Citifinancial Retail Services / Finance charges & assistance plan

We have had a Rooms to Go - Citifinancial Retail Account for several years and recently my wife lost her job as so many other Americans have incurred in the last few months. Unlke most people, my wife and I have tried to keep our heads above water and had made an arrangement with through a Customer Asssitance Plan to make a lower payment and to have a lower interest rate. For 4 motnhs now, I have been receiving hounding phone calls and rude phone operators who demand that I make my original higher payment and catch up on the exhorbitant higher interest rate, due to original late payments. This company has the worst communication system in place, is the most disorganized and poorly managed credit company I ever had dealings with. The right hand doesn't talk to the left hand and one of their offices, specifically in South Carolina, has the poorest supervision of them all. If you ever have an opportunity to make a purchase of furniture from Rooms to Go NEVER EVER use their financing, as you will have poorest communication and retail experience ever with their finance company.

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