Circle K Storescustomer service

A friend and myself came into the store located at 1947 Gordon hwy Augusta, ga. I bought some snacks with an EBT card and was told the cookies aren't eligible for EBT. My friend went out to get the money to pay for the cookies that are 79¢. The cashier closest to the window, at 7pm, who rung me up told me to step aside to ring other customers up. When my friend came back in, he went to the other cashier to pay for the cookies. We left the store and sat out in the car long enough for the cashier, who rung me up, to come to the car demanding money, saying her drawer is going to be short. We explained to her the cookies are paid for and to ask her co-worker for the truth because we couldn't find his receipt. She ignored what said and continued to annoy us while we ate, demanding we get out the car to prove ourselves. We continued to eat and she decided to take a picture of his car tag. My friend became frustrated by her rudeness and got out the car and return the cookies and didn't get a refund! Eventually we went back to the store because it's not fair to take his money without the cookies. She realized her mistake and apologized. The point is we shouldn't have had to go through that and she still has a picture of his tag number! I recommend she reprimanded because it's no telling how many other customers she had pestered like us.

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