with these insurance companies when he agrees to be a provider. He is a unprofessional, greedy, arogant, S.O.B, who does not have the best interest of his patients. He has no morals or values other than his own GREED. I had to go to Greenburg Dental who is not a provider on my insurance and pay out of pockek for the filling that should of been covered at 100% with my insurance. BEWARE Stay away from TIM LUONG.

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  • Gl
      17th of Oct, 2009
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    i worked with dr.Luong.Sorry you had to put up with him.Hope your child is doing better. but greenburg dental is not any better. Becarefull with doing medical treatment ruled by insurance.yes I understand the dr.Luong was rude and arogant, that is the way he is.but dont forget thet they are looking "sometimes to do theh best treatment for you or child.Some times what the insurance covers or pay is ussually what is worse fot the patiece.

  • 12
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    More than likely a four surface filling was not in your childs best interests. I;m sure a crown was recomended and Dr. Luong would not do treatment on your son just beacuase your ins did not cover a crown. A four surface filling is a huge filling that would probally break and you would be back for a crown anyway. I hope all worked out and be sure to come back to see Dr. Luong for the crown when the filling breaks.

  • Sp
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    I have gone through 3 weeks of horrible pain from a broken tooth. I went in to have the tooth pulled, it broke, so he left the shattered root, gave me motrin and a mouth rinse and sent me home, 3 days later I go back with a raging infection and he says, Dr. Loung asked if I was taking the antibiotic that he did not even prescribe for me. So he says don't worry we will take care of it, they take more x-rays, give me pain pills, and the antibiotic i should of been given, and sent me home. A week later I go back, they take more x-rays, removes the shattered root, then contours my gum line, I was in some serious pain, and refused to refill any pain medications. So I go back for the next appointment, and for the second time they asked why I was there and I did not have an appointment. They said I was a walk-in, they took more x-rays and said it looked inflamed and it would take several weeks for it to heal, and refused to give me anything for the pain, then had the gall to charge me $80.00. A simple tooth extraction turned into, at date 3 weeks of hell, and over $300.00. I just find it hard to believe any Dentist would let anyone be in pain for that long, I felt like I was being a bother, the staff performance is questionable at best. I cannot express my Ill feelings towards this experience. And what I have heard from other people since this incident has started, I am not the only person who has had problems. This place in a word "SUCKS"

  • At
      1st of May, 2013
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    This loser is a greedy apathetic unprofessional nasty person. If he really is a dentist it must be a mail order degree or something. I will not take the time to repeat all the nasty things he did, but he did leave me with a half root canal, nerve exposed, no pain meds, and drilled too deep right into nerve, so told me to come back in a week. I come back and he drills in the same hole all the way to the nerve again, and I reminded him of what he should be doing, not drilling any deeper, but sealing the nerve somehow. Bottom line, I walked out, he charges 800.00 on my care credit card, even though I have medicaid. He charged me 800 for a a half done root canal and a week in pain, then infection in the gums, now its a month later and a real dentist is trying to fix his mess. Almost took a swing at the [censored] when he wouldnt stop drilling into my nerve. Not to mention he numbed the wrong area of my mouth like a freakin blind man.
    I would not allow this "Dr" LOL! to work on my wooden coffee table much less a human being. If they dont refund the 800 I am suing him this week. Anybody wants in, contact me He needs to be stopped.

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