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On March 2, 2012, I was assaulted by a manager on the premises of the Clark County Collections Services located at 8860 W. Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89148. I went with my boyfriend to pick up his final check around 5:25pm. I realized it was taking him a long time to come out so I went into the building where I saw him standing in the lobby. I asked the reception if anyone could assist us, she contacted someone on the phone but never responded to my question. A few minutes later Kevin Eaton and Lance Williams came into the lobby and began speaking to my boyfriend. Kevin began telling my boyfriend that he would have to wait until someone was finished with their meeting because his check was in her office. At this time I spoke to try to reason with him by explaining that I needed to pick up my son from daycare by 6pm and if there was anything he could do it would be appreciated. He said he understood but not much could be done. At this time Lance spoke up and stated that unless I had business with the company I could not be in the building. I acknowledged that I would leave and he began to escort me out. As we reached the exit, he whispered “Get your a** up outta here.” From this a screaming match between him and me began. There was quite a bit of cursing and yelling from all parties involved. As I was walking to my car Mr. Williams made another rude comment, when I turned around, he punched me twice in the head. I contacted 311 to file a police report once I got home around 8pm that evening but officers never came out. Mr. Williams was fired on Monday, March 5, 2012. I have attempted to contact Clark County Collections Services in regards to this situation to see if some type of agreement could be reached before I sought legal representation. I briefly spoke to Tim Jones in Human Resources to which not much was said expect that Clark County Collections was going to look into it. I advised Mr. Jones that I was considering legal action. I have contacted Clark County Collections Services several times leaving voicemails and have yet to receive a call back from anyone. The company has never taken the time to apologize for the actions of their senior staff nor have they acknowledged that a criminal offense was committed on their property by a salaried employee who was on the clock. They have shown no care, compassion or concern for the battery. At this time I would like to know what type of legal recourse can be taken against this company.

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  • Bm
      28th of Mar, 2012

    Wow. If this is true then I am terribly sorry to inform you I just got off the phone with Lance.
    The "supervisor" (Lance ) I spoke with made many statements including "you put yourself in this position" He was lecturing me and was very unproffessional. When I finally got upset and tried to pay it saying "I don't want talk about the debt anymore I want to pay if" he would not take my payment over the phone and said I would have to come to the office since I didn't want to talk to him anymore. It took my 15 minutes after our conversation to even calm down from this, he was very rude. What is the status of this case?? Don't let this go. No one should be treated this way!!

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