Circle Ktermination and disrespected on my day off

Wi Jan 14, 2015 Tampa, FL

I have been working for Circle K for almost a year. I have done everything I can not to quit on them because everyone else was quiting for being mistreated. I have been yelled at and cursed out in front of customers, which is very unacceptable. Nov 6 2014 I was involved in a really bad car accident and was asked by doctors not to go to work but I did. Nov 9 I was at work and constantly throwing up, which I later found out I was having an allergic reaction to the medication I had been given for pain. I told my ASM I was extremely sick and needed to leave, she proceeded to curse me out. I had to call the new regional manager to be able to leave. Jan 1 2015 I had a bad miscarriage due to lack of blood production, yet again I was asked by doctors to not attend work (had doctor notes for both visits) and to let my body heal before stressing it and moving a lot. I went to work and for days now I have been sick. Sunday Jan 10 2014 I had gotten very sick and also found someone very dear to me had passed so I became very emotional. I called every manager as instructed to do by regional and told not to do by ASMS. One manager told me to call the next shift and see if someone could come in early so I did. Jan 12 2015 I got a call from my manager saying the regional wanted to talk to me so I stepped out of class and called. After a few times of playing phone tag I got an answer and was asked do I need to be put on leave. I said no and asked what was the call about.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tampa, FL Apparently, I was not upselling, I was being rude to customers, I was not showing up for work or calling out, and I stood behind the register when I did show up. I was also told that I did not get conformation that I could leave and I did not call my store manager. Now I don't know what the real issue was but I had call records that I called all my managers. I even called from the work phone and got no answer. If there was a day that I was going to be out I always called, I have never just blew off work. I have never been disrespectful to anyone at the job to make then snap on me the way he did. Remind you it was my day off and previously I had been told I don't need to call them when they leave because I wouldn't want anyone bothering me while I'm at home. So push came to shove and he became very hostile with me over the phone. I told him I refuse to be disrespected for doing my job and calling who I need to call to get the job done. He said well as Circle K was my employer he could say and do what he wanted to me and anyone else that worked at the store and said we need to part ways and I couldn't work for them anymore. So Jan 13 2015 I had asked for some type of documentmentation stating I had been terminated and he yelled at me saying, " we don't do that with this company and I will get to it when I get to it." Now I dint know what work he or the other managers are in but I'm applying for unemployment and those documents are needed for it whether they like it or not. I have been there almost a year and I can honestly say I have never been treated so poorly and been so disrespected in my life.

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