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CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning was hired to clean my air ducts. They not only not to the job right as the are new and inexperienced but did a lot of other damages. While they were in my house, they pulled their hoses, which are approximately 1 ft in diameter, against the walls to pull them from the main floor to the basement and the upper floor. They also used the walls to stabilize the hoses while they were on their shoulders which also scratched my walls and which will have to be repainted. I complained to the owner Mark Ohana about it and he was extremely rude and yelled at me. He completely denied that it was anything that they could have done and screamed that I call another company to fix since its not their problem . I had another company fix my air ducts and had to hire a contractor to fix my damages. The new company found that CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning had disconnected few things which caused the ducts to malfunction. The Air Ducts was also still dirty. I took pictures to document this.This company is a disaster- fly by night operators. Call the owner and you will know within 2 minutes how greedy he is and what a liar he can be.


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  • Ra
      Aug 25, 2014

    These guys are a big ripoff.First of all they are expert in writing fake reviews, for example, look at the fake reviews these guys have posted as positive reviewers.I mean why on earth somebody from Nevada City, CA and Hampstead, NH get carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning from somebody in Charlotte, NC?????

    Anyways here is my TRUE story Mark Ohana and Jaime are thieves and my experience with them is nothing but a highway robbery. First of all I was never provided with a proper paper receipt and the dryer vent was not cleaned and is now blocked again. On 7/21 CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning came out to clean my vents specifically the dryer vent. I was told by the dryer repair man from CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning the vent was blocked and a fire hazard. When the technician was done I was skeptical that is was not completed correctly but he said it was. I asked for a paper receipt he said take a picture. So I did two months later we call the dryer repairman back out because the dryer still wasn't working and he said the vents are still blocked. we called CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning and they said nothing they can do they only provide a 2 day warranty. Then my roommate spoke to them and he said there is nothing they can do they only provide a week warrantly. He said it is on the receipt which we only have a picture of because the technician wouldn't give me a paper receipt and on the parts we can read we see no mention of a warranty timeline. The company refuses to come out and do the job correctly or to refund the money paid.We had a different company come out recently to clean the dryer vent. They advised us CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning did absolutely nothing when they came out. The vents were completely blocked and have been that way for a while. They also informed us very dangerous lint had built up in the back of our dryer and could have caught fire at any time. CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning should not be in business they are a complete scam and could have caused my house to burn down by claiming they did something they didn't.Stay away from this sham scam people Mark Ohana and Jaime. CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning sucks and needs to be put out of business. Don't believe their fake reviews as I mentioned earlier why would people fro, Nevada City, CA and Hampstead, NH get carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning from somebody in Charlotte, NC????? and leave positives reviews. This company probably hires company
    to write fake reviews or do it themselves. Shame shame.

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