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I was charged for something on my credit card when I was told that it was free along with purchasing a free trial of resveratol. Now, my credit card is blocked from the company and I have to fill out dispute forms. It is robbery. To make people go through this.
They sound so nice over the phone and make it sound as though, "of course", no obligation to buy". I called right away to cancel, but it was too late, they had already charged my account. I called after I saw how many complaints were on the web-site for "Cleanse Gold" . What I want to know, is why this is still going on? I'm not opening anything they send me, free trial or not, I'm just sending everything back. Don't want any part of this. Now they have my account as everything cancelled and I haven't received the product as of yet. The company gave me two RMA #s to return the merchandise, which I definitely will, once it arrives.
I am hoping my bank understands this and will not expect me to pay.
This is definitely the very last time I get myself into this..."Free Trial? yeah, right.

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      Aug 12, 2009

    Same thing happened to me, I never got the free sample & was billed $85.00 for my next order that I never got.

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      Aug 12, 2009

    Did not got free sample & was billed for my next order $85.00 that I never got.

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  • Sc
      Aug 13, 2009

    The same thing happened to my girl friend. Everyone needs to contact the attorney general both in your area and if u can find out where the company is based out of and also if there is a parent company cantact them as well. I for one would love to see these fraugulant practices teminated and I believe we can if we work together. I am having a hard time finding out info on this place but if I do I will post 4 sho!

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  • Ck
      Aug 20, 2009

    The company is located in Trenton NJ. Contact the BBB to log complaints the more people who do we might get results.

    The BBB that will handle your complaint is:
    BBB of New Jersey
    (Trenton, NJ)
    1700 Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road Suite D-5
    Trenton, NJ [protected]
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Email: [protected]

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  • Sa
      Sep 01, 2009

    I was also told the same thing and when I called Acai to find out what happened they told me they no record of this company and or the product that I m talking about.How do you not know about something like that I am so pissed off that I was charged that. And I still have not received product to send back has anyone else.


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