Circle K Storesoverly rude service

Am Dec 12, 2018 Labelle

My fiance went inside to pay for gas and cigarettes. He asked for 1 pack of Marlboro menthol 100's and 2 packs of the shorts. He gave her the money and when she gave him the cigarettes the 2 packs of shorts were incorrect. He told her she had grabbed the wrong ones and she rudly refused to correct her mistake. She said she couldn't refund them, which he said he didn't want a refund he wanted the correct product. I then went in to ask her and she refused to speak to me for a moment until yes, I became angry and asked her to switch them. She lied about asking him twice which were the correct ones. I also have worked in retail and with the public for 15 years. This is a completely unacceptable way to treat a patron, or a human being in general. We live in a very small town so to be so rude to someone is ridiculous unacceptable and I won't stand to be treated this way.

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