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Close Combat Training / Unauthorized Charges

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This guy, "Captain" Chris Pizzo, sells a series of DVDs which purportedly instruct the viewer in close quarter combat techniques that were used between WWII and the Vietnam war. He then signs you up for a 99 dollar a month auto renewal vitamin subscription, and starts charging your credit card. He informs you that you've been signed up, which I'm sure shocks everyone about as much as it shocked me.

FYI, once the first charge came through, I reported it to my credit card, Capital One Bank. It was removed about a week later, charged back to Captain Chris Pizzo. Now I'm just waiting to see if he tries to charge me for something else.

I'm a Jujitsu and self defense instructor, and I want to warn anyone who's considering purchasing these DVDs - they're actually not bad, but they're not terribly good either, and I definitely wouldn't say they're worth the hundred and twenty bucks I paid. But if you do order them, WATCH your credit card statement! Once Chris Pizzo charges you for something you didn't order, you can complain about the unauthorized charge to your card, you just have to do so quickly.

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  • Wa
      13th of May, 2009
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    I agree up to a point. The thing is that I ordered the CCT package which arrived in due course. What may be unethical is the company does not spell-out that there will be ongoing charges. I myself kind of read between the lines, realised what was about to happen, and contacted them soon after receiving the dvds and cancelled the membership to the core-inner-circle or whatever it is called. There was no problem to do that and I have had no ongoing or recurring charges.

    Another point if I may. I also ordered the 15 minute hell workout dvd on the basis that if I did not like it I could return it no questions asked withing 3 months for a full refund. I had a look at it and whether or not the workout is of any value, the production, editing and presentation of the video was amateurish in the extreme. I promptly returned the dvds (to US from Australia) feeling it was way not worth the money and waited. And waited. And waited. Then, unlike the experience of other people I have read about I actually received an email confirming they had received the returned merchandise and the refund would be honoured.

    On the basis of that experience I probably have little to complain about and what I was beginning to fear was an out and out scam, which seems to be the opinion of a lot of people on the net, I would have to say turned out to be a fairly honest and open experience. I suppose it still all comes down to caveat emptor! Perhaps tooc certain parties who perhaps once pursued less than ethical business practices worked out they can make a buck by actually trying to build a good reputation through refining their erstwhile practices somewhat. That's my opinion for what it is worth.

  • Da
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    Hi my name is Dan Begley I hold 2 black belts. A real 9th degree black belt taught me. Rudy Timmerman is the Grand Master of, Kong Shin Bup. Here is that our home page says: The National Korean Martial Arts Association (NKMAA) offers students and Instructors of: Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool, Tang Soo Do, Kong Shin Bup™, and other Korean martial arts, the following services: Registration of Rank, Certification, Testing, Consulting, Seminars and Workshops in KI Training, Weapons Training, Joint-locking, Pressure Points, Traditional Forms, and a myriad of awesome Self-defense techniques.
    The stuff Captain Chris teaches is not top secret we teach it to our white belts. I watched the videos and found that a lot of his techniques are very poorly done. You would not know if you are doing something wrong, unless someone was there to tell you. Please don’t waste your money.

  • Da
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I attained my instructor ratings in hakido 10 years ago, my instuctors were taught by Ji Han Jae, and Kwang Sik Myung, both grandmasters.
    Now I realise that nothing is really new to me in the techniques department, although there are some pretty good escape tricks, and stuff in there. I like the fact that Chris Pizzo has cut the fancy stuff, and gone with the gross motor movements. I like his teaching style, with concept maps, and the like.
    Don't you worry I was facinated with martial arts all my life, but the reason I do like the close combat stuff is simple.
    Before I wisened up, and beat all of my habits that I had picked up over my life, I was always getting involved in real life fights, I mean crazy stuff. Gangs of youths, bikie fights in pubs, bar room brawls, street fights, bats, sticks, knives to the throat, bouncers, police, jilted ex lovers breaking through doors ect to come, and kill me. There is more, anyway you get the message.
    Obviously I survived due to my knowledge, and conditioning.
    However I can tell you that there was no flash moves involved in any real fight, once it is on, and your life depends on it, the simple combat type moves are all you will do to survive, whether it be stand up, or ground.
    I am not saying don't learn martial arts, I love martial arts, and every art has something to offer, just don't be blind to the truth when it comes to survival.
    One thing that I have noticed about my friends, family, and associates is that no one wants to go through what I went through just to learn how to defend themselves, they want to know easy, and simple ways that work, even if they don't get it 100% right.
    Everyone can make their own choice, not everyone has the desire, and drive to be an earned black belt, rather than a paid one.

  • In
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    Avoid anything that tells you that you will become an instant ninja with death touch from a DVD overnight. If it was that easy the SAS and Navy Seals wouldn't bother to spend all the time learning it and hiring all the experts, the Israeli's wouldn't teach REAL Krav Maga, the UFC guys would all study Captain Chris' system and everyone on the street would be a lethal killer with finger tip death touches.

    The problem with Captian Ninja's [sic] stuff is that you WANT it to be true. Well I want to win the lottery too but that never happens and you won't become an instant ninja, just add disrespect by watching Captain Ninja's video either.

  • Hi
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    I hear what you are saying "instant ninja" and i would have to agree with you to some extent. I get this stuff very quickly as I have already spent years, and years learning all sorts.
    To learn it instantly is a hard ask.
    I have used close combat, and combined it with bjj, and hapkido ect, and put my own syllabus together.
    I started out thinking, a 10 week course yeah, good for those of us that already know heaps, after showing some friends, and the like, I realised it was more like 10 levels, and the time frame would be more like 3-4 years at least. I call it "Hikido Combat". It follows the rules of Traditional Arts, Combat Sports, and Self Defence.
    More info in the future on that. I probably will only teach a select few.

  • Su
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    How do you folks feel about sambo or systema? I am tempted to look into those. No, I don't expect to be a bad ### overnight:)

  • Se
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    I didn't buy the videos to become A"Captain Ninja"cadet.I wanted a plan of defense.I don't want to get into a fight with lord and master Rudy Timmerman.I didn't want to spend $1, 000 or much more and spend hours in the gym learning REAL Krav Maga.The videos are what they are, IDEAS of what to do.I want a plan not a black belt.I took Bondo boxing in college, it was a good time, but I didn't get a good idea what to do on the street.I have an idea now.
    If you are going to buy the dvds and expect to be a master at anything you will be disappointed.
    Take it for what it is.
    If you think you can get a dvd on football and expect to be in the NFL next spring you got a nother thing comin.

  • To
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I live in AZ & ordered Capt. Chris' DVD's last month. I got the DVD's that I ordered, but quite frankly think they are of poor quality. Today, I received a bottle of dietary supplements in the mail THAT I DID NOT ORDER! I immediately checked my credit card, only to find that $39.95 was charged to my card 2 days ago. I called the 24/7 number for Close Combat only to be told someone would call me back on Monday. So much for 24/7 service! I immediately cancelled my credit card so these SOB's cannot charge me again. WARNING! Do not do business with them.

  • Cl
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    It's called forced continuity. He used to have a memebershiipd but it's easier to do supplements as they run out and you need more. Now, he has put the option for you to de list them--but most people will not see that. Hsi money now is in contniuity.

    He's a follower of John Reese--if you people don't know marketing--he's a multi millionaire.

    Look, one thing I wil say is that way too many people think that fighting, self defense material should be free or lwo cost--while they spend htousands on golf or violin lessons for their kids. Get a grip on what reality is.

  • Mh
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    I bought his program and it's a scam. Just type in their name and scam and see what comes up on google. They keep bilking your credit card for supplements you never ordered

  • Wi
      21st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes all scams he has little tid-bits of truth tucked into his argument which makes it seem believable on the surface. Yes learning complicated forms and techniques will probably not help much in an applied real-life fight, but neither will his stupid videos. It's like a diet pill commercial saying your fat. Yes you are fat, it's true, but the diet pill isn't going to solve all your problems overnight. Using gross motor movements to target people's weak spots is very intuitive, and not something that you need to spend $100+ to learn. If you're severely threatened by someone, break their finger, knee them in the groin, or gouge them in the eye. There, I should have just made $500 sharing that. :P

  • Mi
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    Alrighty, well I just stumbled upon "Captain Chris" and his website, and thought I'd chime in to lend another opinion from a martial artist's point of view. I practice the disciplines of Kali, Sayoc Kali, Wing-Chun, JKD, Wu-Wei gung fu, BJJ and Sambo, under the tutelage of Sensei/Sifu Bruce Foster.
    I was initially intrigued by the stuff "Captain Chris" had to say about his system, because much of what he says regarding simple muscle movements and "ingraining" the moves into your muscle memory is very legitimate. However, as several people above have pointed out, this is not something that can be learned overnight. In my experience, the only way to get those moves into your muscle memory is to build those reflexes with thousands of repetitions. Much of what he says about getting rid of all the "fluff" in traditional martial arts is great, and is one of our primary principles in all of the disciplines that I study.
    However, I was not impressed by the videos that he showed on his website: the actors/students (and himself as well) that performed his techniques looked sloppy, inexact, and I was entirely unconvinced that I (or any other self-respecting Kali artist) would be as helpless as he claimed to block his attacks.
    This post is dragging on, and I could say quite a bit more, but I will suffice to say that his stuff just doesn't live up to his wild promises, and will leave it at that.

    On another note, yes, his web-site struck me as a huge red flag for being a scam. Way too many typos and outrageous promises for a quick, super secret brutal method of fighting (which of course he has to say is condemned by the military, martial arts dojos, & powers that be). I tried to see if he was telling the truth about being featured on the myriad of news stations that he had claimed, but when I searched "captain chris" or "close combat training" found nothing on msnbc, the today show, cnn, or fox even a little bit related. Maybe someone else managed to find them, but I sure did not. The "Wait!" audio clip that plays when you are about to navigate away from the site almost made me [censored]e myself.

  • Ga
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    I bought the Close Combat Training kit and didn't realiise Captain Chris had signed me up for his monthly supplements charged to my credit card account. I have since complained and am waiting for a refund.

  • No
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    The "" site is "UNAVAILABLE" and the phone number at 866-966-9705 sends you to another phone number, 866-297-6069 that directs you to go to the closecombathelp site, which, of course, IS UNAVAILABLE !!! Best way to get them to stop charging your card is to CANCEL IT !!! You'll never speak to a "LIVE PERSON" like the website promises that you can, "seven days a week, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year".
    "Captain Chris" is a TOTAL SCAM !!!

  • Kh
      26th of Nov, 2009
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    I would have to say that doing martial arts is about far more than simply self-defense. It is a form of meditation just as much as a form of fighting. The practice of a form is a centering of the self. It keeps your mind in check. As some have already said, these close combat techniques are taught to the earliest students in a lot of schools, I think it would be wise to reassess who is actually missing the point. After reading Captain Chris' site I was disappointed with the amount of fear-based RAGE that drove his argument. His dismissal of "martial arts" as simply flashy was truly unsatisfying.

    I am no fighter, I've never truly been involved with martial arts. What I will say is that there is a calmness and kindness about the masters that I have known and meditated with. Truly capable of murder, but not confident because of their protection, these people had found a spiritual and physical balance through the art of their choice. This mindset makes them sound enforcers of their own personal justice. What Captain Chris is creating is the exact evil he swears so righteously to defend against. He is creating a population of people who overstep their own bounds... who will inevitably desire a fight... who will constantly seek self-validation. He is creating the mindset of fear and paranoia that will turn his subjects into satisfactory examples of self-defense as well as perfect stereotypes of what it means to have false control. The goal is to remove the violence altogether, this should be reminded even in simple defense tutorials.

    It has been stated before that the DVD's contain useful data, and this may be true, but be careful of people like Captain Chris, who have useful data but suffer from a perverted sense of control that acts as a filter and taints the usefulness so that it has bitterness, resentment and rage.

    Everything needs to happen instantly now, but we've already admitted that to change people will take a long time. Take Chris' information at a face value. Defend yourself. You deserve that. But when you have properly defended yourself and Chris has taught you to depend on your animal instinct to decide on your next move, he has no clue what to do next. He is lost. He is like an animal. He has no knowledge of the brilliance and beauty of the world.

    For some this is perfect, all some have ever wanted is a reason to fight. For the rest of the population, seek more.

  • Ja
      19th of Dec, 2009
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    You will know how to weakly defend yourself after just a weekend of watching. This is not practice. This is theory. Go to a good dojo and learn. Muay Thai or Karate, as long as the teacher is good you don't need these home order assassin dvds.

  • We
      24th of Jan, 2010
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    guys stop complainng about chris...coz he never hides anything ffom hes course, and hes a honest guy, not like some of you who teaches self defence who is not honest wit there student, hidalling their i rihgt or wrong here, stop complaining coz you have read all the instructions before purcharsing your product from him...stop being a, and you dont give back chris what you have already study in the manual and try to claim your money back..dont be cheater please...and chris is honest wit his stuff...

  • Dh
      25th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Ok guys, i have a solution to you getting charged for anything, an email address, send an email, tell them what you want, and they will fix all your problems for you.

    Get the videos, dont get the videos it is your choice now, use the email address, and you can stop your problems ok.

    Personally I know pretty much all of what was in the videos, and more. Some things I hadn't considered.
    I know that Cap know his stuff, and it wouldn't hurt you to have his videos in your martial arts/self defence library.
    Caps stuff does not replace anything, it adds to it, and can make you aware if you are open minded enough to realise that some traditional, and sports applications wont save you against a knowledgeable assailant.
    Yes you may get away with it most times, but you get older, weaker, and slower with age. Then it is the techniques, if you choose to accept them that will keep you alive.
    I am around the same age as Cap, and i can tell you, just because you think you are good, doesn't make it so. Life isn't about competition, its about survival. Remember, there is alway someone better, ALWAYS.
    Anyway, if you are open to learning, even a baby has stuff to teach you, study a babys defence mechanism one day, see what happens :)
    Use the email address and stop whinging ay.

  • Is
      6th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Oh WAHHH! I got scammed by a cheesy used rehashed martial arts instructor!!!
    What does your gut tell you about this operator when you read his website..
    Drama, urgency, all knowingness. Vague references, hype?
    Use common your common sense or lacking that get a second opinion.
    His marketing is amateurish his DVD production is amateurish its content Is pop fluff.
    Sure take someone who knows nothing add Capt Cris and you have someone who will:
    1. Know more than enough to survive his opponent or
    2. Know not enough to survive his opponent.
    Either way the person is learning something and it may inspire them to continue learning. Something like real martial arts or a combat system.
    This is the beginning of discerning.
    Budweiser or Guinness the are both beer.
    Which is the better? Its in the eye of the beholder.
    So stop crying contact them get your $$ back if you able and then find another teacher
    your already a student. And Capt Chris has taught you something.

  • Jo
      10th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I respect the comments from the martial artists here - whatever particular style they espouse. C. Chris does not really make any outlandish promises. But remember this ... his videos are not really pitched at you graded martial artists. They're for the average bloke who finds himself unwittingly in a dangerous situation and provides a few basic (potentially deadly) moves - enough for him to knock the other guy enough to get the hell out of there. Sure it's not UFC stuff enough to go 10 rounds but for ordinary folk its better than nothing. I don't think it pretends to be anything else does it?

    The secrecy hype is just typical American sales pitch - take it with a grain of salt. As for the supplements, well I haven't tried them and these guys rely on most people not going to the effort to cancel their orders. Amway or any pyramid selling system does exactly the same.

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