CiCi's Pizzaservice/health issue

1859 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Your restaurant doesn't come up on your other spot to make a complaint

This is 1 of you locations and gotta say by far a disgusting place your manager has no clue on how to keep a place clean. Kid must have been no more then 18. Brought my family in for lunch and place was trashed made Waffle House look good. All the plates weren't even washed still had food caked on them still and silverware was dirty.. also floors were sticky. I'm convinced if someone actually calls health inspectors to come your place will be shut down you have broken tables, seats holes in walls, ceiling panels completely ruined. All and I mean all the bench seats ripped this place needs a whole new management place seems to be ran but bunch of teenagers. Makes no since to be totally trashed walls cracked paint missing and don't get me started on bathroom disgusting. When this place 1st opened was great clean new now a dump won't be bringing my family to this location again your stafford location is much better and clean. I will make this viral and keep my friends and family aware of this location.

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