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Mb Nov 23, 2018 Franklin, IN

I bought a 2013 Dodge Caravan about 3 years ago from Fletcher in Franklin Indiana. The 1st time I took my van in for an oil change it was good, the 2nd time and every time after were inexcusable. On 3 different occasions I was told an hour and a half to 2 hours, but was there for 4 hours. I was told by someone in service "sorry we forgot you were still here." I went in about 6 months after I purchased the van because my father who is a mechanic said it had an e-vap leak. The service manager told me he wasn't sure of what my dad was talking about. He even asked me to bring my dad in to show him what he was talking about. I was sent away with nothing accomplished. My dad replaced the gas cap because that could show as an e-vap leak, it worked only for about a year but the check engine light would come on periodically. I mentioned the e-vap leak every time I would go in for my routine oil changes and they still didn't understand. I stopped going there for my oil changes due to being "forgotten" more than once, along with being treated as if I was an inconvenience. I took my van in back in June of this year because I had a transmission line leak, the fluid was in my driveway. I was told I didn't have a leak. They did some other things to my van including replacing the gas cap once again because they were getting an "e-vap" leak code, which I took it in for 6 months after buying the van. They did $300 + worth of other things and claimed I had no transmission line leak. During all of the findings to see what needed repaired I had asked for a vehicle to use while they had mine. I was told at 1st that they couldn't provide a rental which was part of their original lifetime powertrain gimmick to sell the vehicle to begin with. I went through about 4 different people, my husband included to fight for something to drive. They tried putting me in a Jeep at 1st, but I couldn't fight my 4 kids in it so I had to pass. I also have a special needs son that doesn't walk and weighs 75lbs and really need something equivalent to what I had. It was a struggle to obtain such a vehicle. They finally called claiming to have someone in their service department drop off the van that they had been driving earlier than they expected to so I could drive it. The service manager acted as if he wasn't happy to see me and I was a nusience to them. He didn't even sit down to talk to me about anything going on with my own vehicle. He had me sign for the rental, handed me my copy and the key and said "it's sitting right out there.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Franklin, IN" Around the time that I went in for the work needing done to my van my husband had went in for an oil change because he purchased his 2015 Ram from them about 2 years ago. One of the service techs closed the garage door down on the hood of his truck, tried wiping it off and acting as if it didn't happen. Another customer saw him do it and went up to my husband to tell him. He went to handle the paperwork and it wasn't spoken of, so he asked about it because another customer had seen it. They acted as if they didn't want to accept responsibility for it and tried telling him the would take care of it themselves. It took him weeks to get it figured out and multiple trips and calls to places. The original body paint on his truck has also been bubbling in spots, which he has told them about and they have yet to do anything about it. They actually tried blaming it on the body shop that repaired some things from an accident, but it's bubbling in spots that they did not touch for that repair. My husband went back there this morning to tell them I still have a transmission line leak and it was even more noticed when my battery went out and had to be replaced. They were rude to him as soon as they saw who he was. They proceeded to tell him that they told me in June that the lines needed replaced and I said I didn't want to do it, which is what I went there for to begin with and was told there wasn't a leak. They told him in would be about 3 weeks before they could do it. Mind you I have been driving with this for months, knowing it was there. They tried claiming they degreased the lines back in June when they found the leak (which according to them wasn't there) and that's why they were so clean. My husband degreased the lines on Wednesday when he had to replace my bad battery while him, myself, my sister and her boyfriend (who is in the auto mechanic field also) were all looking for the leak. We took photos of what we saw. Fletcher told my husband that what we had taken photos of wasn't what we were thinking. My husband took my van to Best One of Indy after and sure enough the van had leaks from the transmission cooling lines. We had them do the repairs to the lines because Fletcher wasn't willing in June and wanted to wait weeks still. I will never ever buy another vehicle from Fletcher Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Franklin Indiana. My husband won't either. Their service department is beyond unprofessional and not knowledgable in the careers they have chosen. I am disgusted in the way this purchase has turned out, along with my husbands. I have 4 children, one of which has multiple disabilities and I could have been stranded somewhere with them because if the negligence at Fletcher. I would be embarrassed to operate a business this way and would never recommend anyone to purchase from them. Thank you.

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