Circle Kadvertising prices

I walked in around 9:45 PM 1/7/2015 and there was and item on the shelf there was prices on both sides of the item for 1.19 yet when the lady rang up the item it came up 2.99. I informed her about the advertised prices and she insisted that the prices where for other items yet their was no advertised price for the item I was purchasing, and their where about 7 more of the same items in the same spot under the 1.19 advertised sign.

She stated she would not give sell me the item for the advertised price. I than proceeded to explained to this young lady about Retail law she still refused and I asked for Managers name and store number she refused to give Managers name and number.

However, she said I needed to come back in the morning if I wanted to speak to manager around 5:30 AM. Very rude.

To continue, It clearly states If item is marked on shelf differently than what price comes up on Register the advertising price is what the customer pays.

Yet she refused to abide by the laws so I am filing a complaint. This is not the only place I will be filing a complaint.

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