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On several occasions my partner and I have stressed that he have bed bugs in his effieciency unit My pregnant girl was saying that she was getting bit up. So the maintenance did a search and said I had a crack in the wall and thats where the bed bugs are coming from. They inspectors came to spray the unit. But we still had them thats when had to tell them again we still are getting bit. After my girlfriend had her baby and we brought him back from the hospital in march 18 2018 we came back to a visible bed bug nest in the cravices of the bed. That made a vacate and she told us to go away for a couple weeks whiched turned into a month and still nothing done.

I also moved in my unit and the kitchen sink under the bottom had a, whole covered up with paper and scotch tape thats where all the roaches come from we had a roach infestation before I got here because my neighbor told me the problem that he had. We also put in a order for that and they never came and that was 2016 and now it 2018.

I also have kitchen light problem that I put a order in 5 months ago the manager ms white says I have to pay for the light bulbs out of pocket but others said they never pay for the light bulbs its mandatory for them to be replaced by maintenance.

Springbrook apartments also has a mice problem my friend said he seen to mice run from the elevator. I also had to kill one to keep it from running in my house. It is very hazardous for my son to live amongst mice its not safe. I also made a report to fill the holes and they never reported that.

My girlfriend recently got into a altercation with a resident that ran into my house and attacked my girlfriend and ripped her hair out. The resident brought down her sister and brother to jump my girl then called the police after she ran into my house.

Oct 29, 2018

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