Christine M Arguello and Kathleen M Tafoya Judges of Colorado 10th District Court / judicial corruption. parties to criminal fraud, bias in judicial proceedings, bad integrity in judicial profession

1 Colorado City, CO, United States Review updated:

Kathleen M Tafoya and Christine M Arguello Judges of the Colorado District Court has been referred to the Colorado Commission of Judicial Discipline for potential investigation and discipline, with regard to acting as assisting parties to criminal fraud.

There is evidence in the public domain to show that they were involved in ruling on a matter that involved criminal fraud.

They were shown beyond any doubt that the Plaintiffs make false and dishonest claims, and they did not consider the evidence because they were biased in favour of those who are dishonest and tell lies.

The Plaintiff in question has been implicated in behaviours ranging from litigation fraud, legal insurance company fraud, dishonesty in various Courts worldwide as well as cheating people out of money in bad faith.

It means they abused their power as a judge, and are corrupt, because they turn a blind eye to criminal fraud.

It also shows they not have the necessary ethical or moral values to hold a position as she cannot discern truth from falsehood, or right from wrong, which would be basic skills required to serve as an effective judge in legal matters.

In bad faith, they also accused a defendant of wilfully disobeying a Court, despite being clearly shown that he never saw what the orders of the Court were.

Once they were made aware of a complaint being made against them, they ruled against a defendant, despite knowing with full knowledge that the lawsuit was fraudulent.

Christine M Arguello and Kathleen M Tafoya Judges of Colorado 10th District Court
Christine M Arguello and Kathleen M Tafoya Judges of Colorado 10th District Court

Jun 25, 2017
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  • Ri
      Aug 29, 2017

    Judge Christine Arguello did the exact same thing in a case against 6 IT executives in Colorado. Please review case# 09-cr-00266-CMA. These six IT executives are now known as the wrongly convicted IRP6 in Colorado. To learn more about their case and wrongful convictions, please visit which houses the real truth and how these six men were railroaded by a corrupt prosecutor Matthew Kirsch and Judge Christine Arguello. They had mountains of evidence and subject matter expert witnesses to prove their innocence and Judge Christine Arguello would not allow evidence to be presented during trial and wouldn't allow their expert witnesses to testify on their behalf. The trial was totally one-sided and that was only allowing the Plaintiffs/Prosecuting Attorney's point of view (all lies). Judge Christine M Arguello should be removed and permanently disbarred from the bench!!!

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