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CitiMortgage / poor customer service

12855 N. Outer Forty RoadSt Louis, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 636-261-2484

On March 8, 2008 2 trees hit my home. Citibank is holding the funds from the insurance co. to fix our home. Getting them to release funds to do the repairs is time consuming and frustrating. Every time I need a check to pay a contractor it takes weeks to get funds, I was told it takes 3 - 5 business days, but that is not what has happened.
First, I was told to fax computer generated receipts from the contractor stating they were paid, I did that, still no check. Then I was told to fax the cancelled checks, I did that, still no check. Then, they wanted to see the cancelled checks from our public adjuster, I did that, still no check. Then, I was told they wanted a copy of my contract with the public adjustor, and I did that. They could have told me they needed all this information in one phone call but they dragged it over 3 weeks and in the meantime, my contractor was asking for payment daily and I don't blame him. I bet Citibank worker don't work for weeks without getting paid.
My most recent experience is on Aug. 4, 2oo8 I sent them a check for supplemental damages to my home. I included a letter requesting that the funds be available because I am out of pocket $5, 000, and my contractor wants a $5, 000 deposit to order new siding. According to them the check was received, but not the letter, which was in the same envelope and mailed from the post office. When I called there was no record of the letter. I spoke to a woman named Nancy who told me to fax the letter and call back in 15 minutes to make sure the fax was received. When I called back in 20 minutes Nancy was not available and the woman I spoke to said it takes 48 hours to get a fax! She was rude and unprofessional. Today, I cried to a very nice man who did have a record on my fax (in less than 24 hours). I pay my mortgage on time, I pay my homeowner's insurance policy, they are holding my money and in the meantime I have workmen asking me daily for payment!
I have NEVER been able to get the same person on the phone twice and everyone tells me something different. Citimortgage is delaying the repairs to my home and I have to call them daily, and they keep adding conditions to release money to fix my home. And everytime I call I talk to a different person and when I request to speak to the previous person they are never available. All I want is my home repaired before winter. This has been going on since March!


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  23rd of Jul, 2008
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Having customer service located in India is worse than offering no customer service, because not only is no help given, but the customer's time is wasted on top of everything! The service reps have no idea what the American customer is really asking--they merely give a scripted reply that doesn't even pertain to the actual question. They are difficult to understand, and their scripted politeness is way overdone and does nothing to help the caller. Everytime I call I only end up upset and promise myself that I'll never do business with this company in the future!
  15th of Dec, 2008
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I believe their customer service is horrible!! I had an experience with poor customer service with citimortgage for the past 2months. Citi mortgage withdrew my monthly mortgage payment from my bank account twice in the same month, on two different occasions. When I called them to see why this was done because I did not authrorize for two payments to be taken out of my account I was transfered from one rep to the next and no one could answer me why, I also asked them to cancel the automatic withdraw and they did not so the following month the same exact scenario happended again. My monthly mortgage was taken out twice. I have been on the phone for hours talking to reps and managers and no one could come up with a reason. I also had to wait almost two weeks just for me to be reimbursed.
  16th of Jul, 2009
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I have had exactly the same problem, along with many others. It is obvious that they do everything they can to hold on to OUR insurance money for as long as possible to bolster their reserves and earn interest on it. They purposely use layers of unempowered, underpaid employees who are trained to lie for them and stall to ensure you cannot get a resolution.

We are powerless under the oligarchy comprised of the thieving money changers. For what it's worth, keep shouting from the rooftops. File a complaint with the FTC, your state attorney general, and every other government agency you can think of. Write to your representatives. While one letter means nothing to them, hundreds to thousands to millions might eventually have some impact. It's worth a shot. The longer we're all silent, the more powerless we become, until it's too late.
  21st of Jun, 2014
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I'm trying to determine if Citi had a branch at the 12855 N Outer Forty dr location in 06/09. Any help would be appreciated.

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